Pledge to Save the Monarch Butterfly

Monarch Butterfly

Target: General public

Goal: Plant flowers and milkweed for monarch butterflies

In 2013, the migration of monarch butterflies in North America hit an all time low. Monarch butterflies from this region migrate from Mexico to Canada, but their colonies are dwindling fast because of deforestation, climate change, and a lack of food sources. However, you can do your part to help save these insects by planting flowers and milkweed in your yard.

Butterflies spend the winter hibernating in Mexico’s forests before they migrate to the north. This trip takes the butterflies five months, after which they stop to feed and lay eggs. However, last year showed a 44 percent drop in the number of butterflies hibernating in the forests of Mexico. In 2012, monarch butterflies occupied 2.76 acres of forest, but in 2013, those numbers dropped to 1.65 acres. This decline has been seen in the past three years and doesn’t show signs of letting up. As a species the monarch butterfly is not in danger, but the migration is. Loss of the monarch butterfly in North America will have dire consequences, as many of our plants and crops rely on them for pollination.

The monarch butterfly is not thriving due to many reasons, but fixing these problems will take a significant amount of time. Replacing a forest and fixing our climate will take several years to complete, but there is one problem that can be solved readily. You can help alleviate the butterflies’ plight by planting flowers and milkweed in your yard. The larvae of monarch butterflies only eat milkweed, and as adults they drink nectar and juices from other fruit. But with farmers eliminating milkweed from their land and planting only one or two crops, much of the country has become a barren wasteland for monarchs.

By signing this petition, you pledge to plant flowers and milkweed for the monarch butterfly migration. If you live in the Midwest, this will be especially helpful, as butterflies frequently fly through this area during their migration. For those who cannot grow plants, you can buy a butterfly feeder. Please do your part in helping our ecosystems survive and thrive.


Dear general public,

By signing this petition I am pledging to plant flowers and milkweed during the next planting season in an effort to save the monarch butterfly. While the species as a whole is not endangered, their migration from Mexico to Canada is. The loss of these butterflies would be catastrophic to our ecosystem. We need them to help pollinate our plants and crops, as do other animals.

The decline of monarch butterflies is affected by various factors, including climate change, deforestation, heavy rains, pesticides, and loss of food. While many of these problems take years to be fixed, I can help alleviate this problem within a year by planting flowers and milkweed. I encourage you to do the same, as this planet is not ours, it belongs to our insects, our birds, our fish – every living form depends on this planet. We humans have done so much harm to our home, it is time we did something to try and fix it.


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Photo credit: docentjoyce via Wikimedia

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  1. Christine Stewart says:

    We can all help butterflies and bees by not using pesticides or herbicides on your lawn and garden. If we would all tolerate a few weeds in the lawn, and a few bug bites on the roses, our endangered insect friends would have a better chance!

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