Shut Down the Adoption and Sale of Pets on Craigslist

Target: Jim Buckmaster, CEO, Craigslist

Goal: End the unregulated sale and adoption of pets on Craigslist by removing the “pets” section.

Craigslist, the popular classified advertisement website, allows people to sell furniture, cars, apartments, and other personal items through online interactions. For animal welfare reasons, Craigslist does not allow the sale of any pets or animals, but the adoption of pets, with a small re-homing fee, is allowed. Although this clause is found on the website’s Terms of Use page, many Craigslist users ignore it and sell litters of puppies and kittens anyway. This causes many problems, as these pets are oftentimes coming out of illegal puppy mills and kitten mills. Unknowingly, those who end up buying these animals from Craigslist are contributing to the inhumane puppy and kitten mill industry.

Another major problem with selling and adopting pets on Craigslist is that the transactions are unregulated. Not only are people unaware of where the animals are coming from, but they are also unaware of where their animals are going. There have been many cases of people adopting free pets for cruel practices. In recent news, a man was found guilty of torturing and killing over twenty-five cats that he “adopted” from Craigslist. It has also been reported that many pets that are adopted from Craigslist are used as bait in dog fighting rings, or sold to research labs for scientific testing. In addition, some people are adopting the puppies, kittens, and small mammals on Craigslist as food for their large snakes and lizards. These buyers may pose as nice pet owners, but it is difficult to verify their authenticity without the background checks, home visits, and pre-screening tests that many animal shelters and rescues enforce.

In many cases, the people selling these animals do not have the pets’ best interests at heart and are only concerned with making a profit. Recently, one poster tried to sell three-day old puppies for $100 each. After further investigation, it was discovered that the mother of the puppies was actually a stolen dog. Without knowing for sure where the animals are coming from or where the animals are going, people posting or adopting pets on Craigslist are taking a huge risk. They may be unknowingly contributing to the cruel puppy mill industry, or accidentally selling their best friend to a life of misery and pain.

For these reasons, the “pets” section on Craigslist should be eliminated entirely. Sign the petition below to urge Craigslist CEO Jim Buckmaster to take a stand against animal cruelty today.


Dear Mr. Buckmaster,

I would like to encourage you to remove the “pets” section from Craigslist in efforts to end the sale and adoption of animals online. Although animals are prohibited from being sold on Craigslist as listed in the website’s Terms of Use, there is no regulation on this matter and litters of pets are being sold at prices ranging from $100 to $1500 in the “pets” section and “for sale” section. The problem with this is that many of these animals are coming from illegal puppy and kitten mills. Craigslist should not contribute to the exploitation of animals for the benefit of puppy mills and kitten mills. People who end up buying these pets off of Craigslist are also contributing to the inhumane commercialized breeding industry. Although the sale of animals is not allowed on Craigslist, it is still happening and people are getting away with it.

Another problem with selling and adopting pets on Craigslist is that adopters and adoptees do not know where their pets are coming from or where their pets are going. There have been many reported instances of people adopting free pets for cruel practices. Some animals are used as live bait for dog fighting rings, and some are sold to research facilities for scientific testing. In addition, some people are adopting kittens, puppies, and small mammals as food for their larger snakes and lizards.

Without strict regulation, those who are posting or adopting pets on Craigslist are taking a huge risk. These people may be unknowingly contributing to the puppy mill industry, or accidentally selling their pets to a life of misery and torture. In efforts to prevent animal cruelty and needless torture, please remove the ‘pets’ section on Craigslist immediately.


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  1. Although I know this is very true in more cases than we know, but I have three dogs that I have rescued from Craigslist. One was male German Shepard that was abandoned by the owner family that found him listed it on Craigslist, 2nd one was a female white American shepherd+ who was a puppy mill dog about to be put asleep at a pound, 3rd was a male registered chihuahua who a family had that there kids were very abusive to all are in good health and taken to the Vet on a regular basis.
    So all are not bad. There are pictures on my care2 page

  2. I have rescued a dog and kitten from Craigs List, and am thankful they are healthy and happy years later with me. I did sign this petition though. There are many more bad than goods that come from these postings and we should all try to make it a safer place for animals and humans alike.

