Ban the Barbaric Practice of Cat Declawing in the U.S.

Target: US Congress

Goal: Institute a nation-wide ban on the barbaric practice of cat declawing.

In November, Israel became the latest country to outlaw the practice of declawing cats.  The procedure is a painful one that has no medicinal benefit to cats and can permanently alter their behavior.  Tell the U.S. to join the list of forward-thinking nations who have put an end to this painful practice by banning it completely.

In the United States, 25% of cats are declawed, often because their owners don’t want to see their furniture destroyed.  Cats are anesthetized, which is risky in itself, and then undergo a procedure in which not only their claw, but the first joint of their finger is removed.  This procedure has no benefits for cats, who may actually respond by biting more because of a perceived feeling of defenselessness from their lack of claws.  Recovery often takes weeks and is very painful for the cat.  Owners who are not ready to accept the responsibility of owning an animal that has claws should look elsewhere.  There are also plenty of other methods for diverting your cat’s claws from the furniture, including scratching posts and toys.

There are now 10 countries which have banned the declawing procedure.  Israel has gone even farther by instituting a $20,000 fine for people who are found to be breaking the law.  The United States should take a stand for cats and join these other nations by passing legislation that outlaws declawing and harshly punishes those who either solicit or perform the procedure.


Dear U.S. Congress,

Recently, Israel joined a growing list of countries who have outlawed the practice of declawing cats.  Declawing is a painful and risky procedure that provides no medical benefit for the cat and is done for the convenience of the owner.  We should not be putting pets through dangerous surgeries simply for our convenience; if one cannot handle the responsibility of owning an animal that has claws, one should not own that animal.

Furthermore, there are plenty of alternatives to declawing your cat.  You can get a scratching post, get the cat toys or spray your furniture with citrus spray, to name a few.  Just because we find the practice of declawing to be commonplace does not mean we should continue without seriously considering its effects.  Israel backs up its ban with a $20,000 fine, their commitment to the welfare of our feline friends is clear.  Please consider banning the painful procedure of cat declawing and take a stand for animal welfare.


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  1. lynn williams says:

    painful, it is the same as you having your nails pulled out, legal torture of animals.

  2. Horrible. What if your nails were pulled out?

  3. Stop this cruelty!!!It’s horrible!!!


  5. Diane Loran says:

    No logical reason for this barbaric practice. It’s for pure laziness and lack of desire to deal with proper training of housecats.

  6. Mary Devlin says:

    Funny. My cats claw trees, scratching posts, and worn out old furniture, but for some reason none of them scratch the nice furniture. It’s as if they’re aware that I don’t want them to do it, so they leave it alone. They seem to sense it. They are evolving far more quickly than I am!

  7. It’s just about laziness. There are plenty of methods to keep cats from exhibiting unwanted behavior. I say this as a complete fawning hypocrite who lets my cats do anything they please. I am prepared for the consequences of that, though.

  8. wtf??? what am i reading for goodness sake,this is sick..if any pet owner/cat owner condones this-then they are not animal orientated and do not care for the welfare of the cat,dont own a cat if you cant handle its nails…you destroy the cats basic animal instincts-how dare you!!!! us congress what else have you left untouched…stop destroying people,planet,animals!!! enough!

  9. Suzanne Sheldon says:

    Of course it’s painful. If it wasn’t, I would have my cats declawed. My sofa is shredded and is now covered in wide cellophane tape to discourage them. It worked for a while. Now tufts of stuffing is coming through the tape. Those darned cats! But I would never have them declawed. (Actually it’s only the one, and I’ve never had a big problem with any other cat I’ve had in my lifetime.) I love my cats, faults and all.

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