Police Officer Who Killed Cat With Baton Should Lose His Job


Target: Col. D. G. Harper, Harrisonburg, VA Chief of Police

Goal: Fire the officer who allegedly clobbered a cat with his baton twenty times that had been hit by a car in order to “euthanize” it.

In a stunning display of violence and disregard for proper policy, Officer J.N. Snoddy was charged Thursday with a misdemeanor count of animal cruelty. A man called authorities after bringing home a cat that had been struck by a car and Officer Snoddy then beat the cat to death with his baton, allegedly hitting it twenty times to do so. We need to get this guy out of public service.

Snoddy is currently on administrative leave from the department and we should demand that he lose his job. First of all he did not follow procedure properly, as the Harrison PD policy is to dispatch a mortally suffering animal by shooting it and then only after calling a supervisor to get permission to do so. Worse, if this man is brutal and callous enough to use a weapon in that way on a suffering animal, can we trust him to show good judgement and restraint when dealing with citizens?

Let the Harrisonburg PD know that this is not the kind of person who deserves the honor and responsibility of being a law enforcement officer. We must demand that police follow proper policy and show good judgement, and Officer Snoddy has proved his total disregard for both doing his job properly and any ability to show proper judgement, empathy and compassion in a position of power and authority.


Dear Col. D. G. Harper,

We demand that the officer who beat an injured cat to death by hitting it with his baton be fired.

Not only did he fail to follow proper procedure by not first calling a supervisor to get permission and to shoot the animal in order to ease its suffering in a more humane way, if that was in fact even necessary, this incident calls into question this man’s judgement and ability to show empathy for other living things. This is not the sort of person who deserves the honor and responsibility of protecting citizens as a law enforcement officer.

We demand that law enforcement officers follow policy properly. Most jobs demand that you do your job the way you are supposed to or you don’t get to have that job anymore. We demand that law enforcement officers show good judgement and integrity not evident in this man’s actions. If he can callously and recklessly do this to an innocent animal there is no telling what he could do to a person.


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  1. hes a coward n a piece of shit to hurt an innocent creature shame on u , u let the badge get the best of U I hope n pray for this cat n others u have done this to cause u to lose ur job u dont need it in the beginning ! ur job is to PROTECT n SERVE NOT ABUSE n KILL, u piece of shit !!

  2. Remember, this is the same state that didn’t want to prosecute Michael Vick. It wasn’t until the Feds got involved that he was prosecuted. So you know they don’t give a d@mn.

  3. Not the kind of man who should have the kind of power that law enforcement officers have.

  4. he could have shot it instead on making it suffer more. i cn a dog get hit by a car he ran out n front of a cop came & called animal control they scan the dog but he didn’t have chip thank God my niece new who it belong 2 the dog got surgery n is doing good .if we wouldn’t have known who owned the human guy would have took him & put him down humanly

  5. Sick bastard

  6. Betty Smith says:

    I am not suprised! There are others like this wolf in sheep clothing. I think his commander should be terminated along with him; if he does not see that this officer need to be put in a psychiatric facility for the criminally insane; standing in front of citizens he vowed to protect , traumatizing the citizen, by having him to watch while he beat a cat to death. We know animal cruelty in child hood is a sign of sociopathic tendencies. This officers get pleasure out of inflicting pain on the innocence! We do not know if the cat was ill or not because no one in a medical position evaluated it.

  7. That sick policeman should be clobert to pulp with that baton he killed the cat with. What a CREEP!!!!

  8. violetta cyran says:

    He must pay for that crime, its horrific why humans are so nasty!!!!

  9. Vicki Berg says:

    If you have men who will exclude any of God’s creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men

  10. The animal should have been taken to a vetrinary clinic for assistance. If it was clearly in pain and beyond help there were many other quick methods of release.

    The officer in question should be stripped of his badge and psyche eval’ed there is something clearly wrong with how he views the world and his role in it.

  11. disgusting that someone in a position of trust in our society could do this. He should face jail time as an example to others, animal cruelty laws are laughable in their current state.
    To this man, a suffering creature wasn’t worth a trip to the vet or at the very least a bullet—he shoudn’t be worth the taxpayers salary either.

  12. Cashwell farthing says:

    I am in shock to know that someone could beat to death an already dying precious animals. I’d love to run over him with a car and then beat him to death with a stick. He is a cruel piece of shit. And should not be able to be called a protector of his community. I think the should ban him from his job and the town.

  13. He should be given a stiffer sentence because he is a Police officer. He is a piece of s— in my eye’s and should be treated as one! ScumBag

  14. Anabela Azevedo says:

    Sick bastard, hope you pay for your actions, God damn SCUMBAG!

  15. James P Siciliano says:

    Someone in my family is a cop she wouldn’t think of doing something like that she would rush the cat to animal hospital to try to save the cat its sad that cop didnt care about the animal

  16. J. David Scott says:

    Lose his job? Fuck that! This piece of shit should lose his worthless fuckin’ life!

  17. Christine Stewart says:

    Is there no animal hospital in the entire freakin’ city that could have humanely put the animal to sleep?

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