  3. I adopted a shih tzu from craigslist that was flea infested and had double ear infections. She was 7 months old with no shots. I did not pay the “selling” fee the woman was asking, however I did pay a rehoming fee to get this poor baby out of her hands. I offered her half of what she was asking. She didnt care about this baby at all. Craigslist pet section is full of backyard breeders. It makes me sick. Some people claim they are rescues that breed!!! Really? Craigslist is helping these low lifes make money under the table while the animals suffer. I have seen numbers for multiple breeds of pups, private house, same phone number. I suggest complaining to the attorney general in your area and writing a letter. Craigslist pets is one big, disgusting per shop, with no health guarantees.

    • Can I ask if you are the person who has flagged the free kitten ad from craigslist. the posting was for thonotosassa florida. please respond.

    • Nancy Raymond says:

      These so called ‘breeders and puppy mills’ (same thing) are responsible for the overwhelming amount of animals being dumped in shelters. These animals are overbred, then dumped when they can no longer produce – what happens to the animals that don’t sell? They end up being killed in shelters and/or dumped on the street to fend for themselves. When they are listed for ‘free’ they are taken by dogfighters for bait animals – the whole concept of Craigslist having a pet section needs to be eliminated – it is a danger to all animals.

  4. Angie Medina says:

    I used to love shopping the free ads for garden supplies, etc but now I can’t even stand to look. I feel so sorry for the animals that are being given away bc of owner irresponsibility. I’m sorry but there’s no excuse good enough to have to get rid of your family member. If one place doesn’t allow pets then keep looking, there’s going to be someone who will allow you, your kids and your pets. Believe me, I’ve been there and I refuse to give away any of my dogs, cats, birds, etc. They’re my family, bottom line!! And YES Craigslist needs to start putting an end to some of these posts. The only items allowed to be bought or sold should me material, not living.

  5. Hi,
    I started a group on Facebook called FLAGGING Animal Sales on CraigsList, .
    You are welcome to join and re-post ads.

  6. Wow thank you so fucking much for making harder for regular people who are trying to sell pets, just to let you know your NOT STOPPING ANY THING!!! Another reason why I HATE ALL FUCKTARD ACTIVISTS!!!

    • Kathy Burnett says:

      go fuck yourself you backyard breeder.

      • Let’s see, where do people breed dogs, rabbits, pigs, horses and other animals? Oh yeah that’s right OUTSIDE IN THE BACKYARD YOU DUMBFUCK!!!

    • Jake- stop selling animals and GET A JOB…….

      • I do have a job but my 17 year old daughter doesn’t because of her fucking spick sympathetic boss fired her for dirt cheap labor! So now she has resorted to breeding her rabbits that she once gave away for free to selling them for gas money!

    • Look in the mirror Jake..You should be hating yourself, not the decent rescuers who are trying to save suffering animals!!

      • I don’t hate the “rescuers” I’ve rescued many animals from shelters, pounds and people who can’t take care of their animals. I HATE people like you! You and me will stop anyone but make it harder for average people to rehome their pets without having to take them to shelter or pound because they can’t post adds trying to rehome those animals.

        • You and me will *not* stop anyone

        • The flagging groups do not target legitimate re-home ads. Only puppy sellers, animal sales for profit, and the stud service ads.

        • This is the point. Genuine breeders and people wanting to adopt out pets will put in a bit of extra effort. If your willing to commit to 15years of looking after a pet, then you won’t mind a few extra hours to do it the right way.
          We had to give away a dog that was rescued by my brother, and we went through friends to find him a home with a young couple.

        • Thats not rehoming pets, you are a hypocrite Jake. There are thousands of unwanted rabbits in this world as well. Yet your daughter breeds them while you what? Rescue animals at the shelters? How many of your daughters rabbits end up there? Or how many are snake food for snake owners trolling CL?
          Nice mouth by the way, I dont talk like that as a parent, neither in front of my children nor on the internet.
          Way to go f***tard.

    • Oh, I see you are yet another swearing, upset SELLER! Unfortunately , you said it, we are not stopping anything.ME? I am cleaning up your trash, caring for the dogs that nobody came for that ended up in a shelter.

      • Unbelievable, your daughter has resorted to breeding and selling rabbits as a way to make a living? Ask your daughter if she loves them or minds if they are snake food? Ask your daughter if she would rather go find another job? Nice mouth, nice attitude. How bout you take your daughter to get a job, or are you too busy cursing at people that are trying to stop the deaths of animals that didnt ask for it?

