Demand Animal Shelter Ensure the Safety of Its Animals

Target: Marcia Mayeda, Director of Los Angeles Department of Animal Care and Control

Goal: Improve shelter policies to ensure the safety of shelter animals

Recently, attempts have been made to rescue puppies from a Los Angeles animal shelter. Unfortunately, these puppies were lost in the shelter’s drainage system before they could be rescued. Safety polices need to be changed at the Lancaster Animal Shelter in order to ensure the safety and well-being of their shelter animals.

Lancaster Animal Shelter has a horrible reputation for losing smaller animals down their drainage system. This is a result of the drains being left completely open and exposed in the shelter’s kennels. The drains are left open due to the employees method of cleaning the kennels; instead of actually taking the time to clean the kennels, the employees leave the drains open so they can just hose all the wastes down the drain.

This is extremely irresponsible, dangerous, and unacceptable. The “convenience” of being able to simply hose waste down a drain should not take precedence over the safety of the animals. By leaving the drains opened and exposed, the employees of the Lancaster Animal Shelter are endangering the lives of their shelter animals. These animals are at a great risk of crawling into the open drains where they will most likely become trapped and die.

If an animal is lucky enough to evade becoming stuck in the drain, they are able to escape through the drainage system. While it may seem that they are more fortunate than those animals that cannot escape, they too will ultimately face the same fate. The animals that escape are tossed into the desert by the drainage system where they will ultimately face death from dehydration, exhaustion, or starvation.

These tragedies can be easily prevented. Stricter safety polices must be enforced and followed at the Lancaster Animal Shelter in order to ensure that no other animal will suffer a horrible fate as a result of employee negligence. Sign the petition below to urge the director of the Los Angles Department of Animal Care and Control to enforce stricter safety policies at the Lancaster Animal Shelter.


Dear Ms. Mayeda,

It has come to my attention that one of the animal shelters in Los Angeles County has been guilty of neglecting the safety of its shelter animals. The Lancaster Animal Shelter has developed quite a nasty reputation of losing small animals in their drainage system.

The animals are lost because employees prefer to keep drains open to ease the process of waste removal. This is completely appalling and horrendous. The lives of their shelter animals should not be compromised based on the employee “convenience.”

Action must be taken immediately to ensure the safety of the shelter animals. Please enforce stricter safety policies at the Lancaster Animal Shelter to ensure that no more animals are killed by careless negligence.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Shelter Partners via Flickr

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  1. Unbelievable that they would expose these hapless animals to such a torturous and lethal hazard.

    • This is such an important statement. Cruelty seems to be on the rise and the laws are not strong enough to discourage it. People who are cruel or abusive to animals need to face stricter punishment — jail time or, in some cases, the death penalty.

  2. For every action there is a reaction. According to the law of karma, if we cause

    pain and suffering to other living beings, we must endure pain and suffering in

    return, both individually and collectively. We reap what we sow, in this life and

    the next, for nature has her own justice. No one can escape the law of karma.

  3. This is an animal SHELTER??? How about getting rid of the lazy and mean-spirited attendants and taking care of the animals! This is shameful. Too bad the place can’t be closed down, the help fired, and a better place for the helpless animals found.

  4. So-called animal “shelters” are no longer “shelters” they are clearing houses for death. Any animal dumped or trapped has a very high risk of being murders. There are only so many rescue groups willing to immediately save these animals, take them in and hopefully turn around and adopt them into loving homes. The current practice of “facilities” only keeping animals a week or less and also immediately murdering those who become sick in their facilities not due to the animals’ fault is a selfish and cruel one which needs to be changed. The whole “shelter system” in the United States needs to have reform. There should be more laws protecting the animals from abuse. The goals of the shelters should be refocused to the #1 goal of finding homes and not murdering. Animal “shelter” workers need to have a background check and recommendation letters or referrals from people who are recognized as animal protectors or advocates in order to prove they are safe to be around animals and will be kind, not cruel.

  5. Ivan D. Socher says:


  6. Wake up and do the right thing… Serve and protect these animals at all costs, not at your convenience !

  7. Elizabeth McFarland says:

    It has gotten to where way too many shelter employees are just there for a pay check, not because they really care about the animals they are responsible for CARING for. This is irresponsible, abusive and any employee that is SOOOO lazy that they do not want to clean properly, needs to not only be fired, but charged with a felony for delibertly causing the death of these animals. If I lived close to this shelter, I would be outside with a sign telling them to either fire these lazy no goods or be sued for animal abuse!!!

  8. SUE GRIFFITHS says:

    For pity sake close this hellhole down. No animal should be taken to this place. They don’t care for the animals at all, from the management to the kennel hands. This is not good enough. It must be closed down immediately.

  9. Please hold the Lancaster County Council liable and demand they take action write ea member call and express your concerns and demand they do a better job!

  10. LA 4 Animals Foundation tried to work with Marcia Mayeda- after so many said how dysfunctional her department is, and that she is a bureaucrat who just doesn’t care. I thought I’d give her a chance and wasted a year of my time. Seems to me Mayeda is someone who has fudged her way through – and kept her 200k a year job…going on her 13th year! Had there been someone in that position who truly had the skills needed, the County shelters would not be in the grim shape they are in. Marcia is a great politician, great at smoke and mirrors – but lacks the consciousness or progressive nature – which is what is required of her position. The LA County Board of Supervisors has been negligent at best – by keeping her intact, so that after all these years of underachieving, she can get her full pension. It is absurdly perverse and tragic that this abomination has been allowed to go on. join us in creating humane animal care!

  11. sandra bell says:

    This is just a job for a paycheck to most shelter employees. They are immune to the daily purposeful murder of beautiful, innocent animals, so it’s no big deal if a few bite the dust by another method. Hosing down the waste quickly and easily without having to think or care is their mode of operation. Most “shelters” in our country are cruel and deplorable. Shelter workers need to be screened, watched and then fired when they do such things.

  12. These hell-holes used to be called “impounds.” If your dog or cat was lost, you went to the ‘pound’ to find him (or her). Unfortunately, over the years, most of these hell-holes have focused more on changing their image than cleaning up their act. So now we have fancy names like “shelter” and Animal CARE and control,” while the same kind of cruel, insensitive people run them. Heaven help the rare individuals who really do care, and end up working in such places – they end up being picked on and persecuted for trying to do the right thing.

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