Demand Apology from Congressman who Bragged About Killing and Eating a Lion

Target: Georgia Representative Paul Broun

Goal: Demand an apology for bragging about eating a lion

Tea Party Congressman Paul Broun, a Representative for the state of Georgia, bragged about killing and then eating a lion on a safari in Africa. Broun killed the lion in a park in Zimbabwe, and then ate it for his dinner. He made this boast very publicly, telling the National Review that, “After eating this animal, the natives called me Boss Shumba, which means Boss Lion … They’d never seen a guy come and actually eat a lion.”

He continued to say that “the lion wasn’t particularly tasty,” but now he’s able to boast about it. He also keeps a stuffed bear, lion, and warthog in his Capitol Hill office, and claims that he has even more animals stuffed at his Georgia home. Broun is an outspoken advocate for hunting and safari, supporting the controversial Safari Club International that the Humane Society called “a club for wealthy big-game hunters.”

While it is perfectly acceptable to support a political cause that one believes in, it is disrespectful and disturbing to see a lawmaker bragging about consuming a vulnerable animal like the lion. The lion population has been decreasing steadily, and boasting about adding to this harmful trend is unacceptable. Representative Broun must apologize for his crude remarks and for the inhumane example he has set for the American public.


Dear Representative Broun,

The recent comments made in the National Review Online about lion hunting set a dangerous example for the public. Lions are on the track to becoming endangered, and we must be making efforts to protect them, not boasting about destroying them. People must see that we have to work to save these animals instead of being presented with examples of the recreational ways they can be killed.

The United States is supposed to be a country of responsible and thoughtful people who work to better their country and their world. That includes the environment and animals of other countries, as well as those who live in the U.S. Our lawmakers should uphold this principle, and provide a positive example for Americans. This means a variety of things–advocating for important causes, working for peace and equality, protecting those who need protection–but it does not mean boasting about taking the life of a threatened animal. It is important that lawmakers show Americans the proper values to uphold, and that is why the lion hunting story was more harmful than entertaining.


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Photo Credit: Cojharries via Wikipedia

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  1. J Davidson says:

    Never vote for you.

  2. Deborah Bliss says:

    Wow….now there’s something to be proud of!!!

  3. Dianne (Dee) Batis says:

    Send him back without his gun and watch the lions kill and eat him. We need a petition requesting that! And a push for laws that are enforced against this type of insanity.

  4. janneth florez rios says:

    “Nuestra tarea debe ser liberarnos a nosotros mismos ampliando nuestro círculo de compasión para abrazar en él a todas las criaturas vivientes y la totalidad de la naturaleza y su hermosura”Albert Einstein

  5. John Reeves says:

    This congressman is a piece of crap. With politicians like thatthe country is going down.

  6. petra schroth says:

    throw this godamn m……………out of the congress,he lives from our money and i am not willing to pay one dime for that piece of shit

  7. I hope he doesn’t apologize, and it causes nobody to vote for him. He doesn’t deserve to be in office anymore. He’s a scumbag of the first order.

    And the Tea Party wonders why every sane person thinks they’re a bunch of douches.

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