Ban Dogfighting Videos on YouTube

Target: CEO of YouTube, Salar Kamangar

Goal: Ban all pro-dog fighting videos on YouTube

The brutality of dog fighting is a universal fact, yet every person with internet access has the ability to watch the violent sport. The video-hosting website YouTube features thousands of videos relating to dog fighting, many of which are gruesome and disturbing. These videos could be seen by children, or they could be utilized by someone hoping to start practicing dog fighting. By hosting dog fighting videos, YouTube puts both dogs and humans at risk.

Dog fighting is notorious for its barbarism, and there have been many steps made to end it. On YouTube, however, dog fighting enthusiasts post videos of recent fights, and, even more disturbingly, instructional videos on how to be successful in the bloody sport. This only encourages people to take up the sport, and so it puts dogs everywhere at risk. The bloody fight footage is a potential danger for children who might be playing on YouTube, as well.

These bloody and disturbing videos should not be allowed to be published on YouTube because they only promote violence and animal cruelty. They put dogs, children, and people of all ages at risk, and they encourage a barbaric sport that will hopefully soon be obsolete. Demand that YouTube ban all pro-dog fighting videos.


Dear Mr. Kamangar,

YouTube offers millions of videos to billions of people, and while many of these videos provide entertainment and education, some of them promote violent practices. The videos published glorifying dog fighting, and instructing others on how to properly begin dog fighting, need to be taken down and banned.

Such videos promote a violent and barbaric practice that the world is trying to end. If there are no more videos published advocating this sport, there will be that much less information out there for people to learn from. These videos can also be seen by children and teenagers, and the footage is always disturbing. Dog fighting is an obviously brutal activity, and all videos advocating for it must be taken down.


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Photo Credit: =DamelStock via DeviantArt

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  1. ann walsh says:

    what human being is ok watching animals suffering please please stop it now please

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