Praise Improved Standards for Greyhound Racing

Target: Eve McGregor of Greyhound Racing NSW

Goal: Praise greyhound racing authorities for imposing tighter regulations on owners and breeders

Authorities in New South Wales and Victoria Australia have imposed stronger animal welfare regulations as the result of rising criticism over reports that thousands of racing dogs are being euthanized every year. The terrible fate of most racing dogs has been common knowledge for decades and Australia has finally taken steps to do something to end it, and for that, Greyhound Racing NSW deserves our gratitude.

The main change to the previous laws is that the number of greyhounds a trainer is allowed to work with will be limited according to the type of license they have. The purpose here is to reduce the number of dogs involved in the racing and to prevent overbreeding. The majority of euthanasia in greyhound racing can be attributed to overbreeding because when a dog fails as a racer it is expendable. “There’s clear evidence of mass overbreeding of greyhounds in NSW resulting in a vast population of surplus unwanted dogs,” said RSPCA Australia scientific officer Jade Norris.

Racing dogs will also be required to remain under the care of registered owners for their lifetime or until they are retired and become a companion animal. This means that all licensed racing dogs will be monitored and cannot be euthanized for reasons other than injury or failing health. They will be guaranteed a long and healthy life regardless of their racing performance.

Eve McGregor of Greyhound Racing NSW hopes the new laws will ultimately educate breeders and trainers by bringing awareness to their livelihood.  Thousands of racing dogs are euthanized around the world every year because of the notion that their utility has ended, and this is largely because of overbreeding. Most owners involved in greyhound racing have many dogs, making the loss of a single dog inconsequential when it no longer performs as they see fit. But if an owner is only licensed to have a limited number of dogs, their responsibility toward that life increases and their relationship becomes stronger. Ultimately, the dogs get a chance much better life.

Please take a moment to sign the petition below and thank Greyhound Racing NSW for ensuring that racing dogs have a long and happy life.


Dear Eva McGregor,

You recently announced that Greyhound Racing NSW had tightened its regulations on dog racing by reducing dog ownership to prevent overbreeding and also by ensuring that the dogs will be taken care of by their owners for their lifetime. The horrors of greyhound racing are no secret to the public, so it is a relief that these new laws will no doubt guarantee these dogs have a long and happy life.

Thank you for working to improve the lives of these animals that are far too often viewed as nothing more than a means to an end. I hope that racing organizations around the world will look at what you have done and be inspired to change their own practices.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. Not enough.

  2. Andrew Helton, you’ve been conned by the greyhound racing industry’s press releases. They are in full damage control mode, and seeking to put lipstick on the pig that is greyhound racing.

    The “animal protection strategy” is nothing but a list of platitudes, timed to distract attention from the ongoing New South Wales parliamentary inquiry into greyhound racing. That inquiry has heard oral testimony and read thousands of written submissions, many exposing the horrible treatment of racing dogs, as well as the greed and incompetence of GRNSW.

    You do the cause of greyhound welfare a big disservice by encouraging the public to accept Eve McGregor’s public relations spin as guaranteeing a “long and happy life” for racing greyhounds.

    I will not sign your petition.

  3. Forgive my cycnicism over this sudden and total change of heart by GRNSW.
    Perhaps someone will explain how keeping racing dogs in the care of registered owners for their lifetime will mean that this somehow guarantees “a long and healthy life”, or that the dogs won’t be euthanized – an injury wouldn’t be hard to fake.

  4. Jeroen van Kernebeek says:

    The announcement of this new strategy is nothing more than an attempt to avoid losing industry self-control. It is a list of vague statements with no specific or worked out policies. It is pure pr spin at a time when the industry is getting publicly hammered for their cruel treatment of dogs. As long as greyhound racing continues, dogs will continue to get injured and get killed. Banning greyhound racing is the only solution for these dogs.

    • Of course, everyone wants to hear that those in control of dog racing will take steps to save the greyhounds from cruel treatment, injury and death. If only the announcement by Greyhound Racing New South Wales had any substantial value, we’d all be jumping for joy! But as our Australian Director, Jeroen van Kernebeek has stated, this announcement is nothing more than a Trojan Horse to buy this cruel industry a bit more time to keep doing its dirty business. How sad this is for the greyhounds and for all the people around the world who want to see them given the opportunity to be loved just like other dogs. Christine A. Dorchak, Esq. President, GREY2K USA Worldwide

  5. Sylvia Coburn says:

    There is still a lot to do for the animals who are raking in money for these causes. The are at least owed a retirement for their long hard efforts vs being disposed of. More needs to be proven for their regard.

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