Commend U.S. Scientists for Retiring Research Chimpanzees

Target: U.S. Government Scientists

Goal: Thank government scientists for sending lab chimpanzees to a sanctuary

The practice of using animals for research lab experiments has been outdated for some time now that newer technologies offer better options.  Government scientists have recently decided to release hundreds of research chimpanzees to a national sanctuary. Fifty chimpanzees will be forced to stay behind despite the progress in stopping the use of lab animals.  Regardless, the move to retire the majority of the animals is a step forward in creating a better place for animals to live, and the federal scientists should be thanked for their actions.

The national sanctuary promises more than enough space for the chimpanzees to play and climb. The proposal for the sanctuary was brought forth by the National Institutes of Health committee and was approved by the NH Council of Councils Working Group. The proposal also included cutbacks in grant money for these research animals and placed an immediate halt in breeding the chimpanzees for future research. The sanctuary also follows strict guidelines as to how the chimpanzees will be kept in order to ensure their comfort and freedom. It was built on 200 acres of land in Clado Parish park in Louisiana. The chimpanzees are each entitled to 1,000 square feet with plenty more room to climb and roam.

A few chimpanzees have already arrived to Chimp Haven, but the 50 that were left behind were kept in case they were needed for research. This time, however, the experiments that require these chimps must prove that there were no other options available and must be related to solving threats to human health. The research must be approved by a committee comprising members from the public and then sent to the NH Council’s director for approval.

This move has received praise from many animal advocate groups. Furthermore, the Humane Society will plan on asking for the animal research money to be transferred over to the sanctuary so that the money can help the retired chimpanzees. The government scientists must be commended for retiring so many chimpanzees from horrible lab experiments and research.


Dear U.S. Government Scientists,

I thank you for retiring hundreds of chimpanzees to a national sanctuary in Louisiana. This is a huge step forward in ending animal testing, which has been outdated for some time now since technology has made huge steps in research. However, 50 chimpanzees are still kept in case they are needed for research and I also want to stress the importance of using these chimpanzees when there are absolutely no other options.

The chimpanzees will now have the freedom to roam around and climb in this 200-acre haven. They will also be able to live without the fear of being pricked and poked by scientists. I hope this action will continue for other animals that also endure pointless experiments.

Thank you for giving these chimpanzees another chance at life.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. Release ALL ie 100% of the chimpanzees and not some of them

  2. Kudos to these Scientists for considering that these animals, like us, would appreciate some free life as it was meant.

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