Condemn Brutal Murders at Dog Shelter

Condemn Brutal Murders at Dog Shelter

Target: Victor Ponta, Romanian Prime Minister 

Goal: Return clinic’s stolen dogs and punish the perpetrators; pressure Romanian government to change their pro-killing stray dog policy

Since the Romanian government introduced legislation that promotes the capture of stray dogs, thousands are being abused, sent to appalling pounds, and killed. This policy recently led to a brutal incident in which 18 dogs were illegally seized from the FOUR PAWS veterinary clinic in Bucharest. The removal was so violent that several dogs were killed onsite, and many others badly injured before being forcibly thrown into cramped cages. We must petition the Romanian Prime Minister to have the stolen dogs returned, the perpetrators punished, and the law promoting harm to stray dogs amended.

The Romanian government has attempted to control the stray dog population before. Between 2001 and 2008, nearly 150,000 dogs were killed in the capital, Bucharest, alone with little success. Stray dogs are now rounded up and sent to disgusting, abusive pounds with little to no food or medical attention. They are given a mere two weeks to be claimed or adopted.

FOUR PAWS has reported dozens of cases of abuse to the stray dog population since the government passed its media-hyped anti-stray law: poisoning, torture, and slaughter have all been documented, yet the authorities turn a blind eye. The brutal incident at the FOUR PAWS clinic was actually witnessed by policemen, who accompanied ASTA (Authority for the Supervision and Protection of Animals) employees to raid the center. Locks were broken, gates smashed, and the property vandalized as the dogs were dragged away with clubs, handled so vehemently that some died.

We will demand justice for these atrocities. The dogs taken must be returned, the ASTA employees who carried out the raid must be punished, and the Romanian government must change the stray law which is accomplishing nothing but the extreme suffering to Romania’s dogs. Sign this petition to protect them.


Dear Mr. Ponta,

I am writing in response to the horrific incident at the FOUR PAWS veterinary clinic in Bucharest on March 21. Members of ASTA, accompanied by your own police force, broke locks, tore down gates, and brutally (and illegally) seized dogs on the property. This attack was so violent that several dogs died on the scene, and others were badly injured before being thrown in cages.

This incident illustrates everything that is wrong with your policy that promotes the capture of stray dogs in Romania. Organizations from around the world are currently collecting petitions like this one to pressure you to change this policy. It serves no practical purpose and is unnecessarily cruel to dogs. Your 2001-2008 drive to kill strays in Bucharest did not solve the problem, and neither will this.

Methods such as spaying and neutering have seen excellent success in many countries, and are both humane and practical in dealing with an overpopulation of animals. If you want a solution that benefits the people, mindless violence is not the answer: a long-term strategy like neutering will bring results.

I urge you to take action on three accounts: firstly, punish the ASTA employees responsible for the brutal attack at the FOUR PAWS clinic in Bucharest; secondly, return the captured dogs to FOUR PAWS immediately; and finally, reevaluate your policy on stray dogs and work with animal organizations to develop a proficient, logical solution to your stray problem.


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Photo credit: Adam Baker via Wikimedia

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  1. paula eaton says:

    There is no excuse for this cruelty.


  3. Tanman Asper says:

    Ahhh man if only a good rant could keep this sort of thing from happening

  4. Johanna Janssen says:

    The Romanian Government has earned a very bad name in the
    world for this horrible dog killings as well as being a criminal country and corrupt Government. So Romanians are not welcom in the EU.

  5. Kristine Vasariete says:

    I totally agree – the country in the EU with the worst reputation! Shame on you! People from other countries are going there to save your animals! SHAME on you!

    • Francoise Phipps says:

      Romania is a rogue state on all counts – its policy toward dogs, cats and horses places it outside the circle of civilized nations.

  6. Every country needs stiffer penalties or the murders of dogs and cats will keep on happening. But Romania is a barbaric country and i dont have much hope in things changing there. I do hope i am wrong though.

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