Stop Hanging of Stray Dogs

Target: Serbian President Tomislav Nikolić and the Parliamentary Republic

Goal: Stop the shocking execution of stray dogs by punishing the people involved and devise an alternative way to save the dogs

Serbia is a country located at the crossroads of central and southeast Europe. The country has been taking part in an event called “Spring Cleaning.” During this event, stray dogs are being caught and hung from trees and are left there to die. Children playing in the village were the ones who encountered the gruesome site. One little girl told her mother that she was playing with one of the puppies in the village just a couple of days before the “cleaning” took place. The children reported seeing the dogs hanging upside down from the tree branches with ropes tied around their legs. Although there is an animal cruelty law in Serbia, this horrific act has not stopped.

The main issue is that stray dogs are everywhere in Serbia, a place where people are dealing with hunger and poverty; therefore, they have little compassion for these dogs. There are approximately 15,000 stray dogs in the city of Belgrade, which is an extreme number for a town with a population of 1.3 million people.  Officers who have been busy dealing with other issues in Serbia have now been forced to devise crucial measures to fix this problem.

The lack of any government strategy to neuter or control strays is just exacerbating the problem. Killing the dogs by hanging them upside down by ropes in a tree is crazy and unusual. Please sign this petition so that people who commit these types of animal abuse can be condemned, and these unjust acts can be stopped.


Dear President Tomislav Nikolić and the Parliamentary Republic,

A heinous crime has taken place in your country. Serbian children saw stray dogs hanging from the trees while playing outside in their neighborhoods. Some children even remember playing with the dogs just days before seeing their animal friend hung on a tree to die. I understand that Serbia has its hardships but that does not mean you can commit cruel animal crimes such as this one. Instead of having a “spring cleaning,” there are better ways to solve the problem.

A more ethical route the country could have taken is to neuter and spayed the dogs and find animal welfare groups from other parts of the world to find homes and shelters for them. Serbia needs to reach out to animal rescue groups and shelters and find programs to spay and neuter the animals.

The offenders need to be condemned and there needs to be proper protection of animals implemented by the government. Please don’t condone this animal cruelty and save the innocent dogs.


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Photo Credit: Andrey via Wikimedia Commons

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  2. How about we just hang EVERY animal torturer in the world

  3. We could ask that they educate their people as we’ve had to regarding spaying and neutering. There are Vets across borders, they are the ideal group to being this program to the people.

  4. Marta de Oliveira Silvestre says:

    Desse jeito, NÃO SAIREMOS NUNCA DA ERA DAS CAVERNAS ou será IDADE MÉDIA ? Nosso amado Planeta necessita de MUDANÇAS URGENTES, para melhor e para o BEM de todos !! Porque….. enquanto o SER HUMANO, não desenvolver o seu POTENCIAL AMOROSO em relação a Terra, natureza e animais, NUNCA EVOLUIRÁ !! Até as práticas de maldades e crueldades, tem LIMITES ! Basta, cessem já e imediatamente com estes CRIMES ABSURDOS E DESNECESSÁRIOS, SEM SENTIDO ALGUM. Aonde nós vamos parar ?? Isto atrai DESEQUILÍBRIOS E DESARMONIA AO PLANETA !! Depois, não reclamem dos CATACLISMAS, TUFÕES, TERREMOTOS, FURACÕES, TSUNAMIS, etc….

  5. Janice Phelps says:

    This is not what civilized societies do. YOur country needs stronger animal protection laws and the thugs should be held accountable and punished

  6. gerda felber renggli says:

    Und das alles geschieht in einem sogenannt zivilisierten Europa! Das ist die Hölle auf Erden, verursacht durch menschliche Bestien…. Wo gibt es noch Gerechtigkeit? Weshalb werden solche Massaker zugelassen? ¨
    Dabei sind Tiere so wunderbare Wesen!!! Es stimmt mich dermassen traurig, ich kann es nicht fassen…. genauso wenig, wie all die jetzigen Gräueltaten an Hunden und Katzen in Rumänien… Gerda Felber Renggli, Schweiz

  7. Whoever believed in such an idiotic article should ask yourself about the amount of inteligence you are dealing with 🙂 The author should be ashamed BIG DEAL !

  8. Beside the slopes of stray dogs should hang the criminal Gypsies too. Gipsies hanging rope to rope with dogs would be a nice view.

  9. Sheila Blackwell says:

    I will never understand these sick subhumans that take such pleasure in torturing and killing animals for their pleasure. There is no excuse for these sick SOBs. The world would be a better place without them.

  10. what a fuckin usraeli leftist - liberal biased scum site this is says:

    Animals which attack men should be put to death, stray dogs used to be dangerous. They run around in packs, able to kill even a grown man not even a children.

    They should be shot or blundered in the head, so as to not suffer much thats it

    btw what a fuckin usraeli leftist – liberal biased scum site this is :ĐĐĐĐĐĐĐĐĐĐĐ


    give back usa to indians and Mexico, you motherfucking hípocrites, filthy schwul pigs

  11. Pamela. Chattergoon says:

    Yet another country that needs blown off the face of the earth.bunch of fucks that have no use but to take up oxygen.

  12. Darlene Avery says:

    Who knew people in Serbia could be so vile and cruel. This is beyond sickening. Stop this horrific cruelty and start acting like human beings should–with a sense of morality and compassion.

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