Stop Clear-Cutting Old Growth Forest

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Target: Mr. Jerome E. Perez, Oregon Bureau of Land Management

Goal: Prevent the clearcutting of native old-growth trees in Western Oregon

The Oregon Bureau of Land Management plans to clear-cut native trees, some of which are over 150 years old, in Western Oregon in the White Castle forest. If this and other projects like it are allowed to proceed, over a million acres of Oregon forest could be open for clearcutting. Demand the Oregon Bureau of Land Management reconsider their plans and protect Oregon forests.

The White Castle site is a native stand of forest; it has never been logged, but this new land management plan pretends to be testing forest restoration through a system called variable retention harvesting, which leaves trees on the edges of the clear-cut and a few clumps of trees throughout. Since this part of the Oregon forest has never been logged, the idea that opening it for logging will somehow restore it to a nature habitat is laughable.

This type of logging activity degrades the soil and increases the potential for landslides. In addition, this section of forest is within the habitat range of the Northern Spotted Owl, a threatened species that is dependent on the characteristics of old-growth forests. The overall population of the Northern Spotted Owl is in decline as critical habitat continues to be destroyed for timber profits.

Demand that the Oregon Bureau of Land Management stops this misguided plan to destroy old-growth forest in Oregon.


Dear Mr. Perez,

The Oregon Bureau of Land Management plans to open a section of native old-growth forest in Western Oregon for logging. The plan pretends to be a scientific experiment to see how variable retention harvesting can restore forests. The White Castle site has never been logged, is native forest with centuries-old trees, and is an important habitat for the Northern Spotted Owl. The idea that logging this native forest will somehow restore or rejuvenate the site is laughable.

Old-growth trees are vital to the overall health of Oregon forests. They help with soil conservation, prevent mudslides, and serve as critical habitat to many species. This plan to essentially clear-cut the White Castle site is misguided and a thinly veiled attempt to use the excuse of scientific experimentation to send money to the timber industry at the expense of Oregon forests and wildlife.

Mr. Perez, rethink this misguided plan and protect this rare strand of native forest in Oregon.


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Photo Credit: Francis Eatherington via Flickr

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  1. As a UK national I am ashamed to say that the British Government is approving large scale wood burning in some of it’s power stations. The amount of wood Britain will require is measured in the millions of tonnes per year!
    I’m so sorry.

    • Ruth griffiths says:

      I agree Voisey, I follow the campaign about Drax etc.This idiot govt is determined to roll it out!! I despair I really do at how thick politicians are, the most anti environment gov ever! shame on THEM!

    • I read that the UK consumption would be reclaimed and salvaged wood not new felled timber. I can only hope I am right, and they are being honest, otherwise it is just a further abuse of the wild.

  2. This archane practice of clearcutting natural biologically diverse forests to tree farms is effecting climate change and wildlife’s ability to adapt to it as their homes are destroyed. And making timber companies very very rich, ie Sierra Pacific Industries!

  3. We are all living on Easter Island. Once we burn all the wood we won’t have any left to build boats, so we’ll be stuck and simply die off.
    The planet will no doubt express a huge sigh of relief.

  4. vikram padia says:

    we must protect oregaon forests.

  5. Robert Pound says:

    The BLM owns TONS of GORGEOUS lands around the west and unfortunatly has been staffed with shills for the timber, mining, and cattle industries for DECADES!! Reform by conservationists is sorely overdue and WHY this Democratic President has not insured this change eludes me, except he is really a corporatist Dem!

  6. 200 years to grow, just 2 minutes to destroy.

  7. michel pluot says:


  8. To say this is scientific is as ludicrous as the Japanese scientific whaling in Antarctica. It’s a fact that old growth forest is absolutely vital to preventing climate change. I thought America was better than this but you seem to be run by shortsighted mining, hunting and ranching/farming interests. These areas must be protected and retained for their global value and as vital habitat. This is as bad as Indonesia and what is happening in the Amazon. There is a moral obligation to protect these priceless areas. I am so sick of this sort of BS!

  9. Using Google Earth, look at what they have done already. This weekend in Anderson California is the annual logging conference Its bad enough they destroy California’s forests, they plagerize women and the Lorez in their PR campaigns.

  10. Clearcutting means tree farms. Ten things you can do.
    1. Educate yourself about the destruction at
    like and participate in facebook page, StopClearcuttingCA
    2. Sign the Sierra Club Campaign to Stop Clearcutting petition to Gov. Brown to stop clearcutting.
    3. Tell other people about this rapid loss of forests and the services they provide humans and the planet, including sequestering carbon and giving off oxygen!
    4. Let your state representatives know you are not happy with tree farms replacing California’s natural biologically diverse forests; as they have done on the east coast of USA. On the East Coast of USA it rains all year round. By definition, over six months out of the year California is a desert, having less than 2 inches of rain. Tree farmers are tell us these little single species trees they plant are as big a buffer against climate change as a maturing forest. That’s like killing off all of us elders. Not a good idea!

  11. Michael Guest says:

    Stop destroying the forests.

  12. Clear cutting is barbaric, raping the earth of historical way to learn, about how the environment has changed through the tree(s)life time, contributes to global warming, with the trees gone, they are no longer acting to filter our air, from the pollution caused by industry. Big money gets greedier, plain & simple.

  13. To sustain the world, an optimum acreage of forests needs to be conserved. A portion of a country’s old and ancient forests should be preserved for education and research purposes as well as to act as a gene bank to ensure sustainability of important and undiscovered potentials of the biodiversity that remains within the forests.

  14. Clear-cutting is not only a ridiculous waste of natural resources, it actually depletes our atmosphere of the very thing we need the most right now….oxygen! Gotta have it to keep us all breathing. Handy, right?…that breathing stuff. A bit better than money indeed.

  15. lizzy jacobs says:

    After a few years there will be no more nature and wildlife and the

    destroyers can live between stones and cement.

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