Afieya KippAfieya Kipp (132)
Artist, writer, editor, LGBT activist and punk rock junkie.
Alec PhillipsAlec Phillips (3)
I recently graduated from Clark University with a BA in History and Philosophy. I have a strong passion for nature, poetry, fantasy books, Buddhism, traveling, and music. I live in the hills of Southern California.
Allison RigneyAllison Rigney (8)
I'm a freshman at UMass Amherst, hoping to help make the world a better place.
Alyson GinesAlyson Gines (90)
Alyson holds a Bachelor of Arts in professional writing, with an emphasis in editing and publishing. She has worked as a writer for nonprofits, magazines, higher education departments, and businesses. Her writing philosophy is the idea that every written piece needs to have two things: purpose and passion. She loves sundresses, used books, the sea, traveling, almost any type of food (but especially crêpes), and working to make the world a better place.
Andrea PerezAndrea Perez (7)
I'm a vegan college student trying to do good in the world.
Andrew CarrAndrew Carr (53)
My name is Andy, a native of Poquoson, Virginia, and a political and new media junkie. I hold a BA in Government from Christopher Newport University and an MA in Political Science from Penn State. I am a longtime activist and advocate for civil and political rights, especially minority group, LGBTQ, and prisoners' rights. My research and career interests focus largely on community-level economic development, sustainable urban planning, and public education.
Andrew HeltonAndrew Helton (188)
I currently hold a BA in English Literature, an MA in Writing and Book Publishing, and am an MFA candidate in Creative Writing at the Jack Kerouac School at Naropa University. I currently work as a freelance writer and tutor. When I am not writing you will find me exploring the forests of the Pacific Northwest with my dog.
Andrew ORourkeAndrew ORourke (50)
I am a recent graduate of the University of Pittsburgh with a B.S. in Mathematics-Economics. My main areas of interest are natural resource and health economics. Follow me on twitter: @acorourke and check out some of my other writing at &
Aven FreyAven Frey (49)
Aven is a nonprofit professional with degrees in Cultural Anthropology, Business Administration, and Environmental Policy. She has worked in sustainable agriculture, sustainable development, conservation, and poverty alleviation. Aven lives and writes in Seattle, WA.
Brianna BridgesBrianna Bridges (58)
Currently, I am a graduate student attending Seton Hall University, studying International Relations and Communications. I am particularly passionate about environmental and health issues. My current obsession is the United States' food system and the sociopolitical implications for our nation, as well as its impact on the global community. I received my undergraduate degree in East Asian Studies from Ursinus College, with a focus on Japanese culture and film.
Bryn PitakBryn Pitak (29)
Sustainability and environmental services professional and graduate student with an interest in environmental justice and food security. Loves travel, gardening and adventures outdoors.
Chance YagerChance Yager (25)
I'm a recent graduate of Chico State University and now I'm exploring the "real world". I was born in Fort Bragg California, I grew up in Eugene Oregon and now I live in Sacramento.
Chloe BrezsnyChloe Brezsny (1)
Chloe is a recent graduate of the University of California, Davis where she majored in Linguistics and minored in Spanish and Education. She now resides in the Pacific Northwest with her beloved tuxedo cat Bandit. Apart from writing, Chloe also enjoys reading, art projects and the great outdoors.
Corin CookCorin Cook (110)
Student based in New England with a general passion of knowledge. Life-long reader/writing with a focus on politics, food safety, environment, and human rights, hoping to someday find a way to positively impact the lives of many.
Courtney HeitterCourtney Heitter (167)
Courtney is a twenty something woman who is in love with the environment. She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her fiancé and beloved miniature schnauzer. She is almost finished with a degree in English and is a barista on the side. In her free time she can be found outdoors, thrift finding, exploring, writing to save the world or engrossed in a great book.
Eavie ArntzenEavie Arntzen (43)
Every generation seems to have left a stamp behind, an arrow in the woods pointing us in one direction or another. One of my greatest fears is that the most significant thing my generation will leave behind is apathy. I believe you only become desensitized when you stop thinking you can make things better.
