Give Refuge to Syrians in Danger

Target: Abdullah Gül, President of Turkey

Goal: Adopt an open border policy for Syrians seeking asylum

In a total of 2 years and almost 4 months, Syria has accumulated 4 million displaced citizens afraid for their lives and 150 million refugees. During this time of violence, turmoil, and confusion, Lebanon is the only country with an open border policy for Syrians trying to escape. Turkey on the other hand has closed its borders and only randomly accepts small numbers of refugees. To avoid leaving millions of Syrians in peril, Turkey must adopt an open border policy for Syrian asylum seekers.

Lebanon’s current refugee population of one million adds an estimated 10% to its population, while Turkey has less than half of that. Since the start of the Syrian civil war the crime rate has rocketed with robberies, kidnappings and sexual assaults increasing. Certain rights groups have even reported that the Syrian army is deliberately targeting children. Despite widespread torture and even an airstrike at a refugee camp outside of its borders, Turkey has continued refusing to let refugees pass.

The war has an estimated death toll of 100,000, most being civilians. Syria is in carnage  and its people need a place to go to stay alive. By signing this petition you are urging Abdullah Gül to adopt an open border policy for Syrian asylum seekers.


Dear Abdullah Gül,

Over 4 million people are in need of asylum from torture and persecution. Currently you do not have an open border policy for Syrians seeking asylum which is leaving them to tragedy. A refugee camp just outside of your borders was recently attacked by an airstrike, but still the border crossing near the camp has remained closed to refugees in danger. To remove refugees from danger it is suggested that Turkey adopt an open border policy for Syrian asylum seekers.

Without your help Syrians seeking asylum could be subjected to torture, kidnapping, rape and even more. According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees your country is currently hosting more than 387,000, while the Lebanese government estimates its Syrian presence to be around 1 million. If your government adopted an open border policy, alongside Lebanon you could greatly reduce the amount of Syrian refugees struggling in their country.

I am urging you to take the step of adopting an open border policy for Syrians seeking asylum. You would be saving millions of lives and could possibly influence your neighbor countries, like Jordan and Iraq, to do the same.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Tech. Sgt. H. H. Deffner via Defenseimagery

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