Tell Avon to Stop Testing on Animals

Target: Sheri McCoy, CEO of Avon

Goal: Stop testing cosmetic products on animals.

Avon has a long history of being a cruelty-free company. However, in recent years, the company has started to conduct animal tests overseas. Animal testing is still mandatory for cosmetics is some countries such as China, and when companies such as Avon choose to conduct business there, that company is choosing to endorse animal testing. Avon is no longer cruelty-free and needs to come clean about its animal testing overseas.

Animal testing for cosmetics is an archaic, cruel, and unnecessary practice. Many alternatives are available, such as using synthetic human skin cells, stem cells, and a large database of existing research. No animals need to be tortured and killed for cosmetic products. Animals that are test subjects undergo numerous forms of abuse, such as having chemicals dropped in their eyes, being force-fed toxic mixtures, and having their skin smeared with chemical-ridden ointments. These animals are often injured and ultimately killed in the process.

Avon used to be an industry leader in ensuring that no animals were injured or killed in the production of its products. Now, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has removed its endorsement of Avon as a cruelty-free company. Please ask Avon to stop animal testing.


Dear Sheri McCoy, CEO of Avon,

Until recently, your company was an industry leader in refusing to test your products on animals. However, according to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, you have recently begun ordering animal tests on your facilities overseas, particularly in China, where animal testing is compulsory for cosmetics. These animal tests are cruel and unnecessary, since so many safe alternatives exist in the modern world. As you know, using synthetic skin cells, stem cells, or preexisting research has enabled many cosmetic companies to remain truly cruelty-free.

Animal test subjects undergo horrendous abuse. Chemicals are squeezed into their eyes, causing searing pain and blindness. They also suffer from horrible skin conditions and often die during the animal testing process. These animals are kept in small cages, terrified and in pain. This abuse is unnecessary to ensure that your products meet safety standards and is not required in the United States.

Avon consumers have trusted your company to remain cruelty-free. Please stop all animal testing.


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  1. Jude Jiggens says:

    I had just had an Avon delivery made this morning and was talking to someone about the fact Avon were cruelty free.
    Ha! When I googled this to find out when they had actually started being “cruelty free”, I was shocked to see that this wasn’t the case any more.
    I will never be buying their products again, as was said earlier, the fact that they covered up animal testing for the Chinese market just made me so damn sad. This is the country that bile milks bears and eats the penis of anything that stands still long enough.

    • Again a post targeting Avon in isolation. What about all the other cosmetics companies that are trading in China – all their products are tested on animals by the Chinese government scientists in exactly the same way as they test the Avon products but only Avon is being vilified for it.
      It increasingly looks like a vendetta against Avon – probably fueled by the other companies.

      • Jude Jiggens says:

        I have always made a point of being aware of companies and farmers who didn’t have a cruelty free practice in place and have avoided them at all costs. All my clothing is cruelty free and I do not eat any flesh.

        • So I assume you are a vegetarian and or vegan as well. Needless to say Avon in america has no real control over Avon in china. Different control and market. Just the same product affiliated.

          Perhaps people enjoy throwing mud at each other. It’s silly honestly to assume and believe everything you read at first glance.

  2. Angela Holmes says:

    I am always suspicious of any company calling itself ethical! Dig a little deeper and you find plenty of unsavoury stuff going on! Funny, how all principles fly out of the window when it comes to business! Cameron too,him and Osborne have a self contained flat up the Chinese backside!!

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