Commend Rwanda for Efforts to Improve Public Health

Target: Paul Kagame, President of Rwanda

Goal: Congratulate Rwanda on improving the health, wealth and education of its population

In 1994, Rwanda experienced a genocide that killed nearly one million people, and displaced another two million. Since then, the county has been making marked improvements to its population’s health, wealth, and education. The success of Rwanda’s public health efforts is becoming a model for other African countries looking to improve their population’s wellness. Congratulate Rwanda on improving the health outcomes of its population.

In 1995, Rwanda began drafting a new constitution that looked to promote greater unity among its people. The constitution included insights from the Rwandan people, gathered through many years of consultation and village meetings. In 2003, the document was finalized. The improved health of the population speaks to the success of the constitution, and responsible governance by political leaders.

At the end of the 1994 genocide, nearly 78 percent of the population lived in poverty. The gross domestic product was low, and many children received very little in the way of formal education. Since then, the GDP has more than tripled. Almost 99 percent of children attend primary school, and only 45 percent of the population lives in poverty.

Other improvements include increased treatment for AIDS patients, and a greater staff of doctors, nurses and health care workers. Nearly 98 percent of Rwandans have health insurance and maternal mortality has dropped by 70 percent. These improvements mean that the people of Rwanda are living significantly longer, healthier, and more affluent lives. The fact that these improvements happened in such a short amount of time is astonishing and inspiring. Sign the petition below, and congratulate Rwanda on the many improvements it has made.


Dear President Kagame,

Since 1994, Rwanda has made incredible improvements in the health, wealth and affluence of its people. While many factors may have contributed to these improvements, it is clear that good leadership has been essential. Under your leadership, Rwanda has become an international success story, and a model for other countries.

In recent years, the percentage of Rwandans living in poverty has dropped from 78 to 45 percent. The gross domestic product has tripled, and 99 percent of the population has health insurance. These are amid numerous other achievements, such as increased AIDS treatment, better education, as well as reduced maternal and infant mortality. I would like to congratulate you and your country for these incredible accomplishments, and thank you for providing a good example for the rest of the world.


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Photo Credit: David Lloyd Wildlife Photos via Flickr

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