Praise President Obama’s Decision to Save Whales


Target: President Barack Obama

Goal: Commend President Obama for ending whaling in Iceland

For decades, Iceland has refused to stop whaling despite increasing international criticism. Recently, President Obama decided to take action, stating that Iceland is in direct violation of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora. In other words, Iceland has knowingly slaughtered hundreds of endangered whales for nothing more than profit.

Icelanders eat very little of the whale meat they capture, favoring the practice of export to tourists and Japan — where whale meat is considered a great delicacy and is even used to make dog food. Though the demand for whale meat is rapidly declining, mostly due to the efforts of animal rights activists, Iceland shows no signs of slowing down its active annihilation. The Icelandic government issued a statement that announced a plan to increase whaling by six percent — that’s about 13 more whales than the already outrageous 300-whales-a-year quota.

Because of Iceland’s brutality, countless whale breeds have been driven to extinction; the most notable being the minke whale. The smallest of the baleen whale breed, minke whales already face challenging environments due to pollution, climate change and an increase of entanglement in fishing nets. Now, they have to worry about being hunted and slaughtered.

With this knowledge, President Obama has considered economic sanctions on Iceland, which has been in direct violation of the global moratorium of commercial whaling since 1986. This groundbreaking decision would have a great impact on Iceland’s whaling — bringing the industry to its knees and saving the lives of countless, already suffering, whale breeds.

By signing this petition you’ll thank President Obama for understanding the cruelty and shortsightedness of whaling and commend him for his efforts.


Dear President Obama,

Your recent decision to stop Iceland’s barbaric practice of whaling is a step in the right direction. As we make strides towards the conservation and protection of endangered species, you’ve recognized the terror these animals feel at the hands of inhumanity. For that, your efforts deserve to be applauded.

Not only is whaling cruel and pointless, it is an industry that’s diminishing in popularity and financial gain. The fact that Iceland has engaged in this practice for decades, without punishment, is disheartening. But, your activism and interest will stop the slaughter of virtually extinct whale breeds and keep whale meat out of other industries — especially the dog food industry.

Thank you for your consideration of an economic sanction. Now hundreds of thousands of whales will live freely, without fear of being hunted and butchered.


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Photo credit: Arctic-Images via gettyimages

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  2. We need to speak out for these beautiful kind creatures

  3. This is good news. Maybe he’d like to impose economic sanctions agains the Japanese as well.

  4. thank you, thank you and thank you for your heartfelt support of the whales.

  5. Nils Anders Lunde Nils Anders Lunde says:

    Very good nrews indeed 🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. Marta de Oliveira Silvestre says:

    As baleias são SAGRADAS, animais superiores, mansos e incompreendidos pelos seres humanos, que ainda muito primitivos em suas consciências, continuam na matança ! ACORDA !! ELAS NÃO FORAM FEITAS PARA NOS ALIMENTAR !!

  7. That’s very good news

  8. Michael Guest says:

    That is good news. Thank you for doing the right thing for the whales.

  9. Thank you Pres. Obama,this is admirable of you. Would also be admirable if you put some weight behind getting THIS Govt. (USDA Wildlife Services)out of the wildlife killing business by supporting Congressmen Peter DeFazio (D-OR) and John Campbell (R-CA) who are leading a bipartisan effort to do this.

    • Yes and shut down the BLM for their sell out of our wild life.The wild mustangs, wild burros,the wolves, and now our wild buffalo all to benefit the cattle industry, so they can use our public lands for little to nothing at all. Which brings their profit margin up considerably.A bunch of heartless morons, that also need sanctions slapped against them.Their next victims will be the bears and of course with the slaughter and extermination of these creatures the rest of the wild life shall soon follow, since those that are already in these jerks cross hairs, keep the balance that this planet needs to prosper and survive.I am so glad that our president is finally taking a stand to stop the destroyers of this planet.Now if he will only do some in house cleaning and shut these departments down that are hell bent on extending the extinct species of the world. A bunch of cold hearted self serving pond scum.

  10. Simon Pearson says:

    Obama’s action is commendable, and in stark contrast to the inaction of the Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott. Australia has a responsibility to prevent Japan from poaching whales in the Southern Ocean, Antarctica. Whilst President Obama was raising objections, Abbott refused to raise the matter of illegal whaling at a recent meeting with the Japanese Prime Minister. Whales just don’t need friends like that.

    • Yeah with those kind of friends this planet don’t need enemies.That is the problem there are way to many of the wrong kind of people holding down elected jobs and are not taking a stand because they have no back bone or they are wrong thinking in the head Well the president will only gain the millions of supporters that the wild life and planet groups make up and we are not small in number. Even the NRA are suffering losses in their ranks as people leave their group.

  11. Whats about Norway and Japan ?

    • Exactly, one step at a time. There are so many of them that are nothing more than self serving cold hearted, poor excuses for human beings. Not all of the Norwegians and Japanese are involved in these slaughters and animal abuse. There are many activist in all countries, that are fighting as hard to stop the inhumanity and global destruction.

  12. Thank you President Obama for making your voice heard about illegal whaling in Iceland. Also whales of Norway, and the dolphins and whales of Japan need your help equally! This situation is dire, there are so many atrocities acted out on animals everyday, poaching, endangered exotic pet trade, and the fur trade to name a few. I am happy that NYC has passed an animal abuse offender registry law. It is people such as yourself that can reach so many with your words. Iceland is a start. Please keep up the works as there is much to be done. I am Canadian and ashamed of our Prime Minister Harper, as he cares not about Canada’s future , our environment , or our endangered species.. Please keep saying no to Keystone. Thank you.

    • Aaron, you are not alone in being ashamed of those that are in positions, to make or break this world. Our BLM and fish and wild life departments are a disgrace. I am hoping now that our president will stand and be counted on these important issues, that he will make short work of these two departments and then our wild life might just have a fighting chance of survival.But as long as these two have say, there is little to no hope of much of our wild life surviving. How these people got jobs that involve the care and well being of our wild life, I will never understand! They don’t posses any heart for other life. It is a shame.

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