Support Additional Research Into Experimental Heart Medication

Target: Kathleen Sebelius, United States Secretary of Health and Human Services

Goal: Support research team that has discovered drug that reduces damage to the heart during angioplasty treatments.

Dr. Jean-Claude Tardif recently discovered that an experimental Roche drug called inclacumab proved extremely effective at blocking inflammation to the heart during artery clearing procedures. Given that this procedure is extraordinarily risky, dangerous, and frequent, anything at all that could make it safer needs to be applied to it. Therefore, Tardif’s experimental drug needs to be given funding for research to determine if it can really be as big of an aid to patients as initial studies indicate.

A total of 530 patients were included in the study, all of whom had experienced the sort of heart attack that required artery cleaning treatment. The patients received the drug an hour prior to their treatments. The main goal of the drug was to decrease troponin I (a blood protein indicating heart damage) levels in the blood. When tested against a placebo treatment, Tardif’s drug was found to reduce troponin I levels 22.4 percent more after a 16-hour period following surgery and 24.4 percent after a 24-hour period following surgery.

These differences indicate an extremely positive trend, and one that should be explored as much as possible. Any help that could come to angioplasty treatments needs to be explored, to help potentially save lives. This drug appears capable to do so, and therefore it deserves the chance to be additionally researched.


Dear Secretary Kathleen Sebelius,

Dr. Jean-Claude Tardif has recently discovered an experimental Roche drug called inclacumab that could potentially provide aid to patients undergoing angioplasty treatments. Given how frequently these procedures are performed, as well as how dangerous they are, it is necessary for you to explore this drug further and allow it to receive the research it deserves.

Your organization must do whatever it can to help search all the potential that this drug has. Your department has an obligation to do everything possible to keep the country’s people healthier, and this drug has the potential to do just that.

Give Dr. Tardif the funding to do extensive research on this drug in order to find out what it is truly capable of. It is very possible that this drug could save many lives, but it is impossible to know unless more research is done. Give Dr. Tardif the opportunity to do that research, and find out the true potential of the drug.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: US Mission Geneva via Flickr

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