Strengthen Animal Abuse Laws in South Carolina

Target: South Carolina Legislators

Goal: Prevent widespread animal cruelty in South Carolina by passing and enforcing stricter laws

All 4 Paws rescue group, located in Pawleys Island, South Carolina crossed county lines to save a dog at the Hampton County shelter that was going to be euthanized. The dog Mackenzie was left at the shelter by the owner who told the shelter that Mackenzie was bitten by a snake. At the time, the shelter believed that Mackenzie had injuries beyond repair. They even believed that the owner had tried to cut the infection off of Mackenzie’s face with a pocketknife, but failed to report him for animal cruelty.

Berger, who was in charge of Mackenzie’s surgery, discovered that Mackenzie’s case was far worse than they had believed. The poor dog’s jaw was fractured. X-rays revealed bullets spread across Mackenzie’s face. ”Then we realized the unthinkable. The unimaginable. The inhumane act of having her face filled with shotgun pellets,” said Berger. Mackenzie was probably shot, point blank, in her head. Mackenzie’s fighting spirit is what has kept her alive. But other dogs are not so lucky.

The animal abuse laws in South Carolina are not strict enough and are not being enforced if a shelter can let an owner drop off a severely injured dog and get away with it. ”The shelter should have said ‘Sir, it is unacceptable for you to use your own knife to cut your own dog’s face like that.’ It should have been a warning flag. They could have asked him to wait a moment and authorities could have been contacted right at that moment,” said Berger. Shannon Prouty, the founder of All 4 Paws, was also in disbelief when she said ”the fact that he wasn’t arrested made me think ‘why?’ It made me realize this needs to change.”

All 4 Paws is starting a movement called Song of the South to urge council members to make changes regarding animal abuse laws because there are far too many stories like Mackenzie’s, but with deadly endings. All 4 Paws also recently rescued a 3-week-old puppy who someone had badly burned and left under a wheelbarrow, as well as a pit bull who had almost been beaten to death. Sign the petition below to demand that lawmakers prevent such horrific animal cruelty abuses from occurring by passing stricter laws and enforcing them.


Dear South Carolina State Legislature,

Recently, a dog named Mackenzie was left at the Hampton County animal shelter with injuries beyond repair. The owner told the shelter that Mackenzie was bitten by a snake. Looking at Mackenzie’s injuries, the shelter believed that the owner had tried to cut the infection off of the innocent dog’s face with a pocketknife. But the shelter did not report the owner.

All 4 Paws, a rescue group, read about Mackenzie’s story and crossed county lines to rescue Mackenzie. During surgery the vet noticed that Mackenzie’s jaw was also fractured. X-rays revealed that Mackenzie’s face was filled with shotgun pellets. Someone had shot her in the face. Fortunately, Mackenzie will survive and is looking for her forever home.

But this event is not out of the ordinary. Animals are being abused in South Carolina, and there are not enough laws to deter people from continuing to harm these animals. All 4 Paws founder Shannon Prouty said that “Animal Control officers have their hands tied. Sometimes, they can’t do anything even though they know in their hearts it is wrong.” Strengthen animal abuse laws and enforce them to stop horrendous animal abuse that is too common in South Carolina.


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Photo credit: Photos via Flickr

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  1. J Davidson says:

    Hope it comes back around to these evil humans, and then they will understand what they have perpetrated on these hapless, innocent animals.

  2. Olivia Hawkins says:

    Please help stop animal cruelty, hoarding, puppy mills, & promote education for change for spaying/neutering & create a program for breeder licenses. Thank you!

  3. All animals have rights,dog fights,puppy mills are out of controle.Stop the abuse!!

  4. Lacey Hawley says:

    I can not believe ALL the stories I read about animal abuse in SC. Not just physical abuse containing animals being beaten, raised to fight, not fed, routine check ups at a vet including annual shots, breeding only to make money and not care about the well-being of the mother but there’s emotional & yes, mental abuse. Animals require attention just like humans. So many animals are left outside year round on a chain in inhuman conditions or placed in a 10 x 10 kennel that is never cleaned, never let out to run & play, given no attention…just left to die. All of these living conditions for animals is unexceptable. People that choose to treat animals so poorly needs to be prosecuted and somehow flagged that they can never own an animal again. SC has got to see all the abused animals and hold their owners responsible. Do something folks; it’s out of control. Thank God for all the Rescue Groups for their love because SC laws keeps the hands of Animal Control tied.

    • Margaret St.Germain says:

      I agree totally! What can I do alone in Spartanburg? I’ve reported so many cases to our Animal Control, but they can do very little. I need a group of people to help me change laws. Where and how can I find them?

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