Protect Captive Animals in South Korea from Cruelty

Protect Captive Korean Animals from Cruelty

Target: South Korean Assembly Member Shin Geh Ryeun

End cruelty towards captive animals in South Korea

Captive animals in South Korea face heart-wrenching abuse and horrifying conditions. A recent report illustrates the urgent need for animal welfare laws in South Korea that encompass all captive animals. Congresswoman Hanna Chang has proposed legislation which would ban live animal performances and enforce minimum standards of welfare for captive animals, as well as inspections for the establishments that keep them. In the wake of this investigation, the South Korean government must recognize the scope of animal cruelty in their nation, and bring this legislation, the ‘Zoo Act’, into being.

The ADI’s sobering video footage shows monkeys with their hands tied behind their backs, frantically running and falling on their faces while their keepers laugh hysterically. Another clip shows a monkey being dragged across the ground by a rope around its neck while screeching in pain. The ADI footage also shows monkeys that are housed in appallingly cramped conditions, hit by their keepers, and displaying psychotic behaviors such as running in circles and biting themselves. This one study delves into only the tip of the problem, as conditions such as these are likely to be prevalent across a country which has extremely limited animal protection laws.

In this modern society, in which we recognize animals as our spiritual cousins, it is beyond comprehension that animals suffer to satiate a human thirst for entertainment. Cruel animal performances must stop, and if animals are kept in captivity, they should at least be given conditions conducive to a healthy life and treated with the respect that any emotional, living being deserves.

By signing this petition, you will help to raise awareness and put pressure on the South Korean government to enable the Zoo Act, ceasing degrading animal performances and giving animals in captivity a better life in South Korea.


Dear Assembly Member Shin Geh Ryeun,

As Chairman of the National Assembly’s Environment and Labor Committee, you have significant influence and, therefore, responsibility to ensure a moral set of standards in your country.

By now, legislation has been proposed to you regarding the abolition of animal performances and a minimum standard of welfare for captive animals in South Korea. This ‘Zoo Act’, projected by Congresswoman Chang, would pave the way for a decent standard of care for captive animals in your country, and stop the maniacal animal entertainment industry, in which these abused creatures are coerced into suffering.

Already, many countries around the world have passed laws which ensure a decent standard of living for animals, and place restrictions on animal performances. South Korea notoriously lags behind the world in animal welfare codes and, within a shifting worldwide consciousness, you cannot expect to maintain a negligent attitude towards animals without backlash.

The eyes of the world are now on you. As you can ascertain from the mountain of international signatures you have received in support of this legislation, we are no longer bound by national borders but by a global morality to protect the beautiful creatures of this planet.

Please, Chairman Ryeun, use your influence to help bring about this law. Allay the fears of the international community that South Korea is a harbor for cruelty and injustice. Do the right thing – the moral thing – and protect the helpless lives that so depend on your care. Enable the ‘Zoo Act’, and give these lives the correct standing in our world – as fellow stewards and beings of feeling and consciousness on our planet.


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Photo Credit: Александр Осипов via Wikimedia

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  1. Scott Rotzoll says:

    I’ve seen the ‘traveling zoos’ that make their way around Korea, supported by major department stores, and they’re entirely awful. Animals are kept in cages that are barely big enough for them to lie down in, without food or water for a large part of the day (which can reach temperatures near 40 degrees celcius), many of which are covered in sores, or are losing hair. I would love to see major changes in how animals here are treated.

  2. Michele Jankelow says:

    When will cruelty ever end! When will humans step down and say enough? When it is all gone! How brutal a species are we?

  3. What is wrong with you people? How is cruelty entertaining? Sad world, my heart breaks at each petition. But there is room for more broken pieces.

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