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Target: United States Department of Agriculture, Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack

Goal: Protect pigs from deadly outbreak by eliminating inhumane and dangerous factory farms

The United States has been experiencing a horrible pig epidemic that is killing pigs across the country. The media would like to blame this deadly virus on weather conditions, but the cruel practice of factory farming is really to blame. The pork industry forces pigs to live in insanely close conditions, making it impossible to prevent the spread of disease. We need to eliminate factory farms once and for all.

This fatal pig disease has now affected 22 states across the United States. Thousands of pigs have contracted the Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea virus (PEDv), which leads to vomiting, diarrhea, dehydration and death. According to Fox News, “Frigid temperatures across a large swath of the United States this week followed by warmer conditions could aid the spread of [the] fatal pig disease.” While the weather may not be helping the situation, if pigs were kept in suitable living conditions, the outbreak would be much easier to contain.

According to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), “Impeccably clean by nature, pigs on factory farms are forced to live amid their own feces and vomit—and sometimes even amid the corpses of other pigs. Extreme crowding, poor ventilation, and filth cause rampant disease.” PEDv is spread through feces making it incredibly difficult to stop other pigs from being infected, seeing as how “many pigs on factory farms are forced to live on slatted floors above giant manure pits.”

The media’s coverage of this deadly outbreak is limited to one angle, the fact that bacon prices may be on the rise. We need to take this opportunity to change the story and force the despicable topic of factory farming into the headlines.

By signing the petition below, you will encourage Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack to eliminate the cruel and hazardous practice of factory farming.


Dear Tom Vilsack,

I was shocked to learn that there is a deadly pig virus affecting animals in 22 states across the U.S. The media is portraying the outbreak as being caused by weather, but factory farming is more likely to blame.

According to PETA, “Pigs on factory farms are forced to live amid their own feces and vomit—and sometimes even amid the corpses of other pigs. Extreme crowding, poor ventilation, and filth cause rampant disease.” The deadly virus that is currently killing pigs is spread through feces, making it very difficult to eliminate in current factory farming conditions.

Thousands of pigs have been affected by this outbreak, which could impact the health of countless Americans. Please take this opportunity to eliminate the factory farming of pigs once and for all.


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Photo Credit: Maqi via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. I prefer boycotting pork,–so I can speak out for pigs. Going vegan is the powerful way to stop factory-farms for good. I’ve already boycotted pork. I will avoid pork products at all costs. I felt bad for these creatures.
    Pigs are intellegent creatures, and their social animals. It’s not cool to abuse pigs on the farm.

    • Mare Reasons says:

      I do not eat any meat due to the cruelty, Aaron are you single?

      • Yes, I am single. I’m trying to stay away from pork. Although; I was a vegetarian when I was a little boy; I couldn’t eat any meat,–except for fish. I was eating veggies as nothing more than a vegetarian child.
        During that time, I ate lots of veggies.
        Eating pork is not right for me anymore. There’s an untold story of pork products pulled from market shelves, and household freezers everyday. If I want to make pizza at home, I’ll go for a vegetarian-style pizza. I can also add vegetable-based spices on a regular cheese pizza,–along with other vegetables, so I can replace pepperoni. Pepperoni is made of pork, there’s no vegetarian versions of pepperoni at this time.
        I was wishing to stay away from pork for now.I’m still working on boycotting pork; as soon as I make it to stay away from pork, I’ll definitly save these poor pigs on this factory-farm.


  2. Bottom Line – Eating meat is animal abuse no matter how you try to justify the unjustifiable. It is totally unnecessary to have intensive factory farmed animal operations. Abolish the exploitation of animals NOW.

  3. Don’t forget to boycott dairy products too. Cows must birth a baby to make milk.

    She makes the milk for her calf, but humans treat her like a machine and kill her baby EVERY YEAR. Millions of dairy cows = millions of killed CALVES EVERY YEAR.

    Cheese is made from this milk and has rennet and enzyme from the baby calf’s stomach in it.

    All those millions of cheese pizzas, all made from enslaved cows, as is yogurt, whipped cream, sour cream, butter, etc.

    Some vegans use cashews to make a vegan sour cream. I’ve made vegan, bread, rolls, pancakes and waffles, just as good if not more tasty than non vegan ones. A trick for fluffy waffles, use 1 cup of PLANT milk (coconut, flax, etc), then add 2-3 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to the “milk”. This is mixing acid with a base, causing a chemical reaction known as curdling, which creates loft in the waffles. You could also try vinegar and orange juice in the milk.

    One cannot taste the vinigar after the waffles are done. Don’t spray too much oil on the waffle iron.

    Simple vegan bread:

    1 1/4th cup of 110 degree milk
    1 pkg yeast 2 tsp salt 2 tbs sugar
    3 cups of flour (wheat/white/rye/whatever combo you want.

    you can add whatever “specials” you like, sunflower seeds, caraway seeds, etc.

    you can even grind sunflower seeds into a flour and use it to boost protein levels.

    This can be adapted to make dinner rolls, cinnimon rolls, croutons, use for vegan french toast, etc.

    • Thank you so much!!!Great advise…wish people STOP using the animals as if are our food.It’s wrong,bad for our health,the environment and even the planet.XXX

  4. clarification:

    “1 1/4th cup of 110 degree PLANT milk”

    oven at 350 degrees

  5. Pigs have been used for meat so long that people dont treat them as a living feeling Animal. BUt they are Living feeling , kind Animals and we should treat them like we would ourselves. Please find a Kind way to have them treated …If your job has put you in a position to where you can give them HUMane Treatment Please exercise YOUR RIGHT and help us all .. Please

  6. Any human can look and see it’s wrong and cruel but yet no laws are in place to stop this insane way of living

  7. anita willemse says:

    It makes me feel humans are not more than the devil on earth. I am so ashamed I am human .the specie that thinks they posses nature and animals and are allowed to kill ,destroy and torture everything on earth. Poor poor animals I hope the and of the earth will come very soon so there will be an end to all abuse and massacres towards animals . I really hate mankind !!

  8. Just because its wrong

  9. karen Isaacs says:

    This is horrifying….please I hope to get more signatures on petitions and stop this!!!!

  10. As I read some of the comments here on this subject, I am so relieved to find that many other persons, think alot like I do, on the issue of this Ungodly, evil, criminal, brutal action of industrial way of treating innocent and defenseless farm animals in factory farming —-this way is not traditional, it is a much newer way developed by a few and not supported by our meople in general, IT HAS TO END, it is killing horribly so many farm animals and if it takes the demise of all of us humans, SO BE IT, IT MUST BE STOPPED NOW —IN ANY WAYS WE CAN, PLEASE, GOD, HELP US.

  11. Para que as leis funcionem a favor dos animais.

  12. Leigh Skillington says:

    There are millions that feel the same way: FACTORY FARMING MUST STOP NOW! There will never be a place that animals are raised for food that will be humane so STOP raising animals for food. We do not need to eat ANY ANIMAL-BAD FOR US AND VERY BAD FOR THE ANIMAL. Close down the factory farms NOW. I quit eating pork, beef and chicken once I found out the reality of what these innocent beings go through. I could never support that. Everyday the tide is turning against eating animals. FIND ANOTHER BUSINESS THOSE OF YOU THAT RAISE AND KILL ANIMALS FOR FOOD. YOUR MARKET IS SHRINKING.

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