Ask Band to Donate Music Licensing Earnings to Animal Rights

Target: Archive

Goal: Donate earnings from Garnier Nutrisse commercial to animal rights groups

Garnier Nutrisse has recently used a song by the band Archive in its commercial for its new product, Olia. Garnier Nutrisse products are tested on animals and musicians shouldn’t be using their music to draw attention to commercials advertising them. Tell Archive to take responsibility for helping an inhumane company like L’Oreal sell its products. Ask the band to donate its earnings from the commercial to animal rights groups.

Garnier Nutrisse is owned by L’Oreal, a company that tests on animals. Although L’Oreal has donated sizable sums of money to help stop the need for animal testing, it’s still continuing the practice. L’Oreal is misusing its billion-dollar profits to pay high salaries, and also to pay bands like Archive for the use of their music in Garnier Nutrisse commercials.

Animal testing is an outdated and unnecessary form of cruelty. Technological advances have made it possible for scientists to test products on virtual and artificial human “skin” and “eyes” that imitate the body’s properties. This means that it is no longer necessary to drop chemicals in animals’ eyes and pump chemicals into their stomachs to make sure products are safe.

It’s time for performers to stop making money off helping companies sell products without having any care or concern for the social or environmental consequences. They have the power to influence and educate the public on important issues and instead they opt to make money no matter what the cost to the planet. Tell Archive to take responsibility for helping L’Oreal sell products tested on animals. Ask the band to donate its earnings from the commercial to animal rights groups.


Dear Archive,

As a popular band that’s been around since the nineties, you have wide-reaching influence that you could use for good. Instead, you have allowed your music to be used to help L’Oreal, a company that tests on animals, sell its products. In order to test L’Oreal’s products, scientists put chemicals in animals’ eyes and pump potential toxins in their stomachs, and sometimes kill them.

Animal testing is no longer necessary thanks to technological advances. There is no reason why a company that can afford to pay you to help sell its products can’t afford to use cruelty-free testing practices. We urge you to take responsibility for allowing your music to be used to help a company that tests on animals sell its products. Please donate your earnings to animal rights groups.


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