Shut Down the Adoption and Sale of Pets on Craigslist

Target: Jim Buckmaster, CEO, Craigslist

Goal: End the unregulated sale and adoption of pets on Craigslist by removing the “pets” section.

Craigslist, the popular classified advertisement website, allows people to sell furniture, cars, apartments, and other personal items through online interactions. For animal welfare reasons, Craigslist does not allow the sale of any pets or animals, but the adoption of pets, with a small re-homing fee, is allowed. Although this clause is found on the website’s Terms of Use page, many Craigslist users ignore it and sell litters of puppies and kittens anyway. This causes many problems, as these pets are oftentimes coming out of illegal puppy mills and kitten mills. Unknowingly, those who end up buying these animals from Craigslist are contributing to the inhumane puppy and kitten mill industry.

Another major problem with selling and adopting pets on Craigslist is that the transactions are unregulated. Not only are people unaware of where the animals are coming from, but they are also unaware of where their animals are going. There have been many cases of people adopting free pets for cruel practices. In recent news, a man was found guilty of torturing and killing over twenty-five cats that he “adopted” from Craigslist. It has also been reported that many pets that are adopted from Craigslist are used as bait in dog fighting rings, or sold to research labs for scientific testing. In addition, some people are adopting the puppies, kittens, and small mammals on Craigslist as food for their large snakes and lizards. These buyers may pose as nice pet owners, but it is difficult to verify their authenticity without the background checks, home visits, and pre-screening tests that many animal shelters and rescues enforce.

In many cases, the people selling these animals do not have the pets’ best interests at heart and are only concerned with making a profit. Recently, one poster tried to sell three-day old puppies for $100 each. After further investigation, it was discovered that the mother of the puppies was actually a stolen dog. Without knowing for sure where the animals are coming from or where the animals are going, people posting or adopting pets on Craigslist are taking a huge risk. They may be unknowingly contributing to the cruel puppy mill industry, or accidentally selling their best friend to a life of misery and pain.

For these reasons, the “pets” section on Craigslist should be eliminated entirely. Sign the petition below to urge Craigslist CEO Jim Buckmaster to take a stand against animal cruelty today.


Dear Mr. Buckmaster,

I would like to encourage you to remove the “pets” section from Craigslist in efforts to end the sale and adoption of animals online. Although animals are prohibited from being sold on Craigslist as listed in the website’s Terms of Use, there is no regulation on this matter and litters of pets are being sold at prices ranging from $100 to $1500 in the “pets” section and “for sale” section. The problem with this is that many of these animals are coming from illegal puppy and kitten mills. Craigslist should not contribute to the exploitation of animals for the benefit of puppy mills and kitten mills. People who end up buying these pets off of Craigslist are also contributing to the inhumane commercialized breeding industry. Although the sale of animals is not allowed on Craigslist, it is still happening and people are getting away with it.

Another problem with selling and adopting pets on Craigslist is that adopters and adoptees do not know where their pets are coming from or where their pets are going. There have been many reported instances of people adopting free pets for cruel practices. Some animals are used as live bait for dog fighting rings, and some are sold to research facilities for scientific testing. In addition, some people are adopting kittens, puppies, and small mammals as food for their larger snakes and lizards.

Without strict regulation, those who are posting or adopting pets on Craigslist are taking a huge risk. These people may be unknowingly contributing to the puppy mill industry, or accidentally selling their pets to a life of misery and torture. In efforts to prevent animal cruelty and needless torture, please remove the ‘pets’ section on Craigslist immediately.


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Photo credit: crossfirecw via Flickr

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  1. That’s not true i got a 2yr old of there and he is doing great for free and they still see him from time to time

  2. Pet’s (free or sold) should be the first to be deleted from Craigslist.

    Personals should be the second.

    You want a pet, go to a rescue or shelter.

    You want a date, go to a dating website or the nearest bar.

    Craigslist should be for items that do not require oxygen to survive.

  3. Starr Montgomery says:

    I have been personally affected by a flipper on Craigslist. A woman, who was supposed to take care of my pets temporarily sold them on Craigslist without my permission, and led me to believe they were safe and in good health. Animal flippers should be arrested!

  4. Anne kessler says:

    Craigslist is a dangerous site for animals ..the only thing up should be lost & found . So the 4 percent that had no problem ..good for you were lucky. Yes people need to rehome their pets ..and the weirdos, resellers..flippers .dog fighters will be there too. Their is other options…go thru safe Facebook about just committing to your pet.

  5. Wow lol I understand that some people do this but still this is not any help since my grandma and I breed brittany spaniels we don’t even do that to are dogs there pets but also show dogs

    Also some people don’t give pets for fee you know? We do but it has to be a really close family friend to do that. But mostly we sell are puppies because think about it pets do coast sometimes.

    But ares are not in a mill they all have there own room in the house run around and play with the other dogs heck I even play with them everyday I come home lol

    I just wish Craigs list can let you sell the puppies because it’s more easy and more safe to me then selling them on eBay bevause we don’t like shiping the animals we let people come and meet the puppie but also we try to get to know the people before selling, we don’t do just dogs we also do goats too.

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