Support the Transition to Electric Cars

Target: Anthony Foxx, Secretary of the United States Department of Transportation

Goal: Encourage the U.S. government to support legislation that helps citizens transition to electric cars

Although electric cars are still few and far between these days, it is slowly getting easier and more affordable to own and operate one. The PlugShare app lets electric car owners map electric vehicle charging stations, which are becoming more prominent nationwide. To reduce gas emissions, the industry leader, Tesla Motors, should be allowed to sell and market electric cars in all fifty states. Encourage the U.S. Department of Transportation to pass legislation that makes electric car ownership a cost-effective and environmentally-sustainable transit option.

A Tesla Motors supporter recently started a White House petition drive and gained over 100,000 signatures in support of making electric cars available to consumers. This petition was created in response to several states preventing the car company from marketing electric cars in its own stores.

Both hybrid and plug-in electric vehicles have proven to increase energy security, lower fuel costs, improve fuel economy, and reduce emissions. If the U.S. keeps its energy budget here, more jobs will be kept here as well. Sign the below petition to urge the U.S. Department of Transportation and Congress to support legislation that makes electric cars a practical reality.


Dear Secretary Foxx,

Although critics have pointed out flaws in electric car systems, these environmentally-sustainable vehicles hold a lot of promise for the future. Electric cars have the potential to make the United States more energy independent and reduce the nation’s greenhouse gas emissions. By passing legislation that supports the manufacturing, sale, and maintenance of electric cars, you can also help citizens save money on fuel costs and reduce their carbon footprints.

I am urging you to work with local environmental groups to gain a deeper understanding of electric vehicle technology and find ways to incorporate it into public policy. Electric vehicle companies, like Tesla, should be allowed to operate in all fifty states so that sustainable transportation can become a reality for more people across the country.

Although it is a common misconception that electric car companies will put the automotive industry out of business, it will actually help create jobs right here at home. To show your support for the industry, please encourage state departments and fleet purchasers to lease and buy electric vehicles and provide financial incentives for implementing public charging stations. You must implement clean fuel standards that require a percentage of electricity and alternative fuels for powering vehicles across the country.


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Photo credit: Alan Trotter via Flickr

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  1. We need electric cars to reduce our carbon output.

  2. The people most interested in perpetuating use of fossil fuels are the energy companies that make money off of them–the oil and gas companies, in other words. Hardly unbiased, now are they?

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