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Target:  Mindy Patterson, President of the Cavalry Group

Goal: Stop the cruel agenda of anti-animal rights organization The Cavalry Group

The Cavalry Group is an anti-animal rights organization based in St. Louis, Missouri. The group’s goal is to prevent any kind of legislation that protects animals from cruelty and inhumane treatment. It collaborates with the worst sorts of corporations and special interest groups to try and dismantle any kind of initiative that might threaten profits by forcing corporations to comply with basic standards of animal welfare.

The Cavalry Group’s past work includes opposing a law that sought to crack down on puppy mills in Missouri and a referendum in North Dakota which would have made it a felony to intentionally or maliciously harm dogs, cats, and horses. The group’s outrageous championship of cruelty to animals must be addressed. We should condemn The Cavalry Group for its advocacy of animal cruelty.

The horse carriage drivers association in New York City has recently partnered with The Cavalry Group to try and prevent Mayor de Blasio from banning the industry. Animal rights groups have spent years attempting to have the practice ended because of the cruel conditions that horses are forced to endure. Now on the verge of success, animal rights activists must overcome legal action spearheaded by the Cavalry Group.

In order to defend its advocacy of cruel and inhumane treatment of animals, The Cavalry Group uses the ridiculous argument that it is protecting the Constitution. It is building a network of lawyers throughout the United States with the purpose of offering legal defense to those who have abused, or seek to abuse animals. It argues that animals are private property and that the owner has the right to treat the animal any way that they choose. This is a vicious perspective that has no place in our society. We must condemn The Cavalry Group for its agenda of cruelty to animals.


Dear Mindy Patterson, President of the Cavalry Group:

The Cavalry Group is a cruel organization that champions the inhumane treatment of animals. It is an organization that has no place in a civilized society. The viewpoints of The Cavalry group and of the special interest groups which it represents are immoral and out of step with the beliefs of most people.

The existence of an organization such as The Cavalry Group, which opposes even the most basic standards of animal welfare, is unfortunate. I encourage you and your organization to stop your agenda of cruelty to animals.


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Photo credit: Compassion over Killing via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. for pities sake, make their lives worth living for the short time they are on earth. which is not long anyway


  3. Hhahaaha boy y’all are some gullible folks signing things like this. Force change Huuummm forcing someone to do something is usually against the law. The horses in NY are governed by almost 200 pages of rules. I DON’T see that mentioned here. They have an OPEN DOOR policy everyone from anywhere is welcome to visit the horses. If you pick a really cold day allll the horses will be inside the stables and you can meet and examine allll of them. Stop being sheepole blindly following these nutjobs over the cliff. What they are doing over and over is illegal.

    They speak of immoral – that has NOTHING to do with law!! You DON’T GET to enforce morals. It is law enforcement NOT moral enforcement that we call when a crime occurs… Duh!!!

  4. The Cavalry Group does not oppose animal welfare legislation. They try to stop AR laws that will stop all animal ownership. They protect unlawfull search and seizure of animals. They do not want to take away animal welfare laws. They want to protect all of us from the insane animal rights organizations and the extremists. FORCECHANGE??? Gees, people, where is your common sense? Do some research before drinking the kool aid. They want to stop orgs. like PETA from killing thousands of animals. Wake up!

    • The Calvary group is incredibly paranoid. They see every piece of legislation–even those banning puppy mills, as a slippery slope that will not end until it takes way the rights of even the most responsible breeder to raise and show puppies. They can only see black and white, and can’t see gray at all. So, instead of working with dog lovers to craft legislation that will put on end to proven abusive puppy mills, they instead dig in their heels and fight everything. They are threatened by the rescue movement and make up crazy tales to fight any regulation whatsoever of pet production.

      • Because the ARA goal IS to eliminate all pets, livestock, and make any interaction by humans with animals illegal. Not difficult to find this many times repeated goal on ARA propaganda!

  5. The is the stupidest petition ever! Anyone working in the animal field is under attack by animal rights extremist. Did you know that if you buy a cat or dog you are considered a animal abuser? These morons want all breeding stopped, all domesticated animals wiped off this earth, and everyone to be vegan. This goes against our Constitution! Guess what, animals are property, and seeing the results of government intervention, they are usually better off! Look at Tiger Ridge! So far the ODA have killed two exotic animals! Most county ran shelter have abuse involved. I worked at one! I know! Only in cases of abuse and neglect should animals be removed. If the animals were illegally taken, why should the owner have to pay boarding? People have a right to protect their livelyhood and their right to own certain pets. Most animal rights people are loons that do not have any experience with the animals their supposedly advocating for anyway! Not to mention they lack common sense and decency.

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