Tell CoverGirl To Stop Testing on Animals

Target: CoverGirl Cosmetics

Goal: For the company to stop testing ingredients on animals

Since its creation in 1960, CoverGirl has been one of the most famous brands of makeup in the world. It’s sold in every major drugstore and supermarket in America, and has featured spokesmodels such as Christie Brinkley, Rihanna and Taylor Swift. While the brand has mass appeal, it is guilty of cruelty on its production end. The company continues to test ingredients on animals, and must be stopped.

Makeup is a luxury to have. It gives us the ability to hide our imperfections and accentuate our attributes. It is definitely not a necessity, like food or water, meaning we can live without it. Because of this, the testing CoverGirl does on animals is even more disgusting. While the company no longer tests its finished product on animals, it still tests the ingredients used. The company continues to put helpless animals at risk so that it can sell a mediocre product. There are plenty of makeup companies that conduct their business in an ethical and environmentally conscious way, which means Cover Girl has no excuse for these archaic practices.

CoverGirl will always be an influential company whether it tests on animals or not. It can certainly find the means to seek alternate ways of producing products. Sign the petition below to have Cover Girl renew its production processes to be more humane.


Dear CoverGirl,

Your company is a popular and influential part of our society, and you continue to have celebrity representatives. While this is a great achievement, you continue to use the archaic method of testing your ingredients on animals.

In the year 2013, more and more people are continuing to be intelligent in what they put on and into their bodies. It is no secret that you test on animals, and many people will continue to boycott your products until you find alternate ways to finalize your development process. Cruelty-free companies such as Alba, Bare Escentuals, and Physicians Formula are popping up next to your shelves in drug stores and will continue to be tough competition for you.

Makeup is not a necessity in our lives, and people will continue to realize the cruelty that is involved in your company. You have the means to find other ways to make your products and we are asking that you to please stop testing your ingredients on helpless animals.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. Covergirl, you do have the means to stop testing on animals, BUT because of your greed and disrespect for animal life, I won’t buy it!

  2. Animals were not created to wear makeup!!! Cant believe this is still going on in 2013! Companies that test on animals get your head outta your ass its archaeic so not cool. Get it together really!!!!

  3. As result of your continuous testing on animals, Cover Girl (and other companies that do), I will no longer buy your products. The less money going into your corporation means less money going into animal testing. Animals shouldn’t go through this, they don’t wear makeup!

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