Taking Photos & Video of Animal Abuse Should Not be a Crime

Target: Florida Senate

Goal: To tell the Florida Senate not to pass a bill that would censor the First Amendment rights of animal rights activists by making it a first-degree misdemeanor to take photos or recordings of a farm.

New media and discreet cell phone cameras have made it easier than ever for animal rights groups to expose animal cruelty. We have seen recordings and photos online of people doing unspeakable things to animals in big factory farms, and in response we have enacted reforms such as California’s Proposition 2, which required that farm animals confined to cages have enough space to turn around and fully extend their limbs. But Big Agriculture doesn’t want these reforms. That is why, instead of improving conditions for farm animals, it is trying to make it impossible for us to see what the farms are doing to them.

The so-called “Ag Gag” bill was introduced in the Florida Senate earlier this year, and would have made it a felony to take photographs or video of a farm without written consent. Fortunately, this bill never made it to a vote, and the other “Ag Gag” bills in New York, Iowa, and Minnesota also failed. But the fight is not over. Florida Senator Jim Norman has managed to sneak the Ag Gag legislation into a larger agricultural bill that the Florida Senate is currently considering.

If passed, this bill will eliminate transparency in the Florida agriculture industry and stand in the way of much-needed animal rights reforms. It also flies in the face of our First Amendment rights. Clearly it needs to be stricken down. Don’t let Big Agriculture win. Tell the Florida Senate not to let this bill pass in its current form.


Dear Florida Senators,

I was dismayed to hear that Jim Norman’s legislation criminalizing the practice of taking photos or recordings at farms has been reintroduced through an agricultural bill. This is clearly an effort by Big Agriculture to eliminate the transparency that is so vital to exposing the inhumane treatment of animals that goes on in these farms every day. This kind of legislation would be devastating to the animal rights movement, not to mention in clear violation of our First Amendment rights.

A vote for SB 1184 would be a vote for censorship and animal cruelty. I hope that you will stand up to Big Agriculture and do the right thing by voting this bill down and ending Jim Norman’s attempts to silence animal activists.


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  1. Elgrit B. Russell says:

    Those who oppose filming cases of abuse are guilty as sin or they would not object. No one has the right to perpetrate cruelty on an animal and when they do, the situation must be addressed and corrected to create the most humane, effective way of handling the acts that are required, i.e. euthanasia, food animals, surgeries, etc. NOT to seek out and do what must be done in the maximum humane way makes me realize these people simply are lacking any decency, compassion and other characteristics of decent people. These people must be stopped and severely punished to indicate more respect for living beings. No animals deserve such horrible abus.

    • ellinor marie dam says:

      it goes on every day in denmark, this little beaty country. no animal police and farmers here try to hide everything shit they do, -they just call human police it the aktivist comes to close.

  2. The animals are once again being silenced and don’t even have a voice, because the people who care will be silenced. This is inappropriate and wrong and I am going to fight against this new debacle as hard as I can. Things must change soon, the old ways, the old ideas must die and the people who are trying to implement these insane laws need to fired or removed from office.
    Our world is very quickly becoming more facist and it is being run by greedy sociopathic personality types, this is now the majority! It is unacceptable!

  3. ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING! to think that millions of innocent animals with have no voice whatsoever and the fuckheads who run these disgusting places will be free to torture animals all they bloody well like, JIM NORMAN U R A FILTHY DISGUSTING CUNT

  4. nicola nicole-branburg says:

    It is bad enough that millions of animals live in extreme abusive situations but if this Bill goes through it will open the door to even more of the same. I think it is a crime against the planet that industry that make $$ from creatures will have freedom to do what they want behind closed doors. Introducing this Bill will inevitably lead to more extreme reactions from a significant and growing section of the public. This is a Bill designed to give carte blanche to people dealing in cruelty!

  5. So this is how the government is going to sneak in and start stealing even more of our rights? Who would ever think of passing this bill through? I’m sure the State of Florida believes it has the right to violate the constitution!
    Who is going to report this abuse and neglect? What’s next not being able to video the women in the parking lot getting beat? The child next door that’s rarely seen that you hear being abused? When are the businesses going to lose the ability to monitor their stores against vandalism and theft?
    This bill needs to be amended and making it a crime to record or photograph a CRIME – needs to be removed or it should not be passed.

  6. Bravo! to those brave enough to stick their necks out and their nose into Big Farm business, and the fact they can even stomach it to document it. Shame on State of Florida for thinking of criminalizing what ought to be commended.

  7. Arvina Copeland says:

    What is it to Senator Norman? What eggs does he have in this basket? For him to introduce and support legislation of this sort…investigate and expose him! There are world governments looking for men of his to crush their people.

  8. Regulating camera activity and not animal abuse is not good management.

  9. Sandra Amici says:

    Everyone has a right to see how animals are treated behind closed doors and everyone has a right to expose animal cruelty and any other type of cruelty! This is an inhumane and disgusting attempt to deny people of our rights! I am not a savage and I am against any farmer or company that abuses animals in any way. It is not a crime to expose animal abuse, but it is a crime to defend the abusers who are abusing animals! Everyone should have a voice and that includes the poor innocent animals who are being slaughtered!

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