Protect Alaskan Wilderness From Largest Open-Pit Mine

bristol bay

Target: President Barack Obama
Goal: Stop largest open-pit mine in North America from destroying pristine Alaskan wilderness.

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  1. Alexandra Pribylova says:

    How is it possible that almost everyone si doing what they want..?? Where r the rules for living on this planet togehter? Why r we ruining such beauty which was the first on this planet?? Who r we that we can make our planet suffer this way? I am sick from our kind.. we r the predators, but if we r going this way, we will destroy our pplanet by ourselves.. it is just upon us!.. :/ it is sad..

  2. Dr. Wolfgang Epple says:

    Please, Mr. President, this is a good chance, to show the world your leadership qualities. Saving the pristine Alaskan wilderness is a question of responsibility.

    “Yes, we can” … Mr. President, set an example!

  3. Saint Maurice Vanessa says:

    Help please !

  4. doris steinkopf says:

    Please, Mr. President, this is a good chance, to show the world your leadership qualities. Saving the pristine Alaskan wilderness is a question of responsibility.

    “Yes, we can” … Mr. President, set an example!

  5. Ken Jansseune says:

    This will be another Huge error on our part, we have already destroyed so much of the earth, let what is left, unharmed by humans.

  6. Spike Lemmer says:

    Can governments just stop destroying our planet for the sake of greed to swell their pockets with money.

  7. EL CUIDADO DE ESTE PLANETA NO ES CUESTIÓN DE UNOS Y DESTRUCCIÓN POR LA CODICIA DE OTROS. somos habitantes de este planeta no los dueños,cuando nos vamos él queda para futuras generaciones. Al paso que vamos los codiciosos no van a dejar nada y tampoco se van a llevar nada. La peor clase de ser humano es el que en lugar de dejar sembradíos, deja destrucción y muerte en el momento que, en realidad, es su vida. Quienes amamos al planeta que nos ha sido prestado, pedimos, exigimos que no se permita más daño, destrucción y muerte. el gobierno de los estados unidos debe prohibir semejante crimen contra la naturaleza, el medioambiente y los animales. SEÑOR PRESIDENTE USTED ES RESPONSABLE DE SALVAR O SER CÓMPLICE DE LA DESTRUCCIÓN. EN SUS PRINCIPIOS ÉTICOS Y MORALES ESTÁ LA DECISIÓN. LO SALUDO CON ESPERANZA.



  10. when money is in the picture and gold is money, people will stop at nothing to get it and animals plant,and forest or another human being will not stand in there way. they dont care about whats being ruin forever in this life time , ONLY WHAT THEY CAN GET THEY ARE BURTAIL IN THERE QUEST FROM GOLD AND MONEY AND POWER SO PLEASE STOPPED THESE MAD MAN BEFORE ITS TO LATE .WHAT GOT THEM THERE WILL BRING OTHERS AND OTHERS ETC.

  11. Melinda Menzies says:

    Is there anyone out there with some common sense? Big companies are destroying everything, everthing for the sake of money. Who will be the first person in power to make a stand for the earth the animals and every humanbeing? Please for the love of god make these changes or I fear that no-one will be here except for the paper money blowing in the winds.

  12. Lauren Graham says:

    Because corporate money has basically bought our country, these sorts of fights are difficult, yet there may still be time to have some influence toward a positive outcome in this instance. We have seen what corporate influence has done to the USDA, FDA and EPA (they are mere shadows of what they once were).

    I can imagine the hypocrisy of the heads of the corporations; “We love you children, but we will be leaving you an essentially dying environment, so enjoy!”

  13. Julie Meyer Blackwell says:

    What a tragedy it is to allow corporate greed to demolish this beautiful, pristine bay. Has anyone involved in the. Destruction of some of the most beautiful places on earth ever thought about the long term consequences for us and the world we live in?

    Don’t allow the destruction of Bristol Bay.

  14. christiana diamandi says:

    greedy people!!!!!

  15. Why do big company’s have to destroy the such beauty and wild life just so they can get gold is it worth that much to destroy everything …I don’t think so …Its just greed on there behalf ..

  16. Helen Holvoet says:

    Stop this! How is it that people keep dreaming about a better future for themselves personally, without considering the massive extinguishing impact it will have on others?! This must be prevented from happening.

  17. It is inexplicable that Man is so intent on destroying it’s Home – the Earth! Please do not allow any mining in this pristine place – it would be devastating for everyone and everything! Please do not bow down to vested interests – they are not in the interests of the United States of America!!!

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