Demand a Permanent Ban on Invasive Chimpanzee Research

Target: National Institute of Health Director Francis S. Collins, M.D., Ph.D.

Goal: To make the temporary ban on lab testing on chimps become permanent.

There is finally some justification for those who have been protesting laboratory testing on chimpanzees now that the Institute of Medicine has shown that health research on apes is rarely warranted. Unexpectedly, this has moved the National Institute of Health to place a temporary ban on lab testing on chimps.  This is a step in the right direction but a step not big enough; the ban on chimpanzee lab testing needs to become permanent.

According to the Humane Society, a large number of federally owned chimps in laboratories are not being used for research but are instead stocked away, wasting taxpayer dollars every year. The animal protection organization also stated that it can cost up to $60 per day to keep a laboratory chimp, leaving the U.S. to spend around $20 million on lab chimps’ care annually. Fortunately, alternatives are emerging, such as one that uses computer models and isolated cells. The time has come to end biomedical experimentation on chimpanzees, especially since the need for it no longer exists.

In the past, scientists urged the use of chimps in labs since their genetic makeup is similar to humans. However, the Jane Goodall Institute has concluded that chimps have proven to be poor models for human cell research because the differences in their DNA results in large differences in the behavior of diseases. This is not to mention the sickening tests these chimps must face while undergoing disease research which includes tubes being forced down chimps’ throats for experimental drugs to be pumped into their stomachs; infant monkeys being ripped away from their mothers in order to record the psychological trauma done to these social animals when left alone at a young age; holes drilled into their skulls for electrodes to be placed on their brains; and many other disgusting attempts at understanding humans. In the end, research has shown that 90% of chimps in labs display depression, anxiety, and self-mutilation after suffering physical and psychological abuse and social isolation.

But the future is looking bright in at least one area for chimps. The U.S. military has confirmed that they will be ending their cruel monthly training experiments on apes that included exposure to anthrax, botulism, bubonic plague, and nerve agents. Instead of abusing the apes, the military will now use human patient simulators. With available alternatives, it is vital that laboratory testing on chimpanzees comes to a stop for good. A temporary ban on chimpanzee lab experiments is not good enough.


Dear Francis S. Collins, Director of the National Institute of Health,

The National Institute of Health has placed a temporary ban on the experimentation of chimpanzees, but a temporary ban is not enough. The United States must joins other scientifically progressed nations in the banning of lab testing on primates. You have the ability to end their suffering and to stop wasting the taxpayers’ dollars.

There are now alternatives to lab testing, such as one that uses computer models and isolated cells. The time has come to end invasive research on chimpanzees, especially since the need for it no longer exists. Please take a clue from the U.S. military who has already begun using alternative methods. This is a better step toward a benevolent science. Implement the use of alternatives in your facilities and make the moratorium on laboratory experimentation on chimpanzees permanent.


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  1. Julie van Niekerk says:

    I am writing this letter not because I am a scientist or an intellect or a graduate. This is from a humble human being from the bottom of my heart.

    Mother earth and her inhabitants, humans and animals share this beauty of nature together and the ultimate aim is to live with her in peace and harmony where cruelty is not suppose to be part of it. People have altered it all.

    What a shame that we as humans can face the cruel treatment of animals, whether it is in the laboratory, companies, factories, Circuses, Zoos, Puppy mills, Fur industry or individual torturing of animals, wild and domesticated. That includes euthanasia in a cruel way – gassing and heart stick.

    Animals in the laboratories are being tortured and killed in the name of science for the welfare of the human being. Who are we to decide that it is all in order to do cruel tests on these animals, when they scream and try to escape from the danger they find themselves in. They use body language to communicate with the scientist and the abusive person, yet we fail to recognize the cruelty behind this. It is not natural for any animal to be put through trauma deliberately. This earth is their planet too. Looking at nature and unhampered wilderness, I tend to think that this earth is their territory in the first place. We as humans have invaded their space to make way for technology and industries. Technology has put us in a dwindling spiral and thus the reason all the conflict between nations, let alone the animals that have to suffer due to our unethical behavior.

