Save Northern Atlantic Shrimp Populations

Target: Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission, Northern Shrimp Section

Goal: Continue ban on northern shrimp fishing and preserve species on the brink of extinction

Shrimp populations in the Northern Atlantic are in serious danger. Ocean temperatures are rising, and phytoplankton the shrimp depend on for food are in decline. Decades of overfishing have taken a serious toll. The Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission, Northern Shrimp Section has declared the shrimp stock completely collapsed. The regulatory commission issued a ban on fishing for the small tailed creatures, and this will help. But is it enough?

Better known as bay, or pink, shrimp, these tiny fish are commonly used in salads, and are shipped frozen around the globe. But because of climate change and overfishing, few of the shrimp now live long enough to reproduce. Northern shrimp populations in other parts of the world are also declining, and the commission has suggested that famous Maine lobsters may be next. The ocean as a whole is struggling to maintain balance.

Because of the seriousness of the situation, the shrimp fishing ban could last as long as a year. Fisheries across the region are understandably feeling the pain, as their livelihoods depend on the shrimp. But annual hauls aren’t all that’s at stake here. The future of the species is in question. Urge the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission to continue the moratorium as long as it takes for the species to fully recover.


Dear Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission, Northern Shrimp Section,

Thank you for enforcing a moratorium on northern shrimp fishing. Shrimp populations are more threatened than in recent history, with stocks completely collapsed. The combination of warming seas and declines in phytoplankton have devastated the species across their range. To protect the stock with this moratorium was the only option.

I understand that this fishing ban also causes hardship for those dependent on the shrimp for their livelihood. The Northern Atlantic coast is famed for its seafood, and many fishing families are already struggling to weather the Recession.

But  the year’s catch isn’t all that’s at stake, here. Without intervention we could legitimately see the end of the northern shrimp. Please, keep the long-term sustainability of fish populations as your primary concern. Continue the moratorium for as long as is necessary for shrimp populations to fully recover.


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Photo credit: US NOAA via Wikimedia

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