Stop Mistreatment and Murder of Baby Cows

Target: Ian Halliday, Managing Director of Dairy Australia

Goal: Stop the murder of one-week-old calves on Australia’s dairy farms

Just like those in the United States, Australian dairy farms keep their cows continually pregnant in an effort to provide a constant supply of milk—milk that was naturally produced to sustain the life of their calves. Sadly, before those calves are even one week old, they are taken from their mothers, classified as “waste products,” and slaughtered.

Equally disturbing, the dairy industry recently lobbied the Australian government to prevent reforms that would make it illegal to withhold liquid food from unwanted calves during the final 30 hours of their lives—time that is typically spent being loaded into a truck and transported to a slaughterhouse.

The Australian dairy industry must be held accountable for this abuse if the treatment of these cows and calves is ever going to improve. The callous, inhumane treatment of these baby calves is simply inexcusable. Educated consumers cannot stand by while these compassionate, gentle creatures are deemed “waste products” and murdered for the dairy industry’s financial gain.

By signing this petition, you are letting Dairy Australia know that this barbaric behavior will not be tolerated by compassionate, educated consumers, and helping to put an end to this saddening abuse.


Dear Mr. Halliday,

The routine animal abuse inherent within the Australian dairy industry is incredibly disturbing, particularly the industry’s practice of separating one-week-old calves from their mothers and then sending them to slaughter. I also find it completely unacceptable that the Australian dairy industry currently allows calves to be denied milk for up to 30 hours prior to their untimely demise.

As I am sure you are aware, this inhumane treatment is not conducive to fostering a positive image of the dairy industry among educated consumers. By showing a complete disregard for the well-being of these gentle, vulnerable creatures, you are betraying the trust of your costumers and encouraging the mistreatment of animals worldwide.

No animal should be labeled a “waste product.” I urge Dairy Australia to abandon the barbaric practices that result in the deaths of calves, the grief of mother cows, and the distress of consumers. Please do whatever possible to pass reforms that help ensure calves are treated with the compassion they deserve.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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  1. It’s not cool to commit animal cruelty. Maybe this dairy farm is corrupted. Dairy-free alternatives are available at local stores. Going vegan is the powerful way to stop cruelty of animals. If you wished you’ll never support the cruel dairy industry, stay away from dairy products.

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