Condemn Puppy-Killing Cop


Target: Scott D. Shellenberger, State Attorney, Baltimore County, Maryland

Goal: Demand justice for puppy slain by police officer

The average Jack Russell Terrier weighs just 13-17 pounds.  It is a beautiful dog and a defenseless creature.  Rocko, a seven-month-old Jack Russell Terrier puppy, could not protect himself and did not deserve to die. However, he was abused and killed by Alec Taylor, the boyfriend of his owner, for defecating on the carpet.  Mr. Taylor is a police officer for the city of Maryland.  It is frightening to imagine that a man tasked with protecting his community is capable of such incredible cruelty.  Scott Shellenberger, the State Attorney for the county in which Taylor resides, must do everything within his power to bring this animal abuser to justice.

On February 26th, Rocko the puppy did what dogs naturally do when they are kept indoors for too long: he relieved himself on the carpet.  Rather than admonishing the pet or calling the dog’s owner, his girlfriend, Alec Taylor decided to take matters into his own hands.  He urged the terrified puppy out from behind the refrigerator with a mop and proceeded to choke and beat him to death.  Police who performed a necropsy found that Rocko died from “an acute hemorrhagic shock likely due to blood loss from liver damage caused by blunt force trauma,” according to The Baltimore Sun.  As if all that weren’t enough, Taylor then sent pictures to his girlfriend of her lifeless dog lying on the ground.

Taylor’s girlfriend, whose name has not been released, called the police. They recovered the dog’s body in a nearby dumpster.  Alec Taylor turned himself in to police on March 5th.  He has been charged with aggravated animal cruelty and abuse, and is currently suspended without pay from the Baltimore police force.  However, cruelty toward animals can often indicate disturbing behavioral trends that can result in violence or cruelty toward humans.  It is reprehensible that someone capable of such violence against a truly innocent being has been trusted with the responsibility to protect and serve his community.

It is crucial that State Attorney Scott D. Shellenberger take this case seriously and prosecute Taylor swiftly.  According to the Maryland penal code, animal cruelty carries a punishment of up to 3 years in prison, a $5000 fine, or both.  A sentencing condition may also be applied that the alleged abuser seek counseling for anger management and be prohibited from ever owning or residing with an animal again.  If found guilty, at the very least Mr. Taylor should been banned from owning an animal, and it is clear he needs counseling.  His permanent elimination from the Baltimore Police Department must also be considered.


Dear Scott Shellenberger,

Animal cruelty and abuse is a serious offense.  No pet deserves to live in fear or die for doing what comes naturally to it.  Unfortunately, Rocko the puppy was not given the chance to live past seven months of age, because police officer Alec Taylor took his life.  Rocko the puppy was choked and beaten to death.

Due to the outrageous nature of this crime and Mr. Taylor’s position of power in the community as a police officer, I am demanding that you take this case seriously.  It is vital that you prosecute Taylor swiftly and vigorously to demonstrate that the State of Maryland will not tolerate abuse.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Tanakawho via Flickr

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  1. Horrible! Why did you adopt a puppy in the first place? Did you think there could never be an accident? Are you that stupid? That poor little puppy did not deserve to die for that and didn’t deserve you as his owner. I don’t know how you can live with yourself! I hope you’re never allowed to own any animals again, ever!

  2. I forgot to add this in my other post. I hope you’re fired from your job as a police officer! You don’t deserve to be an officer! You are a danger to people and animals.

  3. This monster must be charged with at least felony and be sentenced to 5 years in jail for the MURDER of this innocent puppy!

  4. A. Becerril says:

    It seems our police force is full of prepotent dicks who think they can kill anyone they want…this asshole should be charged with something and NEVER be allowed to have another pet, not even a gold fish!

  5. Jaime Perez says:

    How cruel and disgusting can people be? This little baby did not deserve to die at the hands of this vile and evil man. And a protector of the public no less! He needs to be fired and then beaten, just like he did to this innocent puppy.

  6. paula eaton says:

    This cop is a violent predator. Prosecute this vile individual. This was vicious and the pup suffered because of this jerk.

  7. This incident is saddening & infuriating!!!

    NO animal should EVER have to suffer at the hands of such a SICK individual… and it’s even WORSE that this MANIAC is a COP!!

    This nation’s Police Departments need to SERIOUSLY IMPROVE their PSYCHOLOGICAL SCREENING of their APPLICANTS, & CURRENT OFFICERS – on a REGULAR BASIS!!!

    Corruption, Alcoholism, Wife-beating issues are bad enough in themselves, but ALLOWING PSYCHOTICS LIKE THIS to roam the streets with GUNS & NO SELF-CONTROL SCARES the HELL OUT of ME!!!

    There have been FAR TOO MANY many incidents in the news over the last few years (& probably FAR MORE that have been KEPT HIDDEN) where Police with SEVERE TEMPER ISSUES have beaten or killed animals, or people for NO VALID REASON (Their life was in NO DANGER!)

    This cop should be FIRED, PROSECUTED to the MAXIMUM EXTENT of the LAW (which given this nation’s minimum LEGAL CONCERN for the rights & lives of animals probably won’t amount to much!) and PERMANENTLY BARRED from EVER working as a COP (or eveb SECURITY GUARD with a GUN) AGAIN!!

  8. Jaime Perez says:

    This horrible cop should be fired and punished to the extent of the law for murdering a baby! Sick and evil person.

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