Stop Slaughtering Wild Boar Piglets

Target: Berlin Government

Goal: Find a better, more humane approach to controlling the wild boar population in Berlin.

In Berlin, increasing populations of wild boars have led the animals to venture out of the surrounding forests and into the city.  An increase in boar-related motor vehicle accidents and attacks on humans and dogs have led the city officials to employ a team of urban hunters, directing them to specifically shoot piglets under the age of 15 weeks.  The strategy has been met with disdain from hunters and city residents alike.  Tell the Berlin government to re-evaluate their population control methods and choose a method that is both humane and practical.

Hunters take issue with the fact that killing a baby boar involves no skill and that adult kills would be much more economically profitable.  Many residents of Berlin have taken a liking to the animals and have gone as far as to feed them and to physically and verbally harass hunters they see killing the pigs.  Many citizens, like Michael Gericke, feed the pigs and encourage their company in the city.  Mr. Gericke now faces a large fine from the Berlin government if he continues to feed the animals.  Hunters are also only killing approximately 40% of the piglets, when they need to be killing 80% in order to reduce the population.  Some have taken issue with the dangers involved with hunting within an urban setting and its potential to harm citizens who may be nearby.

A study reported that 25% of Berliners believe that the boars have the right to share their space with humans.  After all, it was development by humans that forced pigs out of the city and actually contributed to the population burst.  What is the use of inhumanely killing baby boars when not even enough are being killed to control the population?  The Animal Protection Society insists that a contraceptive for the boars would be much more humane, but the city officials claim this would be too costly.  The people have made it clear: they do not want to see the boars treated inhumanely.  Tell the government of Berlin to rethink their strategy.


Dear Klaus Wowereit, Mayor of Berlin,

The invasion of wild boars in Berlin presents a difficult challenge for you and the city of Berlin.  A quarter of the population believes that the boars have a right to share the space and some go as far as to feed and welcome to the animals.  The method you have chosen for controlling the population, directing hunters to kill piglets, is inhumane, irresponsible and ineffective.  Currently, hunters are only killing 40% of the piglet population when a level of 80% is needed to decrease the population.  There are also serious safety issues with commissioning hunters to shoot at pigs in an urban setting where civilian casualties may occur.

There are better methods for controlling the population, including the Animal Protection Society’s recommended contraceptive strategy.  Do not punish people like Michael Gerlicke for being compassionate and feeding the animals.  Find a strategy that is both humane and effective and respect the wishes of the people of your city.


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  1. Stop Bore killing! Stop the shedding , Stop the hurting of Jeovah Pets !

  2. Who is Jeovah he’s our God in Heavan !

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