Demand Justice for 19 Murdered Animals

Target: Mr. Bram Kranichfeld, Executive Director of the State’s Attorneys Office of Vermont

Goal: Demand that charges be brought against the people who caused the deaths of 19 animals through severe neglect

As authorities searched the home of Lois and Louise Young, the bodies of animals that starved to death in their care piled up. The investigation is ongoing but no charges have been filed or arrests made. Demand that Bram Kranichfeld, the Executive Director for the State’s Attorneys Office of Vermont, prosecute this horrible crime to the fullest extent of the law.

Reports of a neglected horse led authorities to the gruesome scene where they found 19 animals dead in the snow from apparent starvation and dehydration. An additional 11 animals were very ill but alive, and are now being cared for at the local Humane Society. Goats, ducks, dogs and horses were being kept under horribly neglected conditions, described as deplorable. One Human Society representative stated that they had never seen anything like this before and hope they never will again. The scene was heartbreaking.

Police are currently investigating the Youngs, who own the home where the animals were found, but so far they have not filed charges or made any arrests in this case. Demand that the State’s Attorneys Office make this case a priority and prosecute these criminals to the fullest extent of the law.


Dear Mr. Kranichfeld,

Animal abuse and neglect is a horrible crime that often goes unreported and unpunished. Animals cannot tell us when the people entrusted with their care break that trust and fail to provide food, water and shelter. It is up to us to ensure the safety of these animals and to make an example of their abusers.

Recently, nearly 20 animals were found dead in the snow from apparent starvation and dehydration at a home in St. Johnsbury owned by Lois and Louise Young. An additional 11 animals were very ill, but survived, and are now being cared for by the local Humane Society. The police have not yet filed any charges in this case or made any arrests.

Mr. Kranichfeld, as the Executive Director of the State’s Attorneys Office, I ask you to make this horrible crime a priority for your office. Give the local Humane Society custody of the surviving animals so they can find them good, loving homes and prosecute the Youngs to the fullest extent of the law.


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  1. Wow, yet ANOTHER animal cruelty case in Vermont. What a surprise that the authorities and organizations that are created to prevent such abuse, are the ones that don’t do anything to change the current, crappy, and vague laws. I am sick of hearing that they are “doing everything we can.” I call BS. If the laws aren’t clear, then they need to make efforts to change them! If they don’t want to make a difference in an animals life, don’t work for the humane society, SPCA, or as a supposed animal cruelty investigator. There is a similar situation in Peru, Vermont, with approximately 20 dogs. The jerk has been breeding dogs,for more than 30 years, chains them in the woods and in various parts of his property, doesn’t provide adequate food, water or shelter, and yet every establishment that claims to want to help, says to be patient while they “handle” things. It’s flipping winter time, often below zero with wind chill, and yet the dogs are still not rescued. I am embarrassed by the way Vermont is handling these cases, as I was born and raised there. FYI, if anyone wants to reply to me about what a great job the above mentioned organizations are doing in Bennington county, don’t bother. But,for those who are as appalled as I am with these cases, I hope you challenge your state representatives and planning commissioners in your county. Make them aware, ask them to provide the local, state and federal laws pertaining to animal cruelty/neglect as well as breeding laws. Ask them how these organizations can claim that they are doing their jobs, or defend the perpetrators saying that they aren’t breaking the laws. Get specifics. Don’t just assume they are genuine when they answer you. They aren’t used to educated people challenging them.

  2. Um, Tina? I live in Vermont, when did this happen? I never heard a word of this.

    • Tina Pollio says:

      This is a current situation, Mary.There is a post on Facebook,on the WCAX-TV news station page, from last Thursday with a bit of the information. If viewing from a mobile app, go to the news page and scroll down, click on “more posts”, then find the post written by someone named Keir from last Thursday. If viewing Facebook from a computer, go to news page and on the right side of page,It should say something like, posts by viewers, or something to that effect. Click “view all” and scroll down to find the post.In addition, there is a Facebook page called Save These Dogs, but it hasn’t been updated in the past week or so, due to the fact that a lot of the information was posted inaccurately by the daughter of the person who reported this situation to authorities. Her mom has asked that she stop posting for now,until the mom can get on the page to clarify the situation to the page followers. FYI, my sister is the one who reported this ongoing situation, so that is how i know the details. My sister adopted one of the emaciated dogs, which had a litter of puppies a week later, on New Year’s eve or day.Find me on Facebook, and I will be happy to share the details with you.

      • Clauette Gilbert says:

        Hello Tina do you have an update on the poor dogs. Why are the dogs left to die
        chained up some where in the woods. In this cold weather, action should be taken right away. This makes me sick.

        • Tina Pollio says:

          The investigating officer said there is a court hearing on February 3rd, but this should have been handled immediately. In addition, the officer should have applied/requested an emergency injunction. I believe 3 puppies were removed. My sister rescued the worst one, who had 10 puppies a week later. They are all in the care of Rutland county humane society, with the mama dog. The other dogs still on the property, are currently being fed and given water every 2-3 days, by the Bennington county humane society. They only started doing that after my sister fed them for 3 weeks. She called them originally, hoping they would remove the dogs from the property, but they claim the man is not breaking laws. I however, would have gone to that particular humane society and ask to see the pictures of these dogs. I will bet good money they don’t have any. I would also ask them to show me the laws for that county. If they want to say this guy isn’t doing anything wrong, they need to back it up with evidence. So many ppl have called them regarding the situation, and believe whatever BS is spoon fed to them. I wish i were in Vermont to help with this. It’s so frustrating being on the other side of the country.

          • Sounds to me like the person at the human society is buddy buddy with these low life scum. Because if they can stand and say that these people weren’t doing anything wrong, considering the animal abuse laws and descriptions, then that looser should not even be working for a human society since they obviously have no humanity in them, what a crock.And I think I would be worried about what kinda care the animals in their charge were getting.

  3. Martha Coan says:

    How evil are some people in this world. They should be eliminated.

  4. Martha Coan says:

    I praise the kind, good people who want change to these horrible crimes. Why do the people doing these things feel they are doing the right thing?

    • Tina Pollio says:

      In my opinion, ignorance and being raised without morals and values instilled,has a lot to do with the way society is today. Add in a lack of accountability,and the outcome is usually not good. The laws need to be more specific, and those in positions on changing them or enforcing them, need to do their jobs.

  5. Martha Coan says:

    How many signatures do you need?

  6. Well I for one would like to see animal abusers executed and put out of their misery so there would be a guarantee that this horror to other living creatures would never happen again.These kind are sick and they will never be cured so why not cure their problem permanently and execute them. These kind are sick evil ghouls that thrive on the cruelty that they give. No living creature should ever be made to suffer like this and the perpetrators need to be dealt with permanently.

  7. Erin Kranichfeld says:

    Hi Jaime,
    I just wanted to let you know that the person you should be contacting is the Caledonia State’s Attorney, Lisa Warren. I am also a huge advocate for animal rights, and if I knew my husband could do something about it, I would certainly be advocating for some action myself. However, he only manages the department and does not actually try cases anymore. Each office is run by their elected State’s Attorney. Good luck with your cause, and I too hope justice is served.

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