Criminalize Cruel ‘Crush’ Videos in the Philippines

Target: Embassy of the Philippines

Goal: Criminalize fetish videos of animal cruelty in the Philippines

Currently, there are not many laws in the Philippines to protect animals against abuse. However, an upcoming bill proposal  would criminalize activity involving crush videos, the sadistic fetish films that involve torturing and killing small animals such as puppies, kittens, and rabbits. Animal abuse is neither sexy nor acceptable. Please urge the Embassy of the Philippines to exercise compassion towards these innocent creatures and approve the upcoming animal protection bill.

Crush videos involve participants (who are often scantily clad women in high heels) inflicting excruciating, fatal injuries on small animals such as puppies, kittens, and rabbits. The participant typically stomps the helpless creature until its bowels and internal organs protrude through gaping wounds and the animal dies a horrible and painful death. Sometimes the participant tortures the creature for long periods of time, forcing the point of a heel into the eyes of the animal or cutting off body parts until the animal dies from its injuries. These videos are a new form of sexual fetish gaining popularity in Thailand. A new bill would support legislation to criminalize activity involving these videos, such as the production of, distribution of, or sale of these films. If the bill is approved, violators could pay a decent fine and serve prison time of up to seven years.

It’s time to tell the Philippines that animal torture is never sexy nor acceptable. Please urge the Embassy of the Philippines to criminalize any behavior involving crush videos and approve the upcoming bill proposed to protect these innocent, gentle creatures.


Dear Embassy of the Philippines,

Crush videos have been gaining popularity in the Philippines as a violent and demonic sexual fetish. Crush videos involve the barbaric abuse of small defenseless animals such as puppies, kittens, and rabbits, by participants who stomp the animals to death or torture them for long periods of time. Please support the upcoming bill proposal that would procect these innocent creatures from the horrific abuse that some people find sexy.

Crush videos typically involve participants slowly murdering small, fuzzy animals. Participants sometimes stomp the creatures until their bowels and internal organs protrude from the body and the animal dies. Sometimes the animal is subjected to heinous torture such as being set on fire while still alive, having limbs and body parts viciously cut off, or skinning the animal alive.  No matter the form of torture, this activity is both barbaric and entirely inhumane.

Please support the bill that would criminalize the production, distribution, and sales of these horrific animal deaths. Make animal abusers suffer the consequences of a decent fine and appropriate prison time. Pass the upcoming bill that will protect animals in the Philippines from this heinous, disgusting from of sexual gratification.


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Photo Credit: purplemattfish via Flickr

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  1. Helena Darsana says:

    Oh for Gods sake… get these people out of human society “wherever” they are!!! pathetic sickness to infringe torture on helpless animals, something defiantly wrong with their way of thinking, wouldn’t you say???

  2. I really dont believe this! Im from philippines and why i cant see the video you were all talking about?! There are much worst country doing cruelty with things and why us?!!!!

    • I have seen the Video in question and they are from the phillppines, country like yours and china are disgusting countrys and shame on yous how you treat your animals you should be ashamed of your country and your people !!!!!!!!!!

    • your country is full of animal abusers you eat cats and dogs you are a disgusting race I will boycott your country and spread the word till the day I die about your country, the video I saw of your kind and slowly killing a little defenceless puppy broke my heart it is so sick and savagely EVIL your people are backward savages and do not deserve to be called human beings, yes it goes on in many country’s but its mostly asia it would never ever happen in Britain or Europe we are not monsters like yous….

  3. Murderers very often start out by killing and torturing animals as kids.”

    THIS IS AN ANOMALI,ITS SICK,ITS TORCHER,ITS BARBARIC!!!We cannot have peace among men whose hearts find delight in killing any living creature.”

  4. Betty Kelly says:

    Everyone involved in this horor is involved in Criminal activity called Animal Abuse in Civilized countries.

  5. animal cruelty is already a crime in the Philippines…. rather a petition for harsher conviction implementation should be done

    the PETA has already filed the case against the people in the video.

  6. this cruelty must be stopped.

  7. can someone do an action about this im just too excited to see that three paying to what they did to that poor puppy let them went to philippines and i will kill all of them even it is wrong ..

  8. all those so-called human beings should be convicted to the fullest extend of the law torturing these innocent defenseless animals who are completely harmless and they have no strength to fight against these monsters they done the same way their doing to those animals i honestly believe a good therapist can help these horrible ingrates that’s the only way i can describe these ingrates something needs to done an example needs to be made of these people so these animals can be safe against them and send a message to all of them that this kind of sick behavior isn’t going to tolerated anymore all animals have the right to live in this world in peace and without fear period

  9. They are not human they are bastard I hope they will get burn live

  10. No comment lost for words

  11. Arjun L. Sen says:

    All these oriental countries seem to have a fascination with committing acts of cruelty. Collectively, there seems to be some sort of frightening black hole at the heart of these cultures. Where is this all going ? Filipinos are supposed to be Christians and Muslims. Religion does not seem to be helping them to develop their minds.

  12. jimena frederick says:


  13. Cherie Van Houten says:

    I am already aware of these videos, and thinking about them again is making me wish i was dead. For gods sake please somebody stop this

  14. seriously hope EVERYONE involved is now dead..from the girls to the makers of the video to all those who bought the video,s…by the way if your a meat eater the animals you ate today probably went through the same awful go vegetarian or vegan if you REALLY CARE

  15. malditos mal nacidos, ojala y se pudran por culeros con los animales

  16. It is almost hard to grasp at the level of barbarism in some of these countries. It is well known that Asian cultures are cruel to animals in general and will eat anything that moves.
    My blood boils with disgust and anger towards these inbred swine that have no morals or understanding of human kindness. If I was there I would burn them at the stake myself.
    The beasts that we domain over are a gift from God, of innocence and living, feeling creatures that I truly love.
    God have mercy on us all, and may these idiots of the human race suffer a worse fate.

  17. Jan Heddema says:

    These barbaric practises must be stopped at once. Those people are satans and very dangerous. They must be punished severely and shut up for a long time better forever.

  18. When Evil is identified no mercy must be given or scores more innocents will suffer & die. Destroy Evil.

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