Edward MainwaringEdward Mainwaring (79)
Would like to convince others to get cool with dogs, trees, and the rest of the natural world.
Elizabeth KoonceElizabeth Koonce (6)
I am a college student currently studying biology with a focus in animal behaviorism. I have a passion for conserving wildlife, and live with a menagerie of animals myself.
Emily TeleposkyEmily Teleposky (25)
Trying to leave a world a little better for my time here
Erin KesslerErin Kessler (3)
I'm a junior at Loyola University Chicago and my passions are writing and activism. When I graduate I hope to find a job working for a human rights organization so I'll be able to spread awareness of injustice in the world.
Erin LarsonErin Larson (1)
I have a lot of passion for writing and for political issues. I love being able to get all these issues out on the internet and fight ignorance! Knowledge is the most powerful tool we have.
Erin MayErin May (4)
An advocate of deep thinking and widespread empathy, I believe there is no point in living in this world if you're not actively trying to improve it.
Felix VayssieresFelix Vayssieres (9)
I want to help you make positive change in the world. If there are any causes you want to share or think need more attention feel free to contact me. Twitter: @FelixVayssieres Email:
Genevieve EmersonGenevieve Emerson (34)
I am a junior at Lewis and Clark College. I love cats, swimming, Fleetwood Mac, books, traveling, wild flowers, going to the beach. I do not like mayonnaise or sloths.
Hang Lisa HuynhHang Lisa Huynh (116)
I am a graduate from San Francisco State University and received my degree in Sociology and Labor & Employment Studies. I have a strong passion for human rights, social justice, and consumer safety issues. In my free time, I love to write, draw, and read contemporary fiction.
Indrani SenguptaIndrani Sengupta (3)
I am a writer, an MFA student in poetry, and an ardent advocate of animal rights and gender/racial/LGBTQIA equality.
Jamie HillJamie Hill (18)
I am an emerging activist who is concerned about the environment, animal conservation and animal rights, as well as health and wellness. I am vegan and believe that each person plays a crucial role in affecting change in our world.
Jana LusteJana Luste (53)
From Latvia, currently a college student in the US, who wants to make a difference in the world. I focus my petition writing on human rights, health and education, however I like to educate myself on any current and past world issues. I post my ramblings on Twitter (@SugarSpiceStuds), my favorite quotes and epiphanies on Tumblr and my most personal writing has yet to see the light of day. I have an intense passion for the written language, books and I think grammar is sexy.
Jazmine OsierJazmine Osier (39)
I am 18, tall and in college. I do yoga in the mornings to make life a little easier. I also write poetry/spoken word to alleviate my mind. I'm just trying to make life a little better.
Jeanette BeauregardJeanette Beauregard (1)
Quaker Missionary Etienne de Grellet is quoted as saying, "I shall pass this way but once; any good that I can do or any kindness I can show to any human being; let me do it now. Let me not defer nor neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again." I'm not a Quaker, nor am I convinced we pass this way but once, ... and she missed including animals in the thought ... but I'm diggity on the overall jist.
Jennifer IpJennifer Ip (427)
Jennifer is currently attending community college in the hopes of transferring to a state college to get her degree in Journalism. She is a writer and an artist who survives off of good food and good thoughts. She is a passionate individual who cares more about making a difference in people's lives - big or small - than making it rich.
Jennifer SchwagerJennifer Schwager (188)
A writer that's always unsure what to write about herself. Journalist and film producer, music lover, dreamer. Twitter @jenisthebatman
Justin WilderJustin Wilder (174)
Graduated from American University with a degree in History and a minor in American Literature. My writing typically focuses on international human rights issues.
Katie TejedaKatie Tejeda (2)
A person who desires to positively impact others through the power of awareness and words
Kelsey KlostermanKelsey Klosterman (3)
Kelsey is an undergraduate student studying English, Creative Writing, and Linguistics at Emory University. Her writing has been featured on the Oxford Spokesman. She lives and writes in California.
Kristin HarknessKristin Harkness (87)
Think occasionally of the suffering of which you spare yourself the sight. ~Albert Schweitzer
Laurie FanelliLaurie Fanelli (99)
I am a vegetarian, writer and photographer who loves to spend time with my hubby and our three adopted cats.
