Outlaw Captive Lion Hunting

Outlaw Captive Lion Hunting in South Africa

Target: Jacob Zuma, President of South Africa 

Goal: Ban the hunting of captive animals in South Africa

Captive hunting, or ‘canned hunting,’ is a term used to describe the killing of animals raised in captivity, then released into a controlled areas in order to be hunted by trophy-gatherers. This practice is common in South Africa, a country that boasts more captive lions than wild. Petition the South African government to make this cruel industry illegal.

The process of this sick industry begins when lion cubs are taken away from their mothers at an extremely early age in order to be tamed for contact with humans. These lions are kept in ‘sanctuaries’ for the pleasure of tourists, who are able to pet them. However, when the lions are too old, they are let into an enclosed area and hunted by paying customers. The dead lions are then beheaded, their heads collected or exported to trophy collectors in Europe and the US, and their skeletons sold to Asian markets.

It is estimated that South Africa has lost 75% of its lion population in this way in the last twenty years. This ugly industry preys on unsuspecting tourists who come to enjoy petting the lions, and then allows wealthy foreigners to hunt them down easily, often making the lions suffer tremendously before actually killing them.

Petition South Africa’s government to ban this ruthless malice and end the suffering of captive lions before there are none left.


Dear Mr. Zuma,

I urge you to ban the hunting of captive lions in your country, and end the ruthless culling of a species dangerously close to extinction. 

This industry strips lion cubs from their mothers at a very young age, causing heartbreak in both mother and child. The cubs are brought up to be touched by humans, but when they are too old, they are released into a controlled enclosure and hunted down by vicious killers who want to mount the majestic heads as trophies on their wall.

Mr. Zuma, you have the power to show why these lions are the pride of South Africa: in a natural habitat with their families – that is the true beauty of an animal. Please end the hunting of these captive lions in your country and stop the export of their bodies to buyers around the world. No amount of money can replace the loss of a majestic creature, and if action is not taken soon, there will be no lions left for us to admire.

The time to stop this is now.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Stano Novak via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Es increíble que hayamos llegado a este punto de destrucción delplaneta y sus recursos!!. Es increíble que el hospedado humano destroze su lugar de estadía! Es impensable que la especie humana, beneficiada a manos llenas por la Naturaleza, sólo destruya todo cuanto toca, dinero de por medio. Es insensato que elpoder de la especie se impknga sobre otras por elpoder mismo, si esto no es racismo, entonces Hitler fue un santo. O detenemos tanta locura ahora o sentenciamos el destino del ser humano para siempre. La Natruraleza puede vvir sin el humano pero el humano no puede vivir sin la Naturaleza.

  2. Canned hunts are for cowards. Only kill to eat not for sport, what drives these morons I will never understand (or want to understand for that matter).

  3. Kathy Williams says:

    After deforestation and land development destroys natural habitats, and hunters have – for all intents and purposes – eliminated apex predators, thereby creating cascading extinction, captive breeding and captive so-called hunting will be these spineless lowlifes’ only outlet for their bloodlust.

    Except when necessary for survival, all hunting and trapping must be outlawed.

    It is irresponsible, lazy and uncreative wildlife ‘management’ to keep promoting the decimation of a species only to turn around and try to preserve the remaining population once it becomes classified as vulnerable, endangered or critically endangered. As long as overfishing and overhunting is allowed, the entire animal kingdom – including man – is threatened.


  5. Virginia Leary says:

    Consider this–How would you feel if you were put in a small yard and shot at until you died??

  6. the hell is going to bring you

  7. Karma to ALL you evil animal abusing cowards

  8. This is pathetic and must stop.

  9. Paula Eggleston says:

    Please stop this displorable practice of cruelty to the young animals and slaughter of the mature animals for profit and the pleasure of cowardly killers..what kind of person would take pleasure in killing a domesticated animal that has no hope of escape and no idea of what is about to happen? I will no longer be traveling to South Africa or any other place that supports this kind of slaughtering and will urge all of my friends on social media to do the same.

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