    Ironically, we are so dependent on animals for our survival. Humans fear old age, illness and death and justify the cruel experiments on animals. For how many years should man be the beast and behave like the beast and keep torturing animals that any scientist can see is endless suffering. How does a scientist go home and treat his family with passion and yet the other side of him is non caring towards other forms of life. How can he watch an animal being clamped from head to toe and observe the fear, kicking and “pleading for mercy”. How can he look at the pain and turn his head and have no remorse for his actions towards an animal that experience the same pain as any human.
    Has scientist not gathered enough information and written libraries full of books of all the tests being administered on animals?

    Scientists are still testing for the cure of cancer and aids and many other illnesses. They want to find a cure for all the illness and a tablet to curb old age. What for? We all have to complete the cycle of life. We all have to “depart” one day and make space for the new. It is the natural order of all living things, exactly like the weather pattern. Start educating humans to live a life of ethical and moral standards and see the Aids decline. Teach humans to wash their hands and see cholera decline. We regard ourselves as the higher species and yet we can not obey the basic rules in life. It is time we look at the behavior of animals and their self discipline. They can teach us plenty about pride and dignity.

    Is it not perhaps fame that drives the scientist towards these deeds? Are these tests truly for the human survival? At a new discovery in the lab, the scientist name is on all the billboards, the media coverage and most probably the Nobel price too. Yes, the wealth speaks for it self. Do you want to see real trauma? Ask any very wealthy person to contribute towards charity and observe the devastating pain on his face. He regards his bank balance far more superior than life itself. Humans will do anything to hold on to their status which is so important for his survival. Greed has surpassed humanity………..

    Mans best weapon is his reasoning. We have used it and we have abused it and then we go up in arms because this planet is not a safe place to live in anymore. Cruelty has increased. Crime has increased. Illness is taking lives of young people. Corruption has increased. All this is due to the sad behavior of people that call themselves human.

    What scientist can do is start experimenting on humans and try to find out why some are so cruel and evil and only a handful show dignity towards our planet and our animals. Why am I different than the cruel and evil person? Don’t test on animals to find out why humans have lost the plot! Humanity is on the endangered list and people became used to the idea of being barbaric. The barbaric gene has invaded the human body and filled the cavity of humanity. We have lost our dignity, our ethics, our honesty, our principles and moral standards. What is left ………nothing. We are empty vessels!

    • Cindy Richardson says:

      I so agree with you. I feel all of your comments,but I can not express them the way you did. Thank you so much for your comment. Best Regards,Cindy Richardson

    • People who do the tests have no conscious. Congress let this go on cause of greed. Money is the mark of the beast.

    • Also there is cures for all illness, called , ban GMO’s in animal feed, human foods and pet foods. But congress want illness to keep the population down and make money for business and medical field.

  2. Barbaric and unnecessary!

  3. If we have to torture or kill animals to find safer products for humans, what exactly have we accomplished? NOTHING!

  4. The poor chimpanze is so close to us that he has to suffer inhumane research.

  5. Vicky Farmer says:

    Do tests on convicted murderers, child molesters, drug dealers and leave the poor innocent animals alone!

  6. Natasha Potticary says:

    No more torturing the innocents… This is vile, and it has to stop immediately.

  7. tanya czernyszow says:

    Please stop this cruelty, there is nothing gained other than inflicting pain and death upon a beautiful animal.

  8. Rameswar.roy says:

    Rameswar Roy
    ►I’m in peculiar situation, when I have seen some socking image, peoples are behave brute force on animal. I can’t believe but its true. Require to stop any kind experiment/test on animals◄
    ☻I appeal to you all don’t giving the pain to animals, don’t any kind of experience on animals and testing on animals☻
    ☻I’m also seen as the result of experiment or test on animal make disable forever in their life & gradually they going to step forward to expire them shelf, please don’t kill the animals by this way, please☻
    ☻I’m not oppose the transport of animal because If any one compel to leave his/her living country after retirement or any other any important cause, he/her leave Best loves and makes them orphan? How it is possible? So I request to all the different transports authorities to consider in connection of transportation of animals.☻
    ☻I’m not support the transportation of animals cause of oppress on animals mainly the experiments/test on animals☻
    ☻My humble request all the owners of Laboratories to stop experience and testing on animals, please☻

  9. Why is the White House to allow this to happen to chimpanzees? If this keeps going then the entire population of chimpanzees are going to be gone forever and I wont want that. Like really what did these animals do to us to deserve such abuse and other things. We should do this to them because they never did anything to us.

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