Stop Wolf Slaughter by U.S. Government

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Target: U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack
Goal: Stop the unjustified killing of wolves and other predator species

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  1. renee jeanine ragno says:

    Idaho Governor Butch Otter just signed a death warrant for 500 more wolves.

    And he’s going to divert $400,000 of taxpayer money to kill them.

    If Otter gets his way, there will be so few gray wolves left that the species will be threatened with extinction again.

    But the Center for Biological Diversity won’t let that happen. We can’t allow Idaho to slaughter hundreds more wolves. We’ve assembled a team of lawyers, biologists and activists to stop the state’s war against these beautiful animals, and we need your help. Please help us stop the killing with a donation to our Predator Defense Fund today.

    Idaho knows its killing spree has caused a national backlash and can’t go on. It knows the federal government’s own scientific peer review process recently denounced the plan to strip federal protection away from wolves across the United States. So Otter is speeding up the killing to wipe out as many wolves as possible before the species is inevitably protected again:

    – He lengthened the regular hunting season in much of the state and made killing a year-round sport in the northern half.

    – He took wolf management away from the state wildlife agency and turned it over to a handpicked “wolf depredation control board” entirely made up of anti-wolf hunters and ranchers.

    Idaho has already killed more than 970 wolves since federal protections were stripped away by rightwing congressmen in 2011. The state’s population has plummeted by 42 percent since then. Otter’s goal is to wipe out most wolves, until the entire state has only 10 packs left.

    And if those few remaining packs successfully raise families and grow? Otter’s “wolf depredation control board” will spend taxpayer money on helicopters, guns, traps and sharpshooters to kill them and keep the population on the edge of extinction.

    The Center for Biological Diversity has stopped wolf-killing many times before. We did it in Oregon, New Mexico, Arizona, Minnesota and Montana. With your help we’ll do it in Idaho next. Please donate as generously as you can to our Predator Defense Fund today.

    It took three decades of hard work to increase Idaho’s wolf population from zero in the early 1980s to a large self-sustaining population by 2011. But it took only three years without federal protection for Idaho’s war on wolves to annihilate 971 of them. If Otter gets his way, the killing will soon escalate even more. Bounty hunters, helicopter sharpshooters, and trappers will be lined up along the edge of Yellowstone National Park waiting for wolves to leave their protected zone. Even the most remote, protected wilderness areas will become wolf-killing zones.

    This is an emergency situation: Please help us stop the killing by donating today to our Predator Defense Fund. Then pass this email on to your friends and family.

    For the wolves, Kierán Suckling
    Kierán Suckling
    Executive Director
    Center for Biological Diversity

    P.S. The Center and its allies just delivered 500,000 citizen letters to the federal government opposing the stripping away of wolves’ few remaining protections. The momentum and the people are on our side. They’ll be with us as we launch an aggressive campaign to stop Idaho’s wolf slaughter. Please help us stop the killing with a donation today to our Predator Defense Fund.

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  2. o.k this is nothing new with the u.s government.they have been pulling this kind of bs, almost since they were reason is the american people don’t take charge of our country like other people do in the streets of there country’ see it on world news all the time Americans are afraid.I am the owner of a huge wolf dog and, if they ever come for my dog there the ones that will need the is nothing but a shameful thing what has happened to this country and society.if i had a bigger place my wife and i would take in all abused animals. shame on you hunters killing a part of our american heritage.

  3. maledettiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  4. Kate Anderson says:

    Why did we spend tons of money to restore wolves in the lower 48 and then kill them?

  5. Linda Campbell says:

    no wolf slaughter!

  6. Shame on the good old USA!

  7. lawrence scrima says:

    Grey and Red Wolves are the natural, most agreeable way to control crop, flora and disease spreading Wild Boar, Ungulate and Rodent populations everywhere! Wolves have been proven to primarily kill sick and old in herds, increase the herd health, prevent them from over-grazing and overpopulating, as well as rodents that can spread diseases. Consider, foxes, coyotes, wolves consume a lot of rodents: mice, rats, prairie dogs, rabbits. Unchecked rodent populations destroy crops and can spread disease outbreaks, e.g., bubonic plague!

    1. All dogs are descended from the grey wolf
    2. All wolves originally evolved in North America (now almost extinct in America !)
    3. Wolves have a very positive impact on environment, proven in Yellowstone Park and elsewhere on flora and fauna, kill sick and old in herds, prevent herds from over-grazing
    4. Wolves/dogs helped us evolve and are still helping us to survive
    5. Wolf -First domesticated animal by man, partner in our survival
    Also: Very aggressive Wild Boars , imported from Russia for sport hunting, are increasing exponentially in the USA and are a definite threat to humans, pets livestock, destroy crops and flora, would be best controlled and preyed upon by Grey & Red Wolves in the USA, and are being controlled in Siberia now by Gray Wolves, killing wolves will increase the Russian Wild Boar infestation, now throughout the south in the in USA and spreading north! Killing wolves will increase damages to flora and fauna, as proven at Yellowstone National Park USA, healing now due to the reintroduction of Grey Wolves imported from Canadian for the purpose or restoring wolves to their natural home; now recognized many unforeseen benefits to all flora and fauna in the park, as well as increasing tourism to the park just to see the wolves! Best historic evidence is that the wolf was first tamed by man to become dogs in Russia / China area, do not betray them and dishonor their gift to man, the dog – still man’s best friend and partner in survival! ‘Wolves are also major predators of boars in some areas. Wolves mostly feed on piglets, though adults have been recorded to be taken in Italy, the Iberian peninsula, and Russia. Wolves rarely attack boars head on, preferring to tear at their perineum, causing loss of coordination and massive blood loss. In some areas of the former Soviet Union, a single wolf pack can consume an average of 50–80 wild boars annually’.[46] Wikipedia exert.
    46. Graves, Will (2007). Wolves in Russia: Anxiety throughout the ages. p. 222. ISBN 1-55059-332-3

  8. Dagmar Stache says:

    Please stop killing Wolfs

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