We Don’t Want Bovine Growth Hormone in our Milk

Target: Food and Drug Administration

Goal: Ban the use of bovine growth hormone on dairy cows to protect our milk supply.

Today, rBGH-filled milk is an American staple that faces a lot of controversy and concern. rBGH, or recombinant bovine growth hormone, is a genetically engineered artificial hormone that is injected into the majority of America’s dairy cows to increase milk production. Though many Americans are concerned about the safety of rBGH in animals and humans, the hormone continues to be used in wide-scale dairy operations.

Currently, the United States is the only developed nation that continues to permit the use of rBGH in milk production. By the year 2000, rBGH had been banned from most other developed countries. Though the FDA continues to claim that rBGH is safe for both animals and humans, many fear that the effects of rBGH were never scrutinized under proper scientific study. The FDA only quoted one study conducted by Monsanto, the maker of the artificial hormone. The study (which could have been subject to bias and improper setup) was never published for the public to see. Contrary evidence suggested links to serious health problems in cows, and increased risk of cancer in humans.

In the 1990’s, nonprofit farm groups conducted studies and surveys that showed that cows who were injected with rBGH and forced to produce unnaturally high quantities of milk were susceptible to disease and malnourishment. Such cows had to be treated with large amounts of antibiotics. Consequently, the milk produced had to undergo heavy pasteurization in order to remove high levels of contaminants such as bacteria, antibiotics and hormones.

With such information in circulation, Monsanto went on the offensive in its agenda to suppress public knowledge of rBGH’s health risks. It sent out lobbyists and sued companies left and right, trying to clear rBGH’s name. It forced dairy companies to add the following label to their milk cartons: “FDA States: No significant difference in milk from cows treated with artificial growth hormone.” Studies continued to show results to the contrary.

We certainly do not want such contaminated milk to be the milk we drink on a daily basis. If other countries can place bans on questionable hormones, how can the FDA continue to allow Americans be the guinea pigs for a highly political corporation? Lobbyists should not control the health of millions of Americans. We should simply be able to drink a glass of milk without having to worry about antibiotics, hormones, bacteria and the possibility of cancer.


Dear Food and Drug Administration,

rBGH is an artificial growth hormone that carries a lot of political weight. Today, most of the milk produced in the United States is filled with rBGH, while the rest of the developed countries in the world have banned its use. Though your administration has stated that rBGH is safe in both humans and animals, the study in reference was conducted by Monsanto, the maker of the hormone. Furthermore, the study was unclear in its procedure, and never published for public scrutiny.

Monsanto should not be allowed to run your administration with its political lobbyists and agenda for profit. It is scientifically known that rBGH is detrimental toward the health of dairy cows. Because rBGH makes them susceptible to disease and malnourishment, they are pumped with antibiotics, and the resulting milk produced from diseased, antibiotic and hormone-injected cows cannot possibly be good to drink. Americans deserve to drink a glass of milk without having to worry about the health consequences it may have on their bodies. Ban the use of rBGH on dairy cows today.


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  1. While rBGH milk is legal in the United States it is 90% banned in Canada, Japan, the European Union, Australia and New Zealand. In the EU, both meat and dairy products from the US are banned from import.

  2. I will only buy milk at Aldi. They have statement on the container that their mile is hormone free.

  3. Ella Baker says:

    In 1995, rBGH, or rBST, milk was approved in the U.S. by the FDA, and its use began in 1994. The product is now sold in all 50 states. Monsanto sued Oakhurst Dairy of Maine over their use of a label which pledged to not use artificial growth hormones. You can take action by staying informed and spreading the word at http://geneticallyengineeredfoodnews.com

  4. roxanne nelson says:

    I was going to sign this petition, as I have been following the saga of bovine growth hormone for a number of years. But the petition is incorrect, and it should at least reflect the facts if it wants anyone to take it seriously. rBST was originally developed by Monsanto, but as the controversy continued to heat up, and the product was repeatedly banned all over the world, they sold it to Eli Lilly, the drug company. So Monsanto got out of it, and now Eli Lilly makes it.

    I don’t drink milk at all, or use dairy products in general, but the stuff should be banned. But please, get the facts straight on this. Monsanto is evil, but they are no longer involved with rBST. It is now in Eli Lilly’s lap.

  5. I would say that you can take Vitamin D and celery instead of drinking that bad milk,

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