Stop Making Handbags from Endangered Pythons


Target: Gucci CEO Patrizio di Marco

Goal: Stop luxury fashion company Gucci from using python skin in designer handbags

Pythons used for handbags are often skinned alive, their heads nailed to trees. They can remain alive for days after their skin has been removed, suffering in agony. Many of these endangered pythons are protected by law and are killed illegally to feed the growing market for designer python skin handbags and other accessories made by fashion giants such as Gucci. Please sign this petition to tell Gucci to stop facilitating the cruel and unsustainable harvesting and slaughter of pythons.

Python skin has become increasingly fashionable in recent years. Celebrities such as Reese Witherspoon, Beyonce, and Tamara Ecclestone have been found sporting expensive designer products made from python skin. Both legal and illegal imports of these python skins have grown steadily over the past few years. Most of them end up in Italy, Germany, or France and are turned into high-end bags, belts, and wallets by designers such as Gucci.

The black market trade is reported to be about twice as large as legally traded python skins. Companies like Gucci have no way of knowing whether the skins are legally or illegally sourced, but many of the skins used by Gucci likely originated from illegal sources. Python populations in south-east Asia are being decimated to feed wealthy people’s appetite for exotic bags and wallets.

Some companies have advocated for increased commercial farming of pythons to prevent the killing of so many pythons in the wild. While this could potentially make the use of python skin more sustainable, it would do nothing to protect these animals against the cruel methods of slaughter they face regardless of whether they are obtained legally or illegally.

Companies such as Gucci must stop manufacturing products derived from python skins if we are to preserve wild populations of pythons and prevent the cruel methods of slaughter these animals face to obtain their skins. Sign this petition and pledge to avoid Gucci products until it stops its line of cruel and unsustainable python products.


Dear Patrizio di Marco, Chief Executive Officer of Gucci:

I was appalled to learn about the cruel methods of slaughter that pythons are subjected to in order to obtain their skins for use in Gucci products. Furthermore, it is apparent that many of the python skins used in your companies products originate from illegal sources.

I urge you to end Gucci’s line of python products. This cruel and unsustainable slaughter of pythons by Gucci cannot be justified. I intend to boycott Gucci’s products and will encourage others to do the same until Gucci’s line of python products is discontinued.


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Photo credit: Mariluna via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. These are beautiful creatures and deserve to live. I feel So disheartened that they are killed for vanity. Bring back the GUILLOTINE to all who hurt animals!

  2. joan Carter says:

    I am not a Snake lover, but it is brutal to nail head to tree, skin and leave to suffer. It is scary to think about such heartless, cruel, undescibable Human Beings are roaming the same earth as I.

  3. eva eriksson says:

    I dont have any words for it. Handbags!!

  4. How can anyone trust people capable of killing endangered life or any animal life, so cruelly? This can never and never should be, justified.

  5. Irena Franchi says:

    Stop the brutal slaughter of pythons for luxury designer products.

  6. Heather Creaser says:

    Gucci? Are you kidding me?

  7. Jane Morrow says:

    Eat the rich. Maybe they should be donating money to conservation rather than buying yet another handbag. This sort of exploitation of a species has got to stop and makes me sick

  8. Angela Beaumont says:

    I think humanity is getting worse in terms of the horrific treatment that many, many human individuals mete out the most horrific cruelty to non- human species. I only wish media companies would bring more attention to animal abuse so that consumers can really see how these “must-have” products are made. Frankly, if this kind of disgusting, tasteless and oh-so-unoriginal item as a snakeskin handbag is the pinnacle effort that rich people can get their meagre brains geared towards buying, then they have have far too much money.

  9. Jacinta Ray says:

    Respect, understanding, everything in moderation and belief that humans aren’t so fu#@ing superior

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