Punish Couple for Starving Dog to Death


Target: Police Chief Rusty York and the Fort Wayne Police Department

Goal: Punish couple for keeping  their puppy locked up in a room and starving it to death

A Fort Wayne, Indiana couple is met with charges for allegedly starving their puppy to death in a locked bedroom in their residence. They were specifically questioned for locking their small dog in a bedroom in their house and not feeding it. When being interrogated for the incident by the authorities, the couple confessed that they did not like the dog any longer because it was fighting with the other dogs. They admitted that they heard the dog barking and scratching from behind the door, but did absolutely nothing about it.

According to news reports, the authorities found out that the puppy was the last of a litter of puppies recently sold, and when they could not sell this particular one, they decided to completely stop feeding it. With allegations of this incident, a police officer came to the couple’s home with a search warrant, and that is when he saw the horrible animal abuse happening. The police officer saw the dog lying still, and the area where they kept it was covered in animal feces. There were also scratch marks all over the door where the dog had struggled to escape.

The couple is now facing charges for torturing an animal, cruelty to an animal, and concealing a non-immunized dog. Please sign this petition so that authorities can punish this couple to the full extent of the law for cruel and unusual animal abuse.


Dear Police Chief Rusty York and the Fort Wayne Police Department,

Thank you for looking into inquiries and serving this Indiana couple a search warrant for their alleged animal abuse. It is shocking to know that a couple can hear the barks and cries of a puppy and not come to its rescue. This couple was able to lock up their pet and was willing to let it starve to death.

This is one of the worst cases of domesticated animal abuse I have ever heard. The couple’s excuse for killing their dog is that they didn’t like it anymore. It is a very unusual reason to starve a living creature to death. They could have given the dog away or dropped it off at a local animal shelter. The couple needs to be arrested and punished for abusing this small dog. No animal deserves to die in this manner. Justice needs to be served to these animal abusers so that they never do this ever again.


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Photo Credit: Ildar Sagdejev via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Lucy Leon says:

    Please send these two to jail for a long time. They must serve as example that animals cruelty will not be tolerated. They could have as easity taken it to a shelter or let it lose to fend for itself but they decided to lock it in a room to die. Please send them to jail.

    • Lucy:

      The first part of your response was okay until it gets to the part about letting it loose to fend on it’s own. Are you kidding?!!!! Letting an animal loose is leaving it to an unknown fate, ie being picked up by others who would torture, abuse, & then kill it; getting hit by a vehicle; or attacked by other animals. I certainly hope that you rethought what you typed & sent after making that remark otherwise you are really no better than those who allowed that animal to starve and die.


    • patricija c. patricija c. says:

      I agree. Maybe without food for a couple of weeks. Some people took the lesson only by experience.

  2. Sheila Jefferson says:

    May they burn in hell.
    Until then, MAX PUNISHMENT!

  3. Kathleen Roskowski says:

    Please send these people to jail. They have no remorse for what they have done, and if they did this, will do other terrible horrifying acts to animals or maybe even children. They need to understand this was wrong and be punished for this terrible crime!

  4. These two evil monsters must be punished for this horrible crime, that poor puppy must have suffered terribly and so should they

  5. Irmita Ramos says:

    These people should be locked up in Jail immediately in the same cells with the most dangerous inmates and receiving the most drastic beatings for the abuse that they’ve cause towards the poor puppy ! Killing or Harming an innocent Animal is the Very 1ST Step to becoming a SERIAL KILLER ! If these 2 pathetic cold hearted Scumbags didn’t want the poor puppy anymore then they should’ve gave it up for adoption – BUT DO NOT KILL THE POOR PUPPY ! Keep in mind that whenever anybody owns any pet – it’s almost like taking care of a child the difference here is that children and pets are of 2 different species and a kids can speak for themselves pets and animals can’t do that ( except Parrots, if they’re taught how to speak perfectly like us humans ).

  6. joan Carter says:

    I am thankful, WHAT GOES AROUND, COMES AROUND, which is an absolute. So this couple is going to suffer for their brutality.

  7. Trudy Nickols says:


  8. Marilyn S says:

    Lock them up and throw the key away!

  9. What these two people did to an innocent animal is HORRIBLE!!! Their action(s) show that they were just in this for the money, have no compassion for another being/life, and makes a person wonder how far in their actions they are away from becoming serial killers. If both of these so called humans can do this to an innocent life what prevents them from continuing on this behavior. (Torturing & killing animals is one of the traits that psychologists say leads people into becoming serial killers.) This also makes me wonder what would’ve happened if there had been a child that had misbehaved!

    I would like to see a psychological evaluation done on these two as I believe their mental capacity has been hindered. I also believe they should never be allowed to have any animal in their personal possession.

  10. ravinder singh says:

    No more cruelty to animals by the humans. It has to stop. Harsh punishment should be given for torturing loveable and innocent animals.

  11. patricija c. patricija c. says:

    I agree, send them to jail. Maybe without food for a couple of weeks. Some people took the lesson only by experience.

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