Urge the Government to Protect Puppies

Target: President of the United States, Barack Obama

Goal: The passing of a bill designed to protect puppies sold online

Some of the most horrific cases of animal abuse take place in puppy mills, which sell most of their puppies over the internet.  The conditions of animals sold online aren’t regulated, so puppy mill owners are not required by law to provide their animals with anything—not even food, water, or shelter. Animals used for breeding purposes are impregnated over and over again in order to maximize profits, and puppies are often sold before they’re ready to be separated from their mothers.

After most states passed laws regulating the trade of animals in pet stores and from breeders, the internet became the new way for abusive puppy mills to continue to make a profit. Puppy mills sell around several hundred thousand puppies online each year, and many of these puppies arrive at their new homes after suffering a number of abuses.

The bill being introduced to Congress now will attempt to eliminate the abuse of animals sold over the internet. The act will require all breeders who sell at least 50 dogs a year to meet a new set of regulations, which will ensure puppies receive adequate food and shelter. It also guarantees that the puppies will receive an hour of exercise a day, and will always have enough room to move around. This bill will eliminate one of the last remaining areas for animal abuse in the economy. Urge Congress to pass this essential animal welfare legislation.


Dear President Obama,

It is inexcusable that animal rights abuses are still legally occurring in the American marketplace. Our nation was founded on freedom and equality, and we are only able to stand for those ideals if we protect those who cannot protect themselves. The abuses suffered by dogs and puppies sold from puppy mills are both sad and horrific, and it is time for them to end.

This is why I am urging you to sign the PUPS Act regulating the trade of animals online when it reaches your desk. This bill is an important piece of legislation that will guarantee the safety of hundreds of thousands of animals.

With the passing of this bill, America will have taken one more step to being a safer, freer country. It is our job to eliminate this source of pain and cruelty in our society, and protect the animals we love. I urge you to consider signing this bill, and saving the lives of so many animals.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: ~cshifflett via DeviantArt

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  1. J Davidson says:

    Animals are not a commodity to be sold on the internet. This is abject cruelty and abuse.

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