Politicians not alone in failing to comprehend importance of enviro and energy policy

A recent poll found that the public, when asked what issue ranked as their “one or two most important reasons” for supporting a candidate, ranked “environment/global warming” dead last and “energy/energy plan” as nineteenth most important (out of twenty-two total issues).  The complete break-down of this Gallup poll can be found here.

The lack of interest in a candidate’s enviro and energy policies was seen across party lines, with only two percent of Obama supporters ranking “environment/global warming” among their top issues, while no McCain supporters listed either issue among their topic reasons.

What the public apparently fails to understand is that many of the issues that they list as being important, such as the economy and national security, are both inexorably tied to climate change and energy policy.  But instead of explaining this fact to the public, the candidates merely mimic the widespread lack of concern and focus on short-term, sound bite issues like “drill now.”  

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