Demand Justice For Dogs Abused By Dog Trainer

Target: Mercer County judges

Goal: Ensure the maximum punishment for dog trainer who abused customer’s pets

A Princeton dog trainer is being accused of severe animal abuse. Michael G. Rosenberg is facing charges for causing the death of one dog and injuring another. As a dog trainer, it was his job to take care of people’s pets and instead he inflicted harm to them. This man needs to be punished for his actions.

A three-year-old German shepherd died after suffering from hypothermia and four broken ribs, which also punctured a lung. Rosenberg hit the dog with a crop whip, slammed the dog into the ground and jabbed his fingers into the dog’s ribs. He neglected to take the dog to receive medical care afterwards, which inevitably led to the pet’s death.

A second pet owner has come forward and filed similar charges of abuse for a dog that Rosenberg abused in the owner’s own home. Rosenberg is also being charged for abusing his own dogs. He is currently a registered sex offender, and these animal abuse charges violate the terms of his sex offender status.

Michael G. Rosenberg is obviously a very disturbed man. Not only will he abuse a stranger’s pet, he will even abuse his own animals. His sex offender status also provides insight into his disturbing nature. Sign the petition below to ensure that the state of New Jersey gives Rosenberg the most severe punishment legally possible.


Dear Mercer County judges,

Michael G. Rosenberg is a dog trainer that is guilty of severe animal abuse towards his customer’s pets. These customers were entrusting Rosenberg to train and care for their pets. Instead, he abused them to the point of severe injuries and even caused death to one dog.

Rosenberg is a convicted sex offender who is obviously very disturbed. He needs to be put in prison to prove that animal abuse is never acceptable. This man was making a living by training dogs while he was also abusing them in his customer’s homes. People were literally paying him to hurt their pets. This is a nightmare for the pet owner’s to have to deal with, and an appalling situation for the animals, and Rosenberg needs to face the consequences of his actions.

Animal abusers need to receive the same punishments as those who abuse humans, especially in this case. Rosenberg is not only a convicted sex offender, now he is an animal abuser as well. He deserves to serve time in jail for his actions. He should never be allowed to work with animals or even own or be a caretaker for an animal ever again. Please ensure that this man receives harsh punishments for his actions.


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  1. Must be prosecuted and sentenced for atrocities towards man’s best friend and prohibited from any future contact with animals.

  2. Lauren Donna Graham says:

    He should be put in prison for a very, very long time. Besides being a sex offender, it would not be a long stretch to imagine him escalating to murder. Sociopaths and serial killers quite often have this in common; they start by abusing animals and then move up to humans.

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