Matt BurdaMatt Burda (51)
I am a senior literature student at University of California, Santa Cruz. I enjoy reading, coffee, motorcycles, playing guitar and bass, and all sorts of music.
Matthew FisherMatthew Fisher (53)
I am a young man from England, living in the USA, trying to do good in the world. Humans, animals, and the environment are high on my agenda, as is living a free, happy, sustainable life. I listen to music a lot, and I play it - mostly on the drums, but also the ukulele and whatever else is handy (usually my vocal chords in the shower). I have probably listened all the Alan Watts lectures in existence.
Melissa LampertMelissa Lampert (51)
Melissa is a News Writer/Reporter at KHTS News. She has a B.A. in English from the University of California, Santa Barbara, and has published articles in "The Signal" newspaper and She is also the creator and writer of All Things Animal Rescue LA/SCV. Melissa’s love for animal welfare began in high school when she started volunteering at a cat rescue, and since then she’s worked at an animal hospital, a small no-kill dog rescue and a large no-kill animal shelter.
Melissa MeirMelissa Meir (14)
Melissa is a graduate student in cognitive science studying language and memory. She is also a contributor to a neuroscience blog.
Rachel MacielRachel Maciel (125)
twenty two year old poet/student of life in brooklyn, trying to make it in publishing. i love lowercase letters, irreverence, comedy, music, and the oxford comma.
Ray PittmanRay Pittman (2)
Ray is a college student in the Bay Area who lives with his two dogs, Roxie and Taco. He is interested in gender, the environment, and politics.
Renee GauthierRenee Gauthier (222)
Recent college grad with strong interest in women's rights.
Robyn GreenfieldRobyn Greenfield (41)
Student at the University of Florida majoring in Sustainability Studies. Interested in urban planning, sustainable agriculture, books, and poodles.
Ryan KristoffRyan Kristoff (2)
Is an Activist, a Humanist and an Aspiring Writer. He has been working for Non-Profit groups since he graduated the University of Connecticut in 2012.
Samantha ChingSamantha Ching (113)
Hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area, Samantha studies Comparative Literature, Asian American Studies, and Public Health at UCLA. One day she hopes to dream in Spanish and to see a whale.
Sarah WilhoitSarah Wilhoit (53)
I am an English major at the University of Northern Colorado and I hope to attend graduate school following my graduation. I am married and have two wonderful dogs, a German Shepherd and a Staffordshire Terrier, as well as two cats. I love animals and have a passion for human rights activism.
Serenity ManziesiiSerenity Manziesii (152)
Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Serenity learned the importance of conservation and stewardship at an early age. She expresses her passion for environmental and social justice through her poems, photographs, paintings and activism. In her free time, she can likely be found exploring the many hiking trails in her native Oregon.
Sky FisherSky Fisher (14)
Sky is a graduate of the Pennsylvania Leadership Charter school, a current college unschooler, activist, and traveler.
Stephanie ChalkStephanie Chalk (24)
I hold a B.A. in Psychology from George Mason University and work as ABA Therapist (Applied Behavior Analysis) in the Washington DC metropolitan area. Some of my interests on Force Change include animal welfare and conservation, human rights, and advocacy for individuals with developmental disabilities.
Stephanie MannStephanie Mann (182)
I'm a college student. I want to make the world a better place.
Tara DelaneyTara Delaney (59)
Tara holds a BA degree in History and Women's Studies from SUNY Oswego and an MA in History from UMass Amherst. She resides along Boston's North Shore with her husband and young daughter.
Zoe HamZoe Ham (2)
I am a long time social activist: I have been an animal rights activist since I was 16 and a vegetarian (now pescetarian) for 17 years. My field is nonprofits. I have years of experience with fundraising: community organizing, field direction, face-to-face interaction, and grant-writing/research. I have also worked in politics, with the New York Working Families Party in their successful effort to raise the minimum wage in New York, and the successful election of an African American city councilor in my hometown of Syracuse, NY. I have a Master of Public Administration (MPA) with a certificate in nonprofit management.