Condemn Squirrel Killing Contest

Baby Squirrel - Nuzrath Nuzree - Public Domain Pictures

Target: Chief Pete Hendrickson, Holly Fire Department

Goal: Stop the senseless killing of squirrels as part of a fundraising contest for a fire department

Every year the Fire Department in Holly, New York holds a fundraising contest where people rack up squirrel kills to win money and guns. This barbaric contest glorifies guns and devalues life as children are encouraged to kill as many small, defenseless, animals as they can. Demand the end to this horribly misguided fundraiser.

The annual Holly Squirrel Slam is a fundraising contest for the Holly Fire Department during which people, both children and adults, are rewarded for the mass killing of squirrels. After a day of slaughtering as many as they can, the hunters take the corpses to the fire department for a weigh-in. Prizes of cash and guns are awarded for things like “Heaviest Squirrel” and “Most Kills”.

There are strong correlations between how people empathize with animals and how well they can empathize with other people.  Animal killing contests teach children that the lives of these animals have no value and devalue life in general. They are not being hunted for food or population control, it’s killing purely for sport and entertainment. In a country becoming increasingly more violent, children should not be taught to thoughtlessly slaughter defenseless animals.

Condemn this misguided fundraiser and demand the end to contest killing.


Dear Chief Hendrickson,

The annual Squirrel Slam hosted by the Holly Fire Department is sending the wrong message about the value of life and animal conservation to the young people of Holly, New York.  Hunting for food and population control can be important components for protecting the overall health of some species of animals, particularly in places where their natural predators have been decimated or removed, but the Squirrel Slam is the mass killing of animals solely for entertainment.

Teaching children that killing as many animals as possible results in rewards devalues the life of those animals and decreases a child’s empathy for other creatures. Studies have shown direct correlations between the ability of people to empathize with animals and how well they can empathize with other human beings. Other studies show that cruelty to animals as a child is a key indicator of violent behavior towards people later in life. How we teach children to treat animals matters.

Chief Hendrickson, find a new way to raise funds to support the work being done by the Holly Fire Department. Animal killing contests have no place in our society and teach the wrong lessons to children about the value of life and empathy towards both animals and other people. Stop this horrifically misguided contest.


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Photo Credit: Nuzrath Nuzree via Public Domain Pictures

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  1. What a bunch of sadists. They need to be prosecuted for animal cruelty. This is sickening.

  2. Isabel Vanover says:

    When it comes to cruelty and ignorance people leave no stone unturned, no matter how revolting!!!

  3. In order to raise funds this fire department in the little obscure town of Holly deems it fit in their great worldly wisdom to have and killing contest for children to kill little innocent Squirrels who are defenceless, these people will then wonder why are there serial killers, why do school kids go crazy and then shoot up their fellow classmate/students, one in every six Americans suffer from some form of metal illness but look how they are brought up, killing is glorified, this must be the sickest method to raise funds, the morons that decided on this method should be confined to a mental institution .

  4. Susan schofield says:

    Im asking again stop this killing its not just the squirrels its there babies even hunters leave these creatures a lone to bring up there young. They are intelligent little animals and when you bring a orphan squirrel up the love it gives back in return is unbelievable Your firemen we love and trust you your our every day heroes your hands never get stained with blood we like to believe they don’t but they do we respect your uniform why don’t you because people don’t see you any more as men they see you as cowards making money out of little creatures who can not defend themselves and teaching children to enjoy killing and getting rewards for doing so no wonder they turn a gun on other children like animals they get a taste of blood and some don’t know when to stop i do hope you think about this and find other ways to support the Holley fire department Thankyou

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