Demand Maximum Punishment for Culprits of Dog Fighting Ring

Target: Timothy C. Evans, Chief Judge of Circuit Court of Cook County

Goal: Give maximum sentence to perpetrators of dog fighting ring

Recently, eight individuals were arrested for participating in a dog fighting ring in Illinois. Although the individuals have been arrested, the charges against them are still pending. Encourage the judges of Cook County to give the maximum sentence possible to these individuals for the horrendous crimes they have committed.

When police officers discovered the dog fighting ring, they witnessed a truly disturbing sight. The “arena” used for the fights was covered with blood stains; there were layers and layers of blood indicating the amount of violence and abuse the dogs have been forced to endure. There were also numerous blood stains found on the walls of the building.

Police officers also discovered narcotics and syringes scattered about the building. The narcotics discovered were being used to “pump up” the dogs before fights so the dogs would fight more aggressively.

Officers were able to rescue seven pit bulls on the night of the raid. The dogs are currently being cared for at the South Suburban Humane Society. Unfortunately, the pit bulls that were rescued were in terrible condition due to the numerous fights they were forced to participate in. They suffered from severe injuries ranging from multiple bite and puncture wounds to damaged limbs.

Employees of the humane society report that the dogs are extremely aggressive towards other animals but are extremely friendly towards humans. The pit bulls are being treated and rehabilitated with the hope of adoption in their futures.

Dog fighting is such a despicable crime, yet it is becoming more and more popular among criminals. No animal should have to face this kind of cruelty. Sign the petition below to demand that these criminals be punished to the fullest extent for their inhumane acts against animals.


Dear Chief Judge Evans,

Dog fighting is a serious crime that has become increasingly popular among criminals. Something needs to be done in order to show those who participate in dog fighting events that their actions will not be taken lightly. Recently, eight individuals were arrested in Dolton for participating in a dog fighting ring; the charges against them are still pending.

The dogs who were rescued from this particular dog fighting ring are showing both physical and physiological trauma from being forced to fight. Under no circumstance should the individuals responsible for the dogs’ suffering be able to get away with a mere slap on the wrist. They should be given the maximum sentence possible for animal cruelty and endangerment.


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Photo credit: Spencers Brook Farm

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  1. Dog fighting must be prosecuted to the fullest as a heinous crime and abolished forever.

  2. Carol Dibbens says:

    Too often animal cruelty acts get lenient sentences worldwide This only sends out a message that its not that bad to do this When the penalties for making animals suffer get a lot harsher people may think twice before they commit these cruel acts

  3. Please punish these animal abusers. We have to stop
    the suffering of innocent dogs!

    • I agree with you! It’s time to end BSL and stop punishing the Pitbulls and creating tough punishments for these abusers!! There are more RESPONSIBLE owners of Pitbulls that have very loving, gentle dogs and they should not be punished along with the’s a damn shame!

  4. In case some of you don’t know this: the practice of “rolling” these gorgeous dogs has been going on for more years than can be imagined. And, since the term used is “rolling” then maybe folks just don’t REALY relate it to FIGHTING to the death of many dogs. MANY of the “losers” that don’t die in the pit are left along a road to die a long and painful (and unloved) death! Or they’re tossed into water somewhere to drown or may even be “taken home” where they are not fed and are left untreated until they do die….because, after all….they DID LOSE their fight!! So, why should they deserve humane treatment when their owner (and others) lost so much money on it! Oh, YES!! MUCH MONEY is bet on these dogs when they fight!! Yep: some cruel SOB just watches as their dog fights to the death or worse…the neglect they get afterwards!! Inhumane treatment to ANY ANIMAL only shows that certain people are incapable of loving….animal or human…and they are usually CRUEL people!! Make laws carry MORE PUNISHMENT & then UPHOLD THEM!!


  6. HORRIBLE!!!!! HORRIBLE!!!!!! THIS MUST, MUST come to a stop.
    THIS IS MURDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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