Criminalize Cruel ‘Crush’ Videos in the Philippines

Target: Embassy of the Philippines

Goal: Criminalize fetish videos of animal cruelty in the Philippines

Currently, there are not many laws in the Philippines to protect animals against abuse. However, an upcoming bill proposal  would criminalize activity involving crush videos, the sadistic fetish films that involve torturing and killing small animals such as puppies, kittens, and rabbits. Animal abuse is neither sexy nor acceptable. Please urge the Embassy of the Philippines to exercise compassion towards these innocent creatures and approve the upcoming animal protection bill.

Crush videos involve participants (who are often scantily clad women in high heels) inflicting excruciating, fatal injuries on small animals such as puppies, kittens, and rabbits. The participant typically stomps the helpless creature until its bowels and internal organs protrude through gaping wounds and the animal dies a horrible and painful death. Sometimes the participant tortures the creature for long periods of time, forcing the point of a heel into the eyes of the animal or cutting off body parts until the animal dies from its injuries. These videos are a new form of sexual fetish gaining popularity in Thailand. A new bill would support legislation to criminalize activity involving these videos, such as the production of, distribution of, or sale of these films. If the bill is approved, violators could pay a decent fine and serve prison time of up to seven years.

It’s time to tell the Philippines that animal torture is never sexy nor acceptable. Please urge the Embassy of the Philippines to criminalize any behavior involving crush videos and approve the upcoming bill proposed to protect these innocent, gentle creatures.


Dear Embassy of the Philippines,

Crush videos have been gaining popularity in the Philippines as a violent and demonic sexual fetish. Crush videos involve the barbaric abuse of small defenseless animals such as puppies, kittens, and rabbits, by participants who stomp the animals to death or torture them for long periods of time. Please support the upcoming bill proposal that would procect these innocent creatures from the horrific abuse that some people find sexy.

Crush videos typically involve participants slowly murdering small, fuzzy animals. Participants sometimes stomp the creatures until their bowels and internal organs protrude from the body and the animal dies. Sometimes the animal is subjected to heinous torture such as being set on fire while still alive, having limbs and body parts viciously cut off, or skinning the animal alive.  No matter the form of torture, this activity is both barbaric and entirely inhumane.

Please support the bill that would criminalize the production, distribution, and sales of these horrific animal deaths. Make animal abusers suffer the consequences of a decent fine and appropriate prison time. Pass the upcoming bill that will protect animals in the Philippines from this heinous, disgusting from of sexual gratification.


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Photo Credit: purplemattfish via Flickr

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  1. Yes I saw this video which went viral .This cruel crushing of a helpless puppy by three filipino girls is the main reason why I joined the care network, thinking that signing the petition would bring these horrible people to justice. But up till now,there are only more of such videos.

    • I agree with you. i feel the same. 2 years this has been coming and going and nothing is being done and we are all signing…. whats hapeening ? poor poor animals. and them sick backward bastards. God bless them animals. men

  2. Patricia Martin says:

    the ones that do this are evil no heart or soul ..they need obolished from the face of the earth.

  3. Miriam Pérez says:

    the cruelty and barbaric way to treat animals in crush videos is from the devil mind, and this must stop already!!

  4. I could shoot each worthless nasty b*tch in the head. The sick garbage does it for money and evidently enjoy it as well. Why don’t they make money the old fashioned way there, being wh@res.


  6. let me guess: when I slap one of the ladies they would defend themself by saying that that is no way to treat a lady. Right???

  7. Just when I think this world can’t get any worse which enables me 2 genuinely believe that we are living in Hell, it does, it gets alot worse. I can’t think of word’s I’d use to describe the human beings who perpetrate such abhorrent cruelty…..

  8. Lesley porton says:

    Boycott anything from the phillipines .they are an evil vicious race and must be stopped from doing these atrocities

  9. Stop this horrific cruelty

  10. Valerie Parks, please contact me asap! This is very important to this petition. TIA

  11. ana Maria simoes says:

    Temos que acabar com estes atos monstruosos punindo severamente quem abandona e maltrata os animais…

  12. Margarethe Holl says:

    Stopt deze onzin en gebruikt die mensen ervoor die daarvoor in staat zijn de kleine onschuldige beestjes te gebruiken.Walgelijk volk,daarna te kijken.

  13. Kelly DeMarcello says:

    I pray for the worst things to happen to these three things . May they all suffer so bad they still feel it when they are dead! No Fkn excuse!!

  14. Rebecca Marsh says:

    God is watching. Whoever gets their jollies watching this is real sick.

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