Protect Horses from Forced Urine Extraction and Confinement

Target: Commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration Dr. Margaret A. Hamburg,

Goal: Protect Horses from Forced Urine Extraction and Confinement

The product line of Premarin as utilized by Pfizer/Wyeth Pharmaceuticals is an unfortunate creation that uses its very name to mask the nature of the product itself.  In point of fact, Premarin is used as a term to be representative of the actual product which is pregnant mare’s urine.  Not only does this sound far more distasteful when the actual product is described, but the means of obtaining it are entirely inhumane.

In order to obtain this product horses are confined to tiny tie-in stalls with a urine collection device almost always attached.  These animals are confined to that stall, often in unlit conditions while receiving little to no exercise.

Further compounding the inhumane conditions with which the animals are kept is that their water intake is severely restricted in order to maximize the concentration of the urine they are collecting.

Because the product relies on hormonal levels within the animal itself stemming from pregnancy, mares are kept in a state of almost continuous pregnancy with their foals being sent away to slaughter soon after birth.  These mares themselves succumb to the slaughter house the instant they prove unviable for this urine collection.

The companies involved have shown no regard for alternatives, actively seeking to ban compounded bioidentical hormone therapies because of the potential they hold to cut into Pfizer/Wyeth’s bottom line.  With these bioidentical options available there is no point to the cruel and inhumane treatment required for the actual Premarin product to be obtained.  The only difference is that it is far simpler to throw away an animal’s life then develop the product in a lab.

This is unacceptable and cannot be allowed to continue.  Please stop the allowance of products derived by Premarin and instead seek out those bioidentical compounds that Pfyzer/Wyeth is working so hard to ban.


Dear Dr. Hamburg,

Pfizer/Wyeth Pharmaceuticals’ product Premarin does not deserve a place on today’s market.  The usage of pregnant mare’s urine, subtly title Premarin is obtained by inhumane means while at the same time bioidentical compounds exist that negate the need for this product itself.

Premarin’s pharmaceutical usage of pregnant mare’s urine creates an environment where it is profitable to treat animals inhumanely.  Horses are forced to live in tiny tie-in stalls that are dimly lit (if at all) while spending most of their time with a urine collection device attached to their bodies.

They are confined to that stall for the bulk of their lives, receiving little to no exercise or time outside while being kept on a severely restricted daily water intake to ensure their urine is as concentrated as possible to improve efficiency of the ‘product’.

These animals need be pregnant for the proper hormone levels within the urine to create a viable product, therefore the animals are kept in a near perpetual state of pregnancy.  The foals resulting from this are frequently sent off almost immediately to slaughterhouses, where the mares themselves will be shipped as soon as they are no longer considered viable.

These animals live a terrible life to provide a product that can be readily replicated by synthetic means.  Pfizer/Wyeth Pharmaceuticals would rather emphasize bottom lines by means of seeking court injunctions against other corporations developing bioidentical compounds rather than attempt to develop a similar product themselves that may not be as cost-effective to attain, but is done so in a far more humane fashion.

There is no place for this product in today’s society.  The benefits of bioidentical compounds negate the need for the cruel treatment of pregnant mares in order to obtain their urine.  It is with this in mind that I strongly urge you to ban Premarin and products derived from it today.


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  1. Disgusting and unnecessary!
    Harm innocent animals just to save a few bucks, greedy fuckers need to rot in hell.

    Boycott this medicine!

  2. Positively disgusting!!!! I went “thru the change” with no meds!!!Put your big girl pants on ladies and just suck it up.No animal should be subjected to this horrible treatment

  3. Disgusting. I will never use this product because of how and what happens. I will use natural products. And yes natural pr[ducts can and do work.

  4. Wrong in every way. The human race stinks

  5. Cynthia Mattera says:

    My doc prescribed that to me years ago. I went home, did some research, and found out what it truly is made from . I wanted to cry!! I threw it out right away and told all my friends. Absolutely inhumane and cruel. Stop manufacturing Premarin!!!!

  6. The petition must be shared and reshared until the whole wide world becomes aware of how horribly these poor horses and their babies are tortured and killed in order to produce Premarin, a drug made for women. Please ban Premarin and all other products that exploit animals for profits and gains.

  7. Anyone using this product Knowing full well how animals are abused & killed are helping in the death of innocents. Anyone involved in any way with the vile act is depraved. when are we going to stop abusing animals for profit for so call beauty aids for wearing there coats these trusting creatures should be relying on humans to protect them not murder & torture them. one day karma will take hold on all sum bag humans

    • I do not use any product that misuses or harms Animals. I look for ” crulity free” and had no idea that my medication was derived was such HORRIFIC conditions. The MINUTE I found out I was done & I now refuse to take it.

  8. Wendy Burrows says:

    Sadly so many woman who are taking Premarin are totally ignorant of what the ingredient is in their Medication.
    I wonder if they would still take it if they knew what suffering and horrors lie beneath the making of the pill.

    in this day and age, I am sure there is a substitute for the ingredients.

    I shudder that I am part of the human race, cos it sucks to live in this world with the monstrosities that carry on in the name of science against animals, never mind all the other horrors committed against animals.


  10. Gen Lovyet Agustsson says:

    treat animals with respect and go vegan!

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