  7. Andrew Wilson says:

    It sickens me to think that this go’s on please sign this

  8. Annalisa Dennington Balch says:

    Jake. Animals are not commodities so be sold as a way of earning an income. Does your daughter vet perspective buyers? Does she do a pre-pet ownership and post home. ownership visit? I very much doubt it. I’m sorry but all people like you and your daughter do is add to the problem of surlus, unwanted pets once the novelty of ownership has worn off. Your daughter might be better off getting a respectable ‘job’ that pays a wage without the exploitation of animals bred in your back yard.

  9. Barbara Felton says:

    There may be some legitimate sale ads for dogs and cats. If you have an ad to sell your pet, chances are that your innocent animal could end up in a research testing facility. For people looking to buy an animal, your animal could have come from a puppy mill or a hoarder and be very ill.

    My advice to anyone looking to buy a dog or cat advertised on Craigslist, please go to your local animal shelter and adopt one of the wonderful cats or dogs there. You will be saving a precious life.

  10. My beef is that CL does not enforce it’s own rules, i.e., no selling, no stud services. Thus encouraging these nasty backyard breeders. You know what, I have posted so many detailed arguements about this on various sites, I’m done. CL does not give one shit about these poor animals that they by default encourage to be born.

    All I can do is cuddle my rescue fosters and pray that this one day will stop

  11. Ihave to agree,in home back yard breeders make me sick,i don’t care how destitute i become i will never make a dollar off of an animal,they are living ,breathing creatures that love and suffer as humans,some humans,there are those who will hand an animal over to anybody not giving a shit what happens to it,they are the lowest forms of life,kittens for snake food,cats dogs what have you for bait,you are sick,demented backwoods rednecks,get a life and spare the animals.

  12. It’s a dumping ground for unscrupulous breeders!Shut it down!!

  13. Jake, I’d love to buy some of your daughters lovely dogs and most likely support her drug addiction! And if she doesn’t have a drug addiction I’d love to support her being a degenerate loser! Your argument was the stupidest cop out ever, I hope you don’t have any other children. Oh and as for yourself Jake do the world a favor and die.

  14. This petition has obviously been posted here for over a year. How many people have signed it and when is it going to be sent?
    The creator of this petition must have an address or e-mail for the CEO of Craigslist so why not post it and we can all send him a mail.

  15. There is danger in adopting/buying pets from anyone anywhere, whether there are craigslist listings or not. If you propose someone should only buy/sell papered animals, many creatures will go without homes, starving on the street. I don’t believe preventing people from advertising their pets is the solution to your problem. They would just end up on the streets or being put to sleep in shelters instead. Perhaps forcing a larger adoption fee like shelters charge will prevent the misuse of animals.

  16. First of all ” justus ” you didnt even read Jakes post enough to know he was talking about rabbits not dogs or puppies.. second of all anyone who owns a dog knows they eat chicken, lamb, salmon and other meats but what about all those farmers selling beef or their chickens to families that feed their dog a raw diet are those farmers now drug addicted ” jobless” people.. no its natural, and anyone who owns or has owned a snake or large reptile understands they rat rats and mice and yes rabbits, ushually in the form of a frozen single animal you can buy at any petstore that is chemically frozen instantly to preserve the body for nutrition to those reptiles and snakes and yes the people that figure mice are cute and cuddly and reptiles are gross and ” slimy ” will probably think thats cruel? Where is the lockdown on those factories that send out frozen mice and rats and yes rabbits to pet stores? Now i am not BY ANY MEANS saying its okay to feed a kitten or dog to one of these animals but just to paint a picture to look at the big picture. Now if someone’s dog gets pregnant or perhaps they adopt a dog that was unknowingly pregnant they now have a litter of pups. where do they go to the shelter? to friends? to the neighbors? what if the neighbors/friends don’t have room for another addition to the family? now that owner is suspected to home those 3-12 puppies themselves? or surrender to a shelter?? There is definitely ways to rid of the puppy mills as there has definitely been a lot of successful action taken, like not selling just any pup at the pet store or creating a posting fee per ad, or having administration people working the site to rid of ” shady ” or ” unethical ” sellers but to literally ban every single person from selling a pet!!! Now we have these accidental litters that are going to end up in shelters or on the street. the statements that this whole conversation was brought up on is truly horrible and any person found abusing and animal or putting them up for any kind of fighting should be jailed for a significant amount of time. But some of the people commenting on this feed are naïve and very narrow minded to put someone who may sell an animal into a category such as drug addicted or a jobless person. What about more consequences for someone who buys an animal. Every god damn day I see an ad for someone getting rid of their beloved pet because it doesn’t fit for the family or landlord is going to kick them out or it got bigger then I thought??? well that’s not fair why didn’t you think about that when you got that cute adorable little puppy. If we cut out all the people that be selling a puppy where the hell are dogs going to come from? shelters where some owner has surrendered there ” beloved ” pets?? because they made a decision and couldn’t stick to it? doesn’t it sound a lot like its more the buyer then the seller, as I said before its pretty damn easy to see a shady seller or a ” puppy mill “. and no I am not unsupportive of shelters or rescues by any means at all, I volunteer myself and have taken dogs in for temporary homes well they are able to find their forever homes and have adopted many myself.

