Convict Men Who Brutally Gang Raped Woman

Indian Village

Target: Director of Police, Prabhu Rajasekhar Reddy

Goal: Convict the 13 men ordered to gang rape a woman who fell in love with a Muslim man

In West Bengal, India, a 20 year old adivasi woman was raped by 13 men for falling in love with a Muslim man. The crime happened  in a rural part of West Bengal, under orders of the village’s unelected male village council who wanted to punish the woman. Human rights groups are pressing authorities to investigate the matter, and bring these men to justice. The authorities also need to ensure that the woman and her family will also receive protection from the village and the men who raped her. The woman has since been hospitalized and the men have been arrested, but no charges have been made. 

The council of men, called khap panchayat, have been known to issue decrees that violate human rights and allow sexual violence against women. Some of this violence has turned into ‘honor killings,’ where the victim is killed by a family member or a member of their village because the victim has brought shame to the family. Their orders are illegal, but nonetheless they are executed. Lawmakers and activists are desperately urging the government to crack down on such treatment of women.

Crimes against women in India have taken the spotlight since December 2012, when a woman was gang raped and beaten. She later died at a hospital, sparking outrage all over the country. Since this incident, news outlets have been reporting on violence against women with a vengeance, and a movement is slowly taking shape to fight for women’s rights in India. Lawmakers are now fighting for ways to protect women, and interrogate those who have been raped so they may prosecute the perpetrator.


Dear Prabhu Rajasekhar Reddy,

I am writing this letter in regard to the 20 year old women who was raped in West Bengal, India. As I understand it, this woman fell in love with a Muslim man and her village felt that they had a right to punish her. Punish her they did, by having 13 men gang rape her. Quite frankly, I am appalled that so many men believe it is acceptable to treat another human being this way. The village shouldn’t have a right to interfere with whomever this woman chooses to be with. Instead of supporting her, this woman is no doubt scarred for life and has to receive medical treatment.

I ask that your police thoroughly investigate this matter and charge the men for their crimes. It is never acceptable to violate a person this way and I hope they are punished for harming this woman and her family.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Deeptrivia via Wikimedia

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  1. jeanette buchanan-fossum says:

    the same violent act should be done to all those guys, starting with the council,

  2. Lynn Juozilaitis says:

    This is so horrific I almost can’t believe it! The “men” that decreed this and the “men” that raped this poor young woman need to be put in jail for life! Please continue to protect her and her family! My prayers go out to this young woman and her family. God bless them!

  3. Sherry Hawkins says:

    I have no doubt that you would be of the same mentality of the middle eastern culture that would burn or pour acid on a woman to disfigure her for life and make an example to all women who would dare look cross ways at another man… are a barbaric culture if you believe this is an appropriate way to punish and torture anyone you feel if it is not catering to your primitive and ignorant culture……if this woman were in my country (U.S.) you would be lucky if her family did not seek out vigilante justice and castrate your inbred idiots in the city square and leave them to bleed out and have the wild animals devour their rotting carcasses!!! May Alah, God, or Jahovah have mercy on your soul because no one in my country would …… and you would be lucky to live long enough to tell the horrid tale of your evil acts…..!!!!

  4. benson gitonga benson gitonga says:

    too inhuman!!



    MONSTERS should not have the right to live together with normal humans.

  6. Sheila Jefferson says:

    Evil scum! Max penalty!

  7. What despicable brutal bullying of a young women by a gang of men.

    They are probably proud of themselves after getting their jollies by abusing this poor girl.

    They should all be castrated.

  8. Those 13 mens are out there in India, living in a community among neighbourhood of womens and children. Not only cities but even villages are not safe for women and children. The confidence of those men might have been raised thinking, they can rape anyone and get away with it easily in the name of justice toward religion. You need to be careful while travelling in India. A rapist might be sitting next to you quietly. All Indian womens and children should carry guns, it is the only way to save themselves.

  9. laurel mancini says:

    There is a strange, sick mindset that punishes a woman for her love by raping her. The men must inhabit a repressive society for such action to take place. As a woman, I read these articles, and I want to howl like a wolf. Then I want to become a wolf, and tear out their throats.

  10. Martin Nikolov says:

    A good rapist is a dead rapist. Death sentence must be applied to all rapists!

  11. Irena Franchi says:

    Convict Men Who Brutally Gang Raped Woman.

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