Condemn Ruling Allowing Abuser to Have Animals

Lexi - Unknown - Pocono Record

Target: Pennsylvania Pike County Judge Joseph Kameen

Goal: Condemn a recent ruling allowing a man convicted of torturing a dog to own animals

In February 2013, Russell Seese used duct tape to bind the legs and mouth of Lexi, his female Labrador-pit bull mix, stuck her in a dirty chicken coop without food or water, and left her to die. Lexi was rescued and Mr. Seese was convicted of animal cruelty and sentenced to jail time and a fine, but a request by prosecuting attorneys to ban Mr. Seese from owning animals for 2 years was denied by the Judge. Condemn this wrong-headed ruling to let a known abuser own another animal.

Defense attorneys argued that Mr. Seese had no previous pattern of animal abuse, so preventing him from owning animals for the next 2 years was an overreach, and the judge in this case unfortunately agreed. The type of extensive and depraved abuse perpetrated by Mr. Seese doesn’t just happen, and a person who can torture a dog in that manner is likely to do it again.

A 2 year ban would have been the least the judge could do to protect other animals from abuse by Mr. Seese. Condemn this horrible decision to allow a dog torturer to own animals.


Dear Judge Kameen,

You recently decided to allow Russell Seese, a convicted animal abuser, to own animals without any delays, safeguards, or psychiatric counseling to ensure the safety of those animals. Mr. Seese took a female Labrador-pit mix in his care, bound her legs and mouth with duct tape, stuck her in a chicken coop without food or water, and left her for dead. This type of depraved animal torture is not something that normal people do, does not happen by accident, and the likelihood of Mr. Seese doing it again is high.

Studies have shown high correlations between people who abuse animals and domestic violence, child abuse, and sexual abuse. The F.B.I. uses animal abuse as one of the key indicators of future violent behavior. Some forms of abuse, like hoarding, have a nearly 100% rate of recidivism. Men who abuse their spouses are 10 times more likely to have abused or killed a pet than men who are not violent towards women.

The type of sick and deliberate torture Mr. Seese inflicted on his dog Lexi should serve as a red flag. As the judge on the case, you could have ensured that defenseless animals were not left in the care of this man. Your ruling to let him immediately obtain more animals was misguided and may lead to the painful torture and death of additional animals at the hands of Mr. Seese.

If another case like this comes before your bench, please consider the high likelihood of future animal abuse and choose to keep animals out of the hands of depraved abusers.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Unknown via Pocono Record

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  1. Julie Maynes says:

    How many more does he get to abuse and kill before something is done!

  2. I’m appalled that he is EVER allowed to own pets again!!! animal abusers are never charged with all the horrendous crimes they do…we need a law to prevent all this cruelty….and much tougher penalties…..which hopefully would make them think twice….these horrible people that do these crimes….do so because they know nothing will happen to them. These animals are defenseless loving creature

  3. maria rangel says:

    Justiça é: dente por dente e olho por olho… indiferente de raça ou cor ou natureza, quem maltrata animais indefesos.. a na mesma medida faz com gente.

  4. A. Becerril says:

    The laws and stupid judges like this one are not helping to stop these psychopaths from abusing and killing innocent animals. Common sense is not common any more.

  5. Gillian Devine says:

    This lowlife should never ever be allowed to own another animal.

  6. paula eaton says:

    This heartless ruling just told this monster that it is OK to torture animals. Shameful ruling.

  7. This person is no different than a pedophile!!

    He should have a flyer {post card} sent to ALL of his neighbors in a 5 mile radius.

    His name and picture should be posted on line as well as seen on TV.!

    WE don’t want these kind of people around our children, WE also don’t want them around our animals! We have some very sick people in this world!!!

  8. I’m so sick and tired of these bloody judges who are out of touch with reality-whether it be animal abuse or something else. People like Seese are sickos, they will never care they have done wrong and will just do it again. Would you make the same decision if they did something to one of your pets? You as a judge are just as bad as you are basically allowing it to happen again.

  9. this joseph kameen, he needs to be made to give up his job, he sounds like a right twxt, what an ignorant evil vile man, nearly as bad as seese, this bloke needs locking up, why be so cruel, how I should say can any human being be so bloody evil what a coward, he needs to be jailed, or bound up and just left to die real slow, and the judge well, he is giving these people the right to do what they do, grow a pair for pities sake.

  10. espero q podamos yegar ala meta de firmas para q no sigan abuzando con los animales es indignante q los maltraten desde mi pais EL SAVADOR C.A

  11. What kind of a lame Judge does that? What did the Judge cave in due to ‘peer pressure’ or does he just not have a heart? This is injustice. I don’t know why tax money is being spent to enable further abuse and idiocy.

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