    • The problem is that many of the people on CL are repeated sellers and have multiple types of dogs. They have no shame in posting the same phone number, they have no shame showing multiple dogs in small cages. Many of them are hoarders, many of them ask people for their animals to breed them and many use these animals as bait for dog fight. The LOVE free animals. I belong to Keiths group and those are the people that we flag. We dont want to see animals being sold for hundreds of dollars, nor given away for free.

  17. They should at least enforce the fee amount, and the display of the fee up front. Most ads don’t show the fee until you contact the poster. Only to find it’s $800 for a kitten/puppy or whatever. Most of them are like this, there’s not many legitimate rehoming ads on Craigslist. They probably should just remove the pets catagory, seeing there’s so much ramped abuse and so little enforcement.

    Then there’s the flagging system which works only so far as the breeders just repost repeatedly until they get blocked. Craigslist is not the only place pets can be posted – yet the backyard breeders get as hissy about it as if Craigslist is the only website in the world.

  18. No matter how much you flag and try to educate nothing is ever done about the illegal sell of pets on Craigslist. Iowa in number 2 in puppy mills and you see their adds all the time. Is there anything that can be done to stop them?

    • I’m confused at all the bad press on breeders. I am a breeder of AKC registered Labs …. We bring smiles to many happy family’s when they come to our kennel to pick up their puppy . Our mothers are treated like queens … They have a nice a/c kennel to live in… Big outside areas to play and we take them to the lake often to swim and retrieve … One of them is laying in my bed with me right now as I write this comment . Our puppies range from 550.00 to 2000.00 and I assure you when someone pays 1000.00 for a puppy, it’s going to a good home … Your not feeding a 500.00 dollar dog to a snake …. So give us true breeders a break … We are recognized and licensed by the USDA . That means we meet all the requirements set by law to make sure our dogs are well cared for . Heck, they see the doctor for checkups more often than my kids do. I hope you all have a great day and love your pets …. Just a quick tip for Jake …. You will never win a debate by showing how ignorant you are when u use such vulgar language . The next time you bath your pet, you might try cleaning that mouth of yours as well … Good night all!

  19. Susan Wendt says:

    Animals are being beaten, abused, used for fighting or bait dogs, neglected, puppy mills and abandoned and homeless. The people who do all the above don’t care at all to what happens to innocent animals. I ask you desperately to not put any animal on craigslist. Evil people, mentally unstable etc. are abusing this website for horrible circumstances. These innocent animals have no choice or voice. WE are their voice, and by doing that, we become a choice. I never truly understood what an ugly and sick world we live in, then came craigslist and the people who use and abuse it!
    Please don’t advertise any type of animal on craigslist. You will save many, many innocent animals. Please…

  20. Bianca Anglim says:

    Please help keep these animals safe. Stop allowing them to be sold and given away on your website!

    • Yes, please shut down a great method for the safe transfer of animals. I’m guessing you would prefer that they end up strays on the street or on the euthanasia table…

      I’m also guessing you are a pet store owner shutting down your competition? What’s next? Car dealers trying to prevent people from selling their cars to each other?

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