Demand State Protect Endangered Wolves from Hunters

Target: Arizona State Senator Gail Griffin

Goal: Withdraw legislation that would promote the destruction of the Mexican gray wolf

Mexican gray wolves are facing extinction. While they used to have a population ranging in the thousands, this majestic animal was nearly wiped out through hunting and rampant predator removal by the United States government in the 1970s. A shocking bill that actually encourages cruel hunting methods recently passed in the Arizona Senate. If this bill also passes in the House, Mexican gray wolves may be lost to this world.

In 1998, Mexican gray wolves were bred and reintroduced into their Arizona habitat. According to the wildlife preservation organization Defenders of Wildlife, “The goal of the reintroduction program was to restore at least 100 wolves to the wild by 2006,” but there are currently less than 75 in Arizona today. This deadly bill would allow hunters to “destroy predatory wildlife” using guns, snares, traps and any other legal form of hunting. The bill even states that “dogs may be used to facilitate the pursuit of depredating bears, wolves, and mountain lions.”

The Association of Zoos and Aquariums states that, “The greatest threats to the Mexican gray wolf population are human-related and include habitat loss and hunting.” These threats are well within humanity’s control, but bills that encourage hunters to kill these wolves are accelerating their extinction. To make matters worse, Arizona is also considering legislation that would fight against federal expansion of the wolf-recovery zone while encouraging wolves to only be reintroduced into their natural habitats in Mexico.

By signing the petition below, you will urge Arizona State Senator Gail Griffin to withdraw this deadly bill and take a stand towards protecting the endangered Mexican gray wolf.


Dear Senator Gail Griffin.

I was shocked to learn that you introduced a bill in the Arizona State Senate which would allow hunters to kill endangered Mexican gray wolves and other “predatory animals” using guns, snares traps and any other legal form of hunting. Perhaps you weren’t aware that there are less than 75 Mexican gray wolves left in Arizona and that this bill would encourage the extinction of these majestic animals.

The Association of Zoos and Aquariums states that, “The greatest threats to the Mexican gray wolf population are human-related and include habitat loss and hunting.” I am asking you to use your power and influence to lessen these threats by withdrawing this deadly bill.


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Photo Credit: Jim Clark via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Linda Guffin says:

    The Mexican grey wolf is a very necessary part of the ecosystem. The Mexican grey wolf is very endangered. Please do not be the person to eliminate the Mexican grey wolves from the world. Thank you.

  2. Betty Schultz says:

    Every life form on this planet is precious- do not let them become extinct!

  3. Laura Michaels says:

    I thought that these endangered animals were one of the wolf species that weren’t taken off the Endangered Species List because there numbers are so few! It is my understanding that they still have federal protection unlike the gray wolf of the Northern Rocky Mountain states which was stripped of its federal protection even though it still should be protected as its numbers are still not anywhere near recovery. So how can a state bill override federal protection of this highly endangered species of wolves, the Mexican gray wolf? I just don’t get it! Is the Dept of the Interior just going to let this happen with these animals so endangered? I certainly hope not! I think that the Federal govt. can intervene in this situation and through the Federal courts block this bill from taking effect or sue the state of Arizona if this horrible bill passes for violating the Endangered Species Act.

  4. please sign this petition, we need to repopulate the beautiful animal, i’m from the u.k and could’nt believe what i’d read, how can a bill like that be allowed to go ahead?! i think a look at your government polices is needed

  5. I was at the Arizona EENR House Committee meeting on Monday to speak. Rep. Pratt shouted me down, the above link is my testimony that was CUT SHORT and interrupted REPEATEDLY. Please spread the word. We are also doing a protest at the Capital. I will post on my FB page when.

    This FB page was started late yesterday…please start emailing/calling all HOUSE MEMBERS, their emails and contact are posted. Thank you. We have through the weekend to stop this madness…the world must KNOW that ARIZONA again is in violation of federal laws (Endangered Species Act this time)…

  6. Michael Guest says:

    This must be stopped. All wolves should be protected from hunters. Otherwise, more will suffer and die. Get the message clearly.

  7. This has to stop now

  8. IF YOU WANT TO SAVE WOLVES FROM THE SLAUGHTER AND EXTINCTION THEN YOU HAVE TO COME TO THE REALIZATION THAT YOU MAY HAVE TO KILL TO DO SO – to kill the hunter, the trapper, the bowhunter, the poisoners or the guys gunning from a plane or helicopter. They will all continue killing the Wolf until there are no more – if you are ok with that then don’t pick up a gun or other means at your disposal. Otherwise you must come to the acceptance that those that prey on the Wolf have to be EXTERMINATED with EXTREME PREJUDICE and plan your action accordingly…

  9. Gerard FABIANO says:


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