Stop Illegal Logging in Russia to Protect Endangered Tigers

Target: Sergey Donskoy E., Minister of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation

Goal: Prevent illegal logging to protect Russian forests and endangered tigers

Loggers in Russia are illegally removing trees in far eastern forests and selling them to furniture and flooring manufacturers in China, Europe, and the United States. Even worse, this illegal deforestation is threatening the lives of endangered Amur tigers that depend upon these forest habitats to survive. Russian law enforcement has been unable to stop this criminal behavior and protect the region’s trees and tigers. Stop illegal logging in Russia’s far eastern forests to preserve the Amur tigers’ habitat.

Russia’s far eastern forests are filled with valuable oak, elm, ash, and linden trees. These trees are in high demand, thanks to overseas companies who will pay top dollar for quality wood. A World Wildlife Fund report revealed that the volume of Mongolian oak trees logged for export was twice the legally-authorized amount for the region’s harvest, meaning that at least half of the oak trees were illegally distributed. Most of these illegal timber shipments end up in nearby China, where wood products are in high demand.

There are only about 450 Amur tigers alive in the wild at this time. Pine nuts and acorns from the devastated tree population served as these tigers’ main source of food. Without these natural resources, the Amur tigers will starve and become extinct. Sign the below petition to encourage the Russia’s environmental agency to prosecute illegal loggers and protect the forests’ natural resources and native species.


Dear Minister Donskoy,

Precious trees continue to be illegally cut down and exported from Russia for sale on the black market. Not only is this practice unlawful and devastating to the environment, but it is also endangering the lives of native animal species at risk of becoming extinct. Most notably, the number of Amur tigers in the world is severely dwindling due to Russia’s illegal logging.

I am urging you to prosecute illegal loggers to the full extent of the law to protect your nation’s plant and animal life. Please work with importing nations on the supply side to ensure that only legal shipments of wood cross international borders. With your oversight, we can ensure that exported wood is properly labeled and traced. You must stop the excessive logging before your forests are devoid of all natural resources and species.


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Photo credit: Benchill via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. These animals badly need and deserve our protection.

  2. Greed prevails with no thought for the animals!!

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