Stop Bear Hunting Cruelty in the Northeast

Target: Chellie M. Pingree, U.S. Representative for Maine District 1

Goal: Prevent cruel bear hunting in Maine and protect residents’ right to speak out about these inhumane practices

The state of Maine harbors some of the cruelest methods of hunting bears anywhere in the world. Hunters in the state favor a hunting method known as hounding, where a pack of dogs harasses a bear for miles until the exhausted bear seeks refuge in a tree. The hunters use GPS devices to track the dogs and shoot the bear off of the tree branch it is clinging onto. Dog-bear fights often ensue, resulting in the death of one or more of the animals, which are simply pawns in the hunting game.

Not only are the bears in Maine treated inhumanely, but the hunting dogs as well. Maine animal shelters have reported an increased number of bear hounds being dumped at their doors, after being subjected to improper veterinary care and nutrition. The Humane Society of the United States proposed a legislative act that would stop inhumane and unsporting methods of bear hunting. Since the legislature has failed to act, it is now up to the voters to decide the fate of the bear species.

Sign the below petition to urge the government in Maine to reject voter suppression legislation that would  keep the cruelty of bear hounding and baiting out of the public eye. We must protect our right to freedom of speech while also protecting the bear species from senseless destruction.


Dear Representative Pingree,

Maine has earned a terrible reputation for animal cruelty, especially when it comes to bear hounding and bear baiting. If the people of Maine knew what was happening in the woods behind their backyards, they would be horrified. However, legislation is pending that would silence the environmental groups and perpetuate the cruel practices towards bears and hunting dogs in the state.

There is no reason that bears, most of which pose no threat to humans, should suffer painful and excruciating deaths at the hands of ruthless hunters. Not only are bears being killed for no purpose, but hunting dogs are being mistreated and tossed aside like a piece of equipment.

I am urging you to vote against all legislation that suppresses the voters’ right to publicize information about the inhumane treatment of animals in Maine. As the public becomes more aware about how animals are being treated, the pressure upon hunters to correct their cruel ways will increase. Thank you for protecting the rights of your constituents and the lives of the animal species in your state.


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Photo credit: Cowgirl Jules via Flickr

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  1. Maria Antonia says:


  2. Unless people stop killing innocent animals in the wild, there will be not wild left. Forget What are we leaving our children, but we are bringing our extinction by ourselves. Humans’ biggest problem is not learning by their mistakes, and even if they realize it, seldom they correct their mistakes. It’s never late to correct a mistake, and the right time is “Now”…. seriously. Put an End to it and make friends with wild, it feels REALLY GOOD. Try it.

  3. basta de estoooo por favorrrr!

  4. Excuse me! My father is a hunter! He is an amazing man who just so happens to enjoy hunting! I personally do not. But who are all you to judge EVERYONE?!? You don’t know all hunters so you can’t place them all in the same group! How extremely small minded and plain RUDE. People make me sick. You think you’re better than anyone else? Like you have no flaws right? Some people enjoy hunting. Some don’t. But who the hell are you to MAKE someone stop doing what they enjoy? My father hunts and does so completely legality! If its a legal hunt keep your beliefs to your damn shelf. I don’t like hunting but I don’t insult or judge anyone who does.

    • That, was the most pathetic statement I have ever heard!
      So please, by all means,ask your dad, if he likes hunting humans,too !

    • Isabel Audagnotti says:

      You make me sick and you are the one that’s pathetic. Everything in the Universe has been created by GOD, and nobody has the right to destroy what HE has created. I wonder how would you feel if we put your dad or even yourelf in the wild and start hunting you down. Hunters are like bullys, can’t do anything without the RIFLE! Thought for you, your dad and all the other abusers being animal etc ~ KARMA IS A BITCH!!!!

  5. deborah borrwgo says:

    All the hunters look feminine! Using dogs, bate and traps to kill a bear is not hunting; these bears are given over to these fearful girls! Put a ban on all wildlife killings; it’s a cheap thrill.


    THEY ARE ALL COWARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. You people are idiots mind your own bussiness and let people hunt its the way the world works